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Fans of games based on Dark Souls are getting new games to play with Morbid The Seven AcolytesSomewhat surprising (to me), it was released on the 3rd of December on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and …

Fans of games based on Dark Souls are getting new games to play with Morbid The Seven AcolytesSomewhat surprising (to me), it was released on the 3rd of December on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. According to Still Running developer, it’s a “horror punk” action-based role-playing game. The game does not make use of elaborate 3D graphics. However, it presents the action with well-crafted pixels that are isometric. If you like games such as Bloodborne, Blasphemous, Death’s Gambit, Titan Souls or Salt and Sanctuary and you’re looking for more time to glance at Morbid, the Seven Acolytes.

Finnish development Studio Still Running, which previously created its 2D zombie-themed shooter Zombie Kill of the Week and the decent twin-stick shooting game the Walking Vegetables, drew inspiration from the horror novels of H.P. Lovecraft one of the most significant writers of the fantastic horror genre and also Dark Souls for Morbid A Colytes’ Tale of Seven AcolytesThe visuals are inspired by earlier work by the award-winning Hollywood filmmaker David Cronenberg, one of the co-creators of the genre known as body horror. It is a genre of horror films that focuses on the apparent decay or destruction of the human body.

In a land that is corrupted

The plot that the player plays is bleak. The game’s protagonist awakes on the shores of Soya, which is awash with horribly transformed corpses, fish, and half-decayed fish. It seems like we were in a vessel destroyed by the cliffs. The waves swept us off the beach. Fortunately, the body in front of us is carrying an axe. We’re amidst one of the warriors, the last survivor of the Order of the Strivers from Dibrom. Our job, which we’ve been trained for all of our life, is to take on the Seven Acolytes, powerful and cursed creatures possessed by evil gods known as Gahars. The Gahars have tied their souls in the body of Seven Acolytes because they will not endure without hosts. We must therefore kill the acolytes to protect the Kingdom. Should we not succeed, evil gods will rule and inflict chaos on the whole world. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to be available at the beginning. If you’d like to know more, look over the things you discover and converse with the few non-mad individuals we meet along our journey. The illustrations also provide clues to what’s been happening in the deserted world.

Morna’s world Mornia is dark and depressing for long periods, populated by hostile, unrecognizable creatures that may have previously been animals or humans. Under control by the seven Acolytes, Mornia has wholly degenerated, and only the most fervent adherents of the Acolytes are allowed to live. The plants are disgusting everywhere, and when destroyed, they release flying creatures that immediately strike us. Some animals with disfigured faces are plagued by these flying bugs and can be easily missed after they kill their host. Fortunately, they do not last long; a single strike with a sword can eliminate them.

Alongside our mission of beating the Seven Acolytes, We also get various more minor side quests from people of the area. Once we have completed these quests, we usually get some sort of reward, whether it’s the information we need or an essential item. Most of the levels are mazes of a small size, where specific paths are blocked by invasive plants that disappear after their roots are removed. A cursed fishing community, filthy swamps, or dead forest, Each with its distinct enemies, will await us on our journey to defeat the Seven Acolytes.

This woman is striking the hard

The character in the game is predetermined, and there are no options to modify the surface from the start of the gameplay. The game is played by a nameless female warrior, a highly trained combat machine. With the melee weapon , she can execute two strikes which can be either quick or heavy, but slow attack and consume more stamina. Running isn’t her favorite sport, but here she rapidly loses energy, but it can regenerate quickly. To get out of a potentially dangerous circumstance, she may move forward and block opponent attacks at the right moment, only to attack even more viciously herself. Armed with a long-range weapon, she can take on enemies from some distance, but ammunition is not plentiful. Start with five shots that can be replenished with “Krombi’s Tin cans.”

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Also, a twin-stick gunner Morbid The Seven Acolytes isn’t. The warrior has the option of equipping two sets of weapons, one for melee and one to fight from a distance. Through the use of runes found in other sources, she enhances her weapon. But, the runes are then incorporated into the weapon (more or lesser) forever. Certain mushrooms may also be used to enhance weapons. In the inventory , our heroine carries around weapons and other objects; however,, she can only carry ten pieces of specific consumable items. Also, there are at least ten tablets that are similar to each other and ten identical petals. Other than things that are relevant to the story consumables (like tablets and food), runes, mushrooms …) or weapons ), there aren’t any other items. Equipment and clothing can’t be obtained or upgraded. In addition, there’s no currency or trader, and when your inventory is full, you will have to dispose of old goods. It’s a realistic idea, but it’s hard.

Morbid The Seven Acolytes is an action RPG with a horror theme, full of Lovecraftian horrors and Cronenbergian gore that makes the most horrific approach to the isometric Souls genre yet!

Three vital characteristics of our warrior are displayed continuously in bar format on the screen, including stamina, life energy, and mental health. The life energy is replenished during the game by (disgusting) foods or our specially-designed healer stone. Certain weapons drain the power of the enemy’s life. The stamina depleted while fighting or running automatically grows, and we can recover our mental health by taking specific medicines. Using an individual petal will increase our speed for a short time and increase our endurance. However, the adverse effects can be grave: we lose mental clarity, which can lead to flashes of pink in our eyes, but also the fact that each enemy we kill is resurrected as a figment of our imagination, and we’re forced to kill another. Therefore, we must think twice before taking the flower, mainly if we’ve never stocked any medication that can bring back our mental well-being.

Every melee is the difference between life and death.

Combat is usually fighting, hitting, blocking, or dodging, then watching for endurance. It is also possible to sneak around and follow adversaries from the back. In most cases, it isn’t necessary since many remain motionless until they see us. It is also possible to safely attack enemies from behind at average speed. Certain enemies are in one spot, and others follow certain areas until they come across us. When they do and attack us, they typically do so directly, which makes them run straight to one of our carefully-timed attacks. The ranged fighters attempt to keep away from us. In general, touching an opponent doesn’t cause harm, but their attacks can be uncomfortable. It’s only a couple of strikes to lose all of our energy. The battles can be controlled effectively, provided we use our attacks smartly and stay clear of blows from the enemy compared to games such as Hades, which are extremely slow and uncontrolled. Button mashing isn’t a sure way to the success you’d expect. When we kill enemies, we earn experience points that can be used in shrines to enhance our character. The game includes more than 25 melee weapons, each with distinct properties. Playing on them can be entertaining.

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Shrines are oases of relaxation and healing

The shrines that are scattered throughout the nation, we can contemplate – which is to keep the game alive. By doing this, we replenish our power and ammunition. However, our mental health is the same the same. The defeated enemies, such as mini-bosses, can be found again once you wake up. The shrines are where you can also see an overview of all the available side missions and use the quick travel option. There is also the “Morbid Menagerie,” which is an encyclopedia of the enemies, items, or NPCs that have been found in the past, which can be found here. Distributing the earned experiences as ability points to specific areas to help us improve our warriors is possible. This makes us stronger and stronger throughout playing, but it doesn’t mean it’s effortless. A few minor mistakes or even the tiniest enemy can kill us. For the mini-bosses, it’s sufficient if we take 3 or 4 hits. However, the stunningly staged boss fights against Acolytes are challenging because, unlike mini-bosses, they can withstand some. The game overall is complex, but not unimaginably hard. Death is a comparatively insignificant impact – we are fully recovered, and re-munitions after the final of the many save points. The items we’ve found stay with us, so we don’t need to look for our bodies.



Dark, gray hues with a clever application of the pixel, enchantingly vile creature… The graphics are stunning. It is also playable at a screen resolution of 3440×1440 (ultra widescreen); however,, it will alter the screen’s width.


Dynamic background music that matches the atmosphere. It alters the announcements for certain events, bringing tension before you know what’s to come. Separate orchestral music for each boss fight to make the fights more thrilling.


I have XBOX 360, and One controller was recognized with no issues Control with keyboards and mouse is possible too. The German translation is a bit weak as the text was mostly translated verbatim and sounds absurd in some instances… however, you’re used to it because you’ve played the German games like Elder Scrolls: Oblivion or Diablo 2 are both available in German.It’s better than not having any translation at all , though If you’re proficient in English, it’s best to play in English for the best experience. Text.

Game design

Combat that is heavy on melee where you need to think carefully. The only way to succeed is through thoughtful action—way to win. The character gradually but slowly grows stronger.


New weapons and enemies brand new sections, and more information regarding the realm of Mornia… there’s always something new to learn about.


Morbid The Seven Acolytes is an incredibly challenging action-based role-playing game in isometric views. The graphics are created with a dark pixel art style and recall classics from days that are now gone. Exploring the decayed, degraded world filled with mutant creatures and ferocious enemies is an absolute blast. The well-crafted enemies (the seven Acolytes) offer a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of triumph after you have defeated them.

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