Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (Switch) im Test

In December, the game strategy Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden was released on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Now, it is possible to play the post-apocalyptic experience via Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch as well. A …

In December, the game strategy Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden was released on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Now, it is possible to play the post-apocalyptic experience via Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch as well. A growing number of games are being released onto the Nintendo console. However, their performance will make you wonder what happens if Switch Switch can do the same. Already , the remastered version The Assassin’s creed trilogy was visually unimpressive and because of technical issues evidently behind the versions on these “big” platforms and thus not as convincing. In all likelihood, however, I was curious over Mutant Year Zero Route to Eden How well it worked and immediately set off into devastated Sweden.

It’s the end of the World as As We

As we know was gone due to climate change, and human nuclear war has caused its destruction. However, not all life forms are gone: Alongside creatures of the future, post-apocalypse created hybrids of humans and animals, whose skins you might be slipping. One of them is Bormin, a humanoid pig, and the Duckman Dux. Both are part of the Stalkers, a particular unit that searches the Wasteland for precious resources and scrap metal that serves as currency. They then return them to their final source of protection, that of the “Ark.” If the notorious Nova sect takes the colony’s engineer, the two hybrids are sent to save him, together with mutant Selma. However, the rescue mission proved to be more hazardous than they anticipated. As the task gets more complicated, the situation becomes ever-growing questions being asked as secrets are exposed, which could have a dramatic impact.

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Besides the main game, it also comes with the DLC Seed of Evil available in the Deluxe version, where mysterious roots inundate the Ark, and it is necessary to return to save the Ark. The colony’s inhabitants are changing due to the influence of the sources, and the ghouls that roam throughout the area appear to be affected by this mysterious menace. As you travel to new places, the new protagonist, The Great Barge, an elk, will join your ranks. Thanks to his “ground poacher” and “flame spout” abilities, the seasoned stalker is an ideal addition to the experienced Trio Infernale.

Dux, as well as Bormin, effectively stalk their adversaries before hitting.

Land of Confusion

In Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, you’ll be engaged in brutal battles of strategy – initially as a pair and later in threes. Each fighter can use two action points mostly comprised of attack and movement during their turn. It is crucial to pick the best position for you based on your skills; for instance, the sniper must be well-positioned tactically before or during the start of a battle so that they will be able to eliminate enemies further away and even beyond the reach of protection. In addition, it is essential to plan your attack well and ensure you have the right weapons and ammunition. An attack by your opponent can end your turn, and you’ll be unable to attempt a second strike!

It is not for nothing that the unit known as Stalker Your opponents must be well-observed before attacking: What strategy will you take? What are the most lonesome opponents that can be eliminated quietly? Where can you find the best protection? Game enthusiasts who have played strategy will find their hearts melted, while new players will require just a few rounds to refine their game. Alongside your usual arsenal weaponry, players may utilize various special skills. Mutant Selma allows you to summon tendrils on the ground, which significantly restricts your opponent’s movements, and Dux, who is a great shot, can fly through the air for an entire turn using his Moth Wings ability. Bormin is more aggressive and can engage in direct battle through “Sow Run,” it can shut down the enemy’s units for a period. However, these superpowers shouldn’t be wasted. However, they should be used carefully and properly planned for, as they are only replenished slowly. You can manage your troops in a group or each character separately and make the most of them in battle. If you win, you will be able to collect precious resources and be rewarded with mutation points that can be used to put into your different abilities in your skill tree.

The battles for strategy require some thinking and strategies!

As The World Comes To An End

Is everything perfect? It’s not, as the visuals of the Nintendo Switch look – not very shiny. Additionally, the test Review version of the game was an older version in which the graphics were so blurry that I initially thought my glasses were filthy. However, once I grabbed the cleaning cloth for the drinks, I realized that the image was blurry and pixelated. And it was on the tiny display that came with the handset! The problem is that things don’t look much better with the new patch. The images of the well-designed characters are lost, and much excitement is lost. The audio is fantastic. However, everything sounds extremely metallic when played on a handheld. The most problematic aspect is that navigating around during fights is possible only to a certain extent and the spongy graphics make it difficult to play a notch. Innovative use of the Joy-Cons is unfortunately not available, which could be used to divert attention from the graphic weakness by introducing new controls.


The game is a keeper, but not for Switch. Switch version. Game lovers who love strategy will have plenty of fun exploring the world of post-apocalyptic Sweden, but newcomers will need to work on their skills before they can grasp it. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a fantastic strategy game but lacks atmosphere because of the blurry graphics. If you don’t place a lot of importance on aesthetics, you can easily pick it up. Regardless of this flaw, the game is fantastic, with an engaging story, challenging battles, and enthralling conversations.

The Mutant Year Zero: The Road towards Eden? Pen & Paper is a strategy game you play as a hybrid of human and animal through the post-apocalypse. Links: Official website

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