Marvel’s Avengers (Xbox Series X) in the test

Marvel and its vibrant world of superheroes is an essential part of the current pop culture , making it fashionable to be a geek through the numerous blockbusters released recently. The most well-known heroes are …

Marvel and its vibrant world of superheroes is an essential part of the current pop culture , making it fashionable to be a geek through the numerous blockbusters released recently. The most well-known heroes are most likely the Avengers, which received their first game in September 2020. As we wait for a proper update to the Marvel Avengers, even more, this year, we took this opportunity to install the Xbox One version of the game onto the next-gen console from Microsoft.

After my coworker Tom was still having technical issues when the game was released for this Xbox One version We wanted to know what the Marvel Avengers is performing today with the Series X!

The Avengers are here to welcome you to their world. Avengers

In the campaign that is a solo one that is the Marvel Avengers, it’s possible to take on the character of the different Avengers in Xbox Series X. However, you’ll spend most of the time in the guise of a young Kamala Khan. She transforms from a superhero-fangirl to a hero. The characters don’t have any resemblance to the movies. However, that doesn’t stop the enjoyment. Polymorph Kamala doesn’t appear in the films; she is given her own story within the game. The game can establish a connection for the protagonist from the first second. The game revolves around a conspiracy against the well-known Avengers is an engaging storyline that is enjoyable to play and watch. The only thing I would like to critique, much similar to my test-prep Tom has to say, is the highly linear levels of the tube. I would always recommend you purchase the English Audio version, but I have to admit that there’s little to complain about with this version. German dubbing.

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For those who enjoy multi-player games Marvel’s Avengers also has a special mode in which you can take on diverse missions with friends or AI-powered companions. However, be aware that the multiplayer is based on the plot of the main game, which means you must be able to complete it before you start! Also, on the 8th of December 2019, the first DLC is available, letting the hero Kate Bishop join the playable team.

Experience at the Next Level

In reality, the next-gen update could have been out earlier. However, we’ll need to wait a while to get this update. But, gamers will see quicker loading times and enhanced frame rates in addition to other benefits in the transition to the latest generation. In addition, you can carry your game saves and then transfer them to another device to ensure that your progress won’t be lost. When my test machine had a long wait time, things appear different with the new hardware. Most of the time, when re-entry is required in the event of the death of a player, it is quick and smooth. But sometimes it takes some time compared to other games. In my testing, there were no glitches, and the game played smoothly.

One thing I dislike about the new generation is the absence of a connector to connect optical cables from the Surround sound system. The artificially created 5.1 sound wasn’t an authentic experience for already degraded ears. It was a relief. However, Santa brought me a small gadget (optical divider/HDMI adapter) to allow me to have a 5.1 surround sound. In particular the Marvel Avengers dramatically benefits from this and turns into an immersive cinematic experience!

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Visually, Marvel’s Avengers is stunning to view and also benefits from Microsoft’s Xbox SeriesX’s superior frame rate.


Alongside a great soundtrack, this game provides a cinematic experience.


The controls are extremely intuitive and easy to master.

Game design

Here, a few more flexible linear paths in the design of the levels would have been great!


The campaign is an exciting main campaign , and to sustain motivation, the multiplayer must provide!


Although the final next-gen update is delayed, and we have to wait for it, Marvel’s Avengers is now running better than before. The story’s campaign is small but clear and cinematic, even if its straight tube style could be more flexible at times. Personally, after an oversaturation of open-world elements was very happy being able to not wander around in the wild for long periods and get distracted by myriad other events. The game is a highly cinematic experience that pulled me more than I had anticipated. If the next-gen update comes out, we’ll inform you and check out how the title performs!

Marvel’s Avengers Rated

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