Nintendo Switch – OLED model in test

Microsoft as well as Sony introduced an entirely new chapter in the video game console’s history in the year 2000, when they launched their Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 respectively. On October 8 this …

Microsoft as well as Sony introduced an entirely new chapter in the video game console’s history in the year 2000, when they launched their Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 respectively. On October 8 this year, the Nintendo Switch – OLED model is available. That isn’t an actual next-gen console; however,, it will significantly improve the existing version. I was able to test the OLED version on behalf of you, and I can be honest, it was an interesting experience despite the black and white design.

The switch is here! Switch is available now.

As an enthusiast of OLED displays’ intensity and lighting effect, I eagerly anticipate the brand new Switch model. The packaging for the console was somewhat more luxurious than the previous model; however, the paper quality of the packaging may be a little more premium so that the contents appear more elegant. The box contains two Joy-Cons (white in my case) comprising wrist straps as well as a charging cradle that can serve as controllers as well as the docking station (also white in my case) as well as a charging cable. Everything was well packed and was delivered to me with no damage.

External values

I’ll admit that I’m not a big fan of white electronic devices, whether TVs, mobile phones, or tablets – however, I think the white hue suits this Switch very well. I particularly like the ,docking station style, which appears more luxurious than the basic version. It’s not just the white hue that makes the difference and the materials that feel very smooth and not as rough. The slightly more rounded edge of the docking station makes the station have a more unified design. It’s great news for people who spend long hours playing video games. In addition, the latest docking station features the ability to connect via LAN, ensuring efficient connectivity to the Internet.

It Nintendo Switch-OLEDmodel in white looks elegant and adds visual appeal to the living room. However, let’s look at the main attraction, which is The console. At first glance, it’s obvious the more prominent display is covered by an invisible film of protection (best not remove it because scratches on display can be very annoying). The buttons for power on/off and volume are now extended and narrower than the original model and are simpler to use. Not only is the front directly shining as well, but the back is too. The stand, which can cover the entire width and be set at various angles, immediately becomes apparent. The back is much smaller, with just its Nintendo Switch logo as the only thing to be seen. The copyright logo has been put under the foot on this OLED version, resulting in an organized look.

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The value of the inner self

The console is elegant, but external features alone aren’t enough; therefore, it is necessary to examine the internal parameters. To begin, let’s look at the new display on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch OLED modelThe screen now measures 7 inches in width and offers an impressively larger image. The OLED display can make the lighting effects and contrasts look better, making games appear more immersive feel. The difference is massive – the levels of Super Mario Odyssey or even the open world in the game The Witcher 3 look far brighter and more bright than on display in the standard version. The resolution, however, is still 1280×720, but a higher resolution would be beneficial to get the most out of using the OLED display to its fullest.

While I love how the image looks, I’ve always had my worries and concerns about OLED. It’s because I’ve lost two TVs due to typical OLED flaws. My previous TV had a penchant for clouds and decided to create intense clouding. The TV I have now has, in the course of a single circuit, permanently burned Ciri’s silhouette. Ciri was in the picture at the time but has since gone ghostly, particularly in orange or red tones. The Nintendo Switch something similar to this could be very unpleasant; however, how flat this screen is to well-known OLED issues will be determined in the future.

Always better than the old?

When I tried this Nintendo Switch OLED model, I was sure that it was significantly lighter than the standard model. But this isn’t the case in any way since the weight of the console, including both Joy-Cons, is around 20g heavier! Also, because they say that the color black will make you appear thin, it seems that the white color has the same impact on me. While playing on the Switch, you’ll find that the Switch is comfortable when held in your hands; like the predecessor model, it runs between 4.5 and 9 hours , depending on the games you play. Additionally, the speakers have been tweaked , and now you can hear a more precise sound during gaming.

The biggest issue with the hardware in testing is the button on my left Joy-Cons that was louder than the average model. The software remains the same; there is nothing new there, even though my personal preferences would’ve wanted a few more styles that were not white or black. Transferring my user’s data from my old console to the current was a little awkward or even a little tricky. When you go to the settings under users, it’s easy and straightforward to choose the user to transfer using which console. The copying of the data can also be accomplished in no time. It’s so far been a pleasant experience! After the transfer was completed, I could search for and download each of the games I had purchased in the form of the download through the Store. Although this is in the First World Problems category, I would have liked an easier-to-use solution in this case. Another drawback is that you’ll need to erase and format the old storage device before utilizing it with this OLED model.

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But you’ll be able to make it using a portable storage unit as the new Switchhas more than twice the memory, with a total of 64GB of memory, which can be used to store your gaming and images. Moreover, the OLED model is compatible with any of the accessories you would usually use and can also be put on the docking station of the predecessor (if needed, minor changes will happen in this case).


I believe that the Nintendo Switch – OLED model is absolutely fantastic. Its games are more vibrant and engaging, the upgraded stand provides more comfort when playing on the table, and the slightly updated design is eye-catching for the living room. It’s an issue to see the display’s resolution poor, considering that it could certainly be better off with a higher resolution. If you don’t yet own a Nintendo Switch at home, but you’re looking to purchase one, make sure to consider the brand new OLED model.Those who already have the Switch but don’t care about the colors and lighting, don’t need to change.

Nintendo is supplied us with the Nintendo Switch – OLED model for testing We appreciate it!

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