Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate in the test – old school monster hunting

Special reports, analyses , and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre as well as hobby generals and fans of single-player games – by experts who are aware of the games being played. Your …

Special reports, analyses , and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre as well as hobby generals and fans of single-player games – by experts who are aware of the games being played. Your benefits:

So so far.

It has many benefits. However, it also has its drawbacks. For instance, it’s the biggest game in the franchise with the biggest zones, monsters, and a lot of fan support.

However, in return, you’ll have to sacrifice the latest technology that has created Monster Hunter World accessible to more people.

The greatest old-school Monster Hunter

The Switch Monster Hunter doesn’t have the concept of a world that is contiguous; however, In Generations Ultimate, the areas are divided into zones like they were using old series parts.

In the course of combat, it may be the case that we are rushing to the next location and must be patiently waiting for a loading delay.

Drink a healing potion while you run. No longer works. Rapid travel? Missing.

Anyone who has recently played lots in Monster Hunter World or even started the series with this particular part should be able to get used to it the game, or at least be able to get used to it returning to it.

Instead of full-dubbed dialogues and step-by-step instructions, We scroll through many dull, uninteresting, and informative text tutorials available in MHGU.

What is the best way to combine items? For instance, the way we combine them is something we must learn ourselves. There isn’t a hunter companion that whispers advice to us right from the beginning. The same is true for learning through doing.

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It may initially be overwhelming for novices, but on the other hand, discovering, experimenting, and continually discovering new concepts is an inexpensive element of Generations Ultimate’s appeal, and Generations Ultimate captures all of this in a charmingly old-fashioned manner.

Switch version of G-Rank with more content

Monster Hunter Generations for the 3DS was already considered the best series with well-known NPCs, regions, and monsters. It also featured popular characters like Zinogre as well as Nargacuga. There were also new features such as the stalker mode and hunting styles. Generations Ultimate adds the top spot.

To ensure that the Switch version isn’t just like a remake, Capcom has packed more contents into the hunter’s backpack.

In addition to new places and creatures such as the terrifying dragon older Valstrax, Two entirely different hunting techniques (see box) allow us access to new combat techniques and explore even more with 14 weapons.

Although the new alchemy style is suitable for novices because of its supporting role, the bold style is more targeted at veterans with a few hundred hours of knowledge.

And, of course, there is the brand new G-Rank which is the highest difficulty level available in the game that was not available in Generations to the 3DS and is the only one MH World offers so far. This makes MGHU a true game with a huge scope.

Fantastic switch port

The fact that Monster Hunter works on the Switch is not a surprise; in the end, Monster Hunter on the Japanese Version has been out for over a year and a half.

We don’t have anything to say about the technology. The monster hunt appears sharp and clear, particularly on the handheld screen. It’s a different experience compared to the 3DS version, the night and day.

Check out Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate – Nintendo Switch screenshots

The quick loading time of just a few seconds and the programmable controls are instantly evident. The interface for users is a bit cluttered and cluttered, which is normal for this series, but it reads very well, even when in mobile mode.

Regarding mobile, There is always the option to play online in co-op mode with up to three other gamers or connect up to four Switch consoles to our local networks.

Because of the 3DS source, the game has some unclean textures and certain barren regions. Furthermore, the monster corpses disappear in seconds if we’ve killed more than two monsters.

Its frame rates are very smooth for the majority of the time. However, it’s sometimes; it isn’t always stable. But, these are small flaws to a great port. Also, HD Rumble and the Switch touchscreens are available.

If you’re interested in experiencing the traditional gameplay experience following the modern Monster Hunter World, you should download Monster Hunter Opponent Ultimate. Simply try the free trial.

Older players who have left their Fatal Four on the 3DS could even move their saved games to Switch.

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