Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit in the test

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of , Super Mario Bros. Nintendo added new games and a variety of other merchandise revealed strange things, for instance, the simplest of them all: Mario Kart Live: Home CircuitNot …

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of , Super Mario Bros. Nintendo added new games and a variety of other merchandise revealed strange things, for instance, the simplest of them all: Mario Kart Live: Home CircuitNot just a remote-controlled car with a Mario Kart design (of which there are already plenty) however, it is a fully-fledged AR racer that creates a risk for living rooms not just on the inside, but also on the television.

The down-home novice racer should first select (at minimum) one of the two Kart designs that Mario or Luigi can pilot. The appropriate package will contain the proper kart, a USB-C charging cable, four goals, as well as two cardboard guides for directional. The program itself is available to download free for download through the eShop at any time. However, it only works when combined with one of two vehicles connected by Bluetooth with the controller.

It’s all about viewpoint

The kart is controlled conventionally via JoyCons or gamepads. But, a camera has been mounted on top of that head that transmits a live video onto Switch. The camera overlays all kinds of components on what’s observed and can also detect the identified goals and directional signals as you are likely to know that this type of technology is known as augmented reality, but it’s usually done from a first-person view rather than a karting viewpoint.

At first, it could appear like the remote-controlled car isn’t moving fast. However, this changes when you meant to do it – focus your attention on the screen, not on the kart itself. Due to the viewpoint of the lens, which is a slightly wide angle, and the extreme distance of the road, you will get the impression that you’re speeding along. Additionally, as a novice, you will start in the 50 and 100cc classes and then gain access to the more powerful 150 and 200cc classes in the beginning. Then, at the very least, the karts are “in real” very quick on the roads.

The race track is located between the living room and kitchen.

However, before you can play against four computer-controlled competitors or three “real” Kart drivers (only locally and with a Switch/one driver per player is needed) for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, You must first construct a racetrack. To build a track, gates must be laid out, numbered in order, and should be weighted down. Otherwise, you risk moving the gate in the event of a collision and consequently (dis)disturbing the track’s layout. How imaginative you’d like to be (and could do) in between gates is yours to decide. Guard rails barriers, barriers, or other obstacles, there is no reason to think that to build every aspect of a race track. The tires made of soft rubber can withstand (almost) all surfaces, and even small bumps pose no issue. However, wool carpets that are thick, crevices, and even real-world distinctions can prove to be unavoidable obstacles. Additionally, smaller ramps can be designed; however, jumps must be avoided. Karts give a solid and impressive impression; however, a suspension was not included as the rest was relatively rigid. Therefore, it is better to remain with your tires on the surface.

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After you’re satisfied with the design – if the Bluetooth signal can pass through the walls, it can be extended to other rooms; we must instruct the software on routing. Then, finally, the software Lakitu spreads virtual paint on our tires, and we are able to follow the route we want to take. The only things that can be fixed are the four gates numbered that must be crossed in the correct sequence. When we get to the gate that we started from then, we’re done and will be able to begin the first (or the next) race.

A familiar tune in a fresh version

The races themselves are Mario Kart in its purest form. You run around your apartment. A minimum of three to five laps are completed in each race of the classic cups. If you’re tired of it, you may also want to beat your record during a trial or design a unique race track for yourself. It is possible to assign unique features or traps to different gates, set the music and (augmented) landscaping styles, and indicate the kart’s class and laps.

Our route is always identical, but various tracks and worlds await with different obstacles and features. They may not be apparent on the screen, but they can impact the kart we drive in reality. For instance, if you fail to avoid a block of the ice, a plant called a piranha, or a trap, you’ll be abruptly slowed down, or thrown off the race line.

Furthermore, the tracks are brimming with positive pickups. Coins provide a short acceleration and gradually unlock new outfits and designs for karts and drivers. Then, of course, there are all the usual suspects in the dreaded boxes with question marks, from bananas to mushrooms, and finally, the red turtle shell, designed to attract attention. The mini-boost, essential for the fastest times, is being considered by holding the shoulder button to make an extra quick turn. the mini boost up to 3 levels can be released as soon as you rerelease the button.

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Please do not take photographs

People who have read and learned about this game in other publications will notice that the images are continuously repeated. This is due to it being the case that Nintendo has ultimately disabled the integrated screenshot and video functions for this game. So, our review must rely on official press screenshots. There’s no reason that’s official for blocking screenshots, but people who have a good understanding of Nintendo and maybe also the other or similar laws governing data protection can, at the very least, speculate and will not be wrong. On the other side, images and videos of the most private areas of your life could be posted on the Internet fast – and sometimes even by children. However as well the fact that a family-friendly business like Nintendo is cautious to pay focus to the environment within which its characters and products are portrayed. With the advent of augmented reality, Mario or Luigi could easily be disregarded by things that people would categorize as morally shady or even not appropriate for Nintendo. If they are genuinely motivated, they will surely come up with a solution to this limitation, but it’s understandable why Nintendo isn’t keen on pushing it .


Remote-controlled vehicles are not new different gimmicks that use Augmented Reality have been around for quite a while as well. Mario Kart itself has been through a few variations. The technology used might be brand innovative, but Nintendo has yet again successfully merged the previous into an intriguing game idea that’s well-suited for the mass market. If you have enough room and imagination, You can enjoy an enjoyable time playing Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit regardless of the long-term addictive factor will not be as severe because of the limitations mentioned above.

What’s Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit? An augmented virtual reality spin-off from the popular Mario Kart series. Link: Official website

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