Life is Strange True Colors in the test: The power of human emotions

The next chapter of the adventure series features Alex Chen as the new protagonist. Alex is able to read emotions using her abilities. Loss and compassion are the central themes in the story The news …

  • The next chapter of the adventure series features Alex Chen as the new protagonist.
  • Alex is able to read emotions using her abilities.
  • Loss and compassion are the central themes in the story

The news of Square Enix releasing the next installment in its highly acclaimed action series places the new heroine in the spotlight. Similar to earlier, heroines are possessed of supernatural abilities; however, how you utilize these powers and how they will influence the story is entirely up to you. We’ll explain the reasons why you should not be averse to this story despite its imperfections.

A young woman from the town of a small size.

The game lets us play the role of a young Alex Chen, who arrives in the mining town of Haven Springs, Colorado. It is a peaceful place away from major cities and surrounded by the natural world. In this location, our heroine is reunited with her elder brother Gabe. They’ve had no contact for many years and, as a result, are separated from one another, but now they’re looking to begin anew together.

Alex begins to meet her brother’s friends and other residents of the tiny town, slowly gaining insights into the community. Many of them greet our protagonist to the table with open arms, whereas Alex herself is uncertain about her future home. However, the initially calming and serene atmosphere doesn’t last for long, and the whims of fate shatter the house.

We’re not going to discuss the story in “True Colors” at this time, even though it has some weaknesses among the game’s greatest strengths. The story begins slowly and relatively predictable, but towards the end, there is a great tension curve developed, and some shocking surprises are interspersed. Like the previous films, we also have the opportunity to influence the direction in the tale at different moments through some decisions made within the context of the dialogues.

In most cases, the conversations are well-written and natural in both the original English and the professionally-produced German translated and dub. The writers from Deck Nine Games have noticeably worked hard into their dialogues and, in doing so, surpass their previous works in certain portions. However, a few plots in the story do not have the required buildup. This is why they don’t let their emotions flow to the max despite the engaging dialogue.

In the Face of Emotion

The word “emotions” is a great one for this, since, similar to Max (“Life is Strange”) and Daniel (“Life is Strange 2”), Alex now also has an exceptional ability. It is not possible to reverse time or move objects with telekinesis. However, she can detect the emotions of her friends. An aura will envelop an intense feeling, a character in the game. Red, for instance, represents sadness and anger, while blue is a sign of joy.

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With the help of L2 triggers, L2 trigger Alex will be able to sense these feelings in her body and experience these sensations firsthand. When they are referred to as novas, they also alter the whole area. These outbursts are among the most memorable moments in the game because all the different aspects of the game are interspersed beautifully. The way that the designers employ vibrant colors, in conjunction with shadow, light, and images, particularly in these scenes, is impressive.

The team was able to accomplish their ultimate objective: exploring loss and empathy. Deck Nine Games convincingly approaches these two issues, showing an awareness of human sensitivities following experiencing such an event. The film demonstrates that the period following the event is difficult for the person affected ” Life is Strange: True Colors” may assist people in processing their events. It’s difficult to pay the author even more lavish praise.

Additionally, in the five chapters that kept us occupied for approximately 16 hours, interesting questions are raised about Alex’s powers. Do you have the right to utilize them solely because you own these powers? Do you have the right to read and manipulate the emotions of others? What should the line be drawn, and what happens if it’s crossed? In this way, the game is constantly stimulating intriguing thought experimentation, but it never realizes the full potential of narrative out of them all.

A city that offers a multitude of options

Similar to the choices we have to take as Alex, who is tied to this, often more and often less affect the narrative’s course. Some events happen suddenly, while others weren’t in line with the ideas we had made before making them. While the writers made sure to create a variety of secondary characters during the tale, which was a huge success, some characters came to be a little too short.

In the meantime, what is not left out is the journey to Haven Springs, the city in which most of the action in the title is set. In just a couple of hours, the place is authentic. The small shops, the streets you walk through, and the characters Alex meets all combine to form a coherent image, creating a tiny town we’d like to visit ourselves in the future.

It is also because there are many things to see and discover. In the stores and the streets, There are details, stories, and memories in plain sight that can help create the accurate picture of the city. Outside of walking the road, there are different media, like Alex’s diary and social media sites that provide additional fascinating details to the narrative and, mainly, aid in enhancing Alex as a person and make her an attractive, multi-faceted, and likable protagonist.

The gameplay is relatively straightforward similar to the predecessors, but its surprising variety, including miniature games and ideas, aren’t meant to exaggerate you. Amid the chaos and bustle Alex encounters during the story, one can discover a few oases of calm. These moments are when we can gaze at the distance with her and enjoy the soothing soundtrack, which is ideally suited to the setting and the cult. The most minor highlights, by the way, are those moments in which Alex herself grabs her guitar to sing with a soulful voice.

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Additionally, the style is true to the older era and is more stylish than ever. The colors are vibrant, the lighting is more dramatic, and Alex’s expressions are more sophisticated than her predecessors. In addition, it’s not on top of its game technically as our PlayStation 5 version we tested frequently had to contend with minor stutters and pop-ups, shaky animations, shockingly long loading times, and minor graphics glitches. These are all issues that could have been avoided and could have hurt the environment at times.

Rating and Conclusion

  • A suspenseful and twisted tale.
  • Alex is a caring and multifaceted main character
  • Alex’s abilities are fascinating and are well integrated into the game.
  • Story explores pertinent themes such as loss and empathy
  • Haven Springs is a believable area to be in
  • Beautiful art style and moody music
  • Certain plotlines do not have the proper structure.
  • The potential for narrative isn’t always utilized
  • The other or one of the secondary characters is too short
  • Technically, it’s not completely clean (jerks or pop-ups)

Life is Strangely The truth Colors in review the impact of emotions on humans

The adventures of Alex quickly captured us by its grip. This is not just because of the numerous sympathetic characters and the realistic gaming world but also the atmosphere the story creates, which was challenging to get out of. The way Alex discovers how to manage her powers and how she tries to help fellow humans by using them is thrilling to watch as well as emotionally touching.

Certain flaws in the story and various technical flaws can create a negative impression; however, they don’t alter any of the facts that “Life is Strange: True Colors” is certainly worth checking out. Not just for fans of the series and this genre but also for those who enjoy emotional games and maybe are looking to tackle the issue of empathy and loss differently in these difficult times.

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