Monster Hunter World: Iceborne in the test – An (almost) perfect overall package

Special reports, analysis, and backgrounds for heroes of role-playing as well as hobby generals and single-player enthusiasts – from professionals who know the game. Your benefits: With Iceborne, but it’s now the veteran’s turn. Through …

Special reports, analysis, and backgrounds for heroes of role-playing as well as hobby generals and single-player enthusiasts – from professionals who know the game. Your benefits:

With Iceborne, but it’s now the veteran’s turn. Through Master Rank, the new G Rank comes into play and monsters that are more powerful than the higher Hunter Rank specimens. This includes Master Rank monsters, new armor, weapons, an additional location, and a brand new campaign Iceborne is almost like an entirely fresh Monster Hunter.

But, Iceborne isn’t one to beat newcomers over the face and relies on a gentle introduction and strong tools like the clamp claw or vitality wasp revival. In this test, we will determine if Capcom is now able to convince novices as well as professionals with this.

Welcoming you to winter’s wonderland!

This makes the area appear lively and inviting. However, more variation could have been included since everything remains white and doesn’t have the same level of attention as the other locations. But it is gradually opening up through the campaign, and there’s constantly something fresh to see.

The story is centered around the changes to the surroundings, similar to Monster Hunter World. The dragon’s older Velkhana is suddenly seen and disturbs the balance of nature through his ice-like powers. Monsters begin to flee and become very aggressive or succumb to their icy breath and eventually become frozen food.

We’re looking to reach the source of the phenomena, so we establish the base together with Selena in the northern part of the country, which is the home of Velkhana. In Selena, we confront the dragon elder to protect our new home. We also discover more mystery surrounding the mysterious song that transforms monsters and causes earthquakes.

The story is presented as in Monster Hunter World with epic scenes in which we are presented with one monster after the other. Between the cutscenes, we also hear dialogue featuring the well-known characters of Monster Hunter World, like the game expert, the tracker, and the other hunters.

Iceborne can provide characters like the expert on wildlife with more depth. She is closer to Velkhana by her father, making the fight very personal to her. This makes her appear more emotional than her leading role. The characters and story draw us a little more than the main game. However, the overall plot is much more flimsy narrative that moves players from fight to battle. Monsters, however, are the main reason to play the game.

New monsters Old strengths

These new creatures are the main attraction of Iceborne. The expansion adds 20 or so, nearly identical to those in the original game. Some are brand-new, such as Barbaro’s frosty giant deer or the saber-toothed winged Tiger Barioth was previously seen on earlier Monster Hunter spin-offs. There are also some new subspecies, such as the Fulgur Anjanath, which offers thunder and lightning instead of fire , like his fellow Anjanath.

Alongside Monster Hunter World, Iceborne provides a wide selection of games. But, most of these new creatures are subspecies of the previous animals. Combats with them feel different because they have various elements and attacks; however, a few entirely new monsters (and more or less) would be more thrilling since you already know the fundamental fighting techniques of the subspecies.

The creatures are made to look like real creatures. They have habitats and behavior patterns. They drink when thirsty, eat whenever they’re hungry, and engage in authentic turf battles between themselves. However, it’s not just the design and how they’re tailored to their environment that makes them appear credible. Animations are also vibrant and allow us to read what the monster intends to take in the next.

Know Your Enemy

This understanding of behavior is vital during battles. It is not enough in this case, after all. As with bosses in other games, monsters have special attacks which we must try to master. Barbara, for instance, loves to run forward, or take huge stones or even trees using his antlers. Barbara uses them as battering rams or throws them at us hunters. It is essential to consider this force and range, for instance, in avoiding a lot and trying to stay behind him.

Combats are a significant portion of Iceborne. The game begins with a new quest, like every other game, on the quest board or in the game’s expert. Then we have the time of 50 minutes to locate and kill a monster or get it captured using traps and stun bombs.

So far, so familiar. So what’s new in the master rank, but the main difference is that we receive higher quality supplies (mega potions instead of regular ones) and carry them alongside our equipment. Furthermore, the monsters are more powerful. They can withstand more than us, provide stronger attacks, and even come up with different attack patterns. A Kuul-Ya Kuul, for instance, strikes us by throwing explosive stones rather than using simple rocks.

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Each monster has strengths as well as weaknesses, which we should consider. For instance, the aforementioned Banbaro is a monster with the element of ice. It is therefore recommended to fight against armor with the highest resistance to ice and weapons that do extra damaging damage to the element.

Yet it’s too simple?

The battles are very effective, like they did well in Monster Hunter World. The art of learning the right way to take on an opponent is always thrilling. But veterans may be disappointed with the master level at the beginning. Capcom is exceptionally cautious not to frighten players that are straight from the storyline from Monster Hunter World with Hunter Rank 16. You must complete the task before you can begin Iceborne.

A lot of players who have played the game since it was released at the beginning of January are in Hunter Rank 100 or higher. For these players, the first creatures of the expansion should be relatively easy. However, in the latter part of the adventure, the difficulty rises when we need to confront the dragon elders at the master rank – just like what was happening in the original game.

Additionally, there are additional aids to aid in getting to the top of the line. There’s currently a difficulty level that can be used for two participants. Before this, it automatically grew to four players after you started playing co-op. Additionally, when a player quits the hunt and joins another group, the difficulty will be automatically reduced instead of remaining the same as it was before.

Coop mode functions similar to Monster Hunter World: you can complete a hunt by bringing up to 4 people by sending out an SOS signal while hunting (only allowed after you have watched the entire cutscene) or participate in the quest with other players when you’re part of the same online game. Co-op mode is, like always, a great aid in making a problematic monster much more manageable. As the difficulty increases for four people, the beast has to be able to share the attention of all players.

A brand new super weapon

The game can also be made more enjoyable if you bring the Palico pet alongside you. AI cats can replace other players, and fight alongside and give us valuable devices. They improve their level the more we play with them. Particularly effective is the vitality wasp that revives us fast after we fall. In normal circumstances, blackouts are only possible twice in a quest, after which the third time, the mission fails. With our tool, you can get an opportunity to obtain a free shot to use.

However, the most potent modern weapon could be the claw. It alters how we fight and makes fighting enemies much easier to defeat, even at Master rank. You can choose this slingshot for PS4 with L2 and then shoot ammo to the monster using R2 – for instance, lightning capsules that disable it. You can also find ammunition in the surroundings or make it. The latest feature is that you can use the slingshot as you draw the gun. By pressing the circle, we can take our grip on the monster using clamp claws and cause damage, similar to riding the beast. However, you need to complete fast-time actions to take it down.

It can be disoriented, and it’s occurred to us very rarely in our testing. If it did happen, we barely took injury. The monster is protected from most of the attacks. Therefore, in the end, we have used the claw for a long time, as there are no limitations to our stamina , and it is extremely damaging to deal with.

Alternately, you could use the recoil shot to the monster and then release its entire slingshot, which causes it to stumble back. For us, it feels somewhat too powerful and ensures that battles are more alike than previously, regardless of the variety of creatures.

Solo players and newcomers should be able to get along new game Iceborne. Veterans must wait until the close of the Iceborne campaign or for updates featuring battle-hardened and hardened Master Rank monsters to get the same challenge as G-Rank. Post-launch content updates for free, such as World, have already been confirmed.

Mix and match

Like the high hunter rank, the Master rank also introduces entirely new armor sets for all new and old monsters. This is due to Anjanath Tobi-Kadachi Diablos and more. They are also given Master Rank versions with their armor sets that come in two different versions: Beta and Alpha. Each armor has unique bonuses, such as health boost, and fire attack, while the second allows slots to be decorated.

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Decorations are obtained through the top hunter rank to be used as rewards in exchange for quests. The type you will receive will be random and contingent on the probability of getting it. These decorations also offer bonuses and can be put on any weapon or armor that is equipped with slots. Slots have levels from one to four, and four additional levels are included at master rank.

They decide the quality of the decorations that are used. An armor equipped with more than four slots may be more durable and therefore superior to those with just one slot. If you’d like to play around and, for instance, make an perfectly perfect armor that includes fire protection and health boosters.

This is incredibly motivating since the various armors don’t only look good and stylish, but they are also able to be mixed and matched at any time. It is necessary to have at least three armor components to get its total bonus, like the ability to resist a specific element. It is essential to choose your armor with the type of monster you’re facing and combat its strengths accordingly.

Weapon attacks with new technology and combinations

When dealing with weapons, it is essential to take note of the correct aspect and the proper kind. There are 14 types of weapons that are available in Monster Hunter World. Some of them are classics, like greatsword bows or double blades and arrows, and unusual weapons like the insect elephant, where you can whirl in high air and then let insects take you. Also, the horn over which you play tunes offers your team members bonus points.

To determine which weapon is the most suitable for you, test it thoroughly in the training area. But, the tutorials and button combinations for combos that could be displayed on the right side of the screen can also be helpful. There aren’t any new weapons available in Iceborne however each gun comes with special attacks and combinations to test and learn to master. For instance, you could use the spell you learned from above using your longsword when you block the monster’s attack by the jump and then strike it with the brace claw.

First, a hot cup of tea

You create new armor and weapons using the materials from monsters you gather during quests to the blacksmith. With money, new gear is then made of the materials. Specific components are more scarce than others and can only be obtained by particular actions like cutting off the tail of the monster. Items like healing potions, bombs, traps, and other things, are also crafted and utilized in combat.

It’s just like this game. You gather the ingredients such as the herb to make a potion and then create your desired item using the crafting menu. The new version of Iceborne comes with the excellent hot beverage you require for the hoarfrost-wide area. The northern ice region can reduce our stamina bar to a tiny point within minutes. This makes the new zone extremely dangerous when you don’t have a hot beverage on the go.

Winter home for you personally

The latest addition is our frosty hub Seliana which we can return to following each mission, along with the previous hub Astera. A wintery camping area, Selena is not designed to be comfy, but it certainly feels like it. Instead of elevators, we can reach everything on one level. We can be able to, for instance, quickly transfer directly from our bedroom to the place where we meet and then into the forge.

The gathering place is where you can interact directly with others. The turnout is larger than Astera and provides additional entertainment options, including hot springs where you can soak.

It may seem like a lot however it’s a good idea to combine it with the many minor improvements and fun features Iceborne has implemented into the game. For instance, it is no longer necessary to leave your home to take the Palicos to an actual hunt (a.k.a. whisker safari) as well as with the trooper ride that you can unlock (if you are friends with local wildcats), you will be able to comfortably led across the vast expanses through the mount. Along the way, you will also be able to unpack the brand new kit photography set, which allows you to snap photographs. They can then be submitted to be rewarded.

If you’ve already played Monster Hunter World, Iceborne is definitely worth a look. Because it has the same features but gets better by focusing on the right places.

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