Lexip Neptunium Alpha np93 and B5 under test

The French manufacturer Lexip has supplied our reviewers with the gaming mouse Neptunium Alpha np93 and an RGB Mouse Pad B5 to conduct an evaluation. Gaming mice are available in many colors; however, the ones …

The French manufacturer Lexip has supplied our reviewers with the gaming mouse Neptunium Alpha np93 and an RGB Mouse Pad B5 to conduct an evaluation.

Gaming mice are available in many colors; however, the ones with thumb joysticks like this one from Lexip Neptunium Alpha are a little more unique. We tried this mouse along with it with the B5 RGB mouse pad, also made available by Lexip.

Details Neptunium Alpha np93

Technical data B5

Ergonomics, design, and artistry

The mouse arrives in a lovely black and orange cardboard box, a brief instruction instructional manual, and two weights. The mouse is highly comfortable upon first contact and has an appearance of a matte, black, smooth surface. The giant scroll wheel appears premium and has six ceramic feet attached to the bottom. The empty weight is 140 grams. It’s not light. However, two consequences of 3.6 grams, or 18, could be placed on the bottom.

The scroll wheel is easy to reach and can also be pressed, and it’s behind an illuminated Lexip button that can be easily assigned. On the left-hand side is the joystick. It is located below it, and above it , there are two more buttons, e.g., buttons for back and forward. Lights embellish the upper part of the mouse for the Lexip logo. A second light bar is located within the lower portion of the mouse. The light bar virtually wraps around the body of the mouse. The placement of the joystick and buttons makes it the Alpha Alpha np93 appropriate for right-handed users only.

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Software, sensors, and handling

With Lexip Control Software Lexip Control Software It allows you to configure various things, for example, creating profiles of games that are popular and can be downloaded via the Lexip website. In addition, you can assign macros to keys or alter the resolution with a joystick, for instance, and change the colors you want to use. But there is no internal memory to store the profiles created is absent.

It is made of optical ADNS 3050, achieving resolutions of up to 2,000 dots per inch. Interpolated, this can be up to 12,000 DPI; however, the entry-level sensor will not match higher-end models since the mouse may not respond precisely at high resolutions. In this case, e-sports enthusiasts are likely to prefer other rodents.

The joystick itself is quite easy to reach for my smaller hands. Repositioning the fingers isn’t necessary for this. The two buttons that are above are easy to reach. However, they are a little stiff. Overall the ergonomics are very well for right-handed people.


The sensor doesn’t offer the most high resolution; it also has a low. Nevertheless, games with the mouse are secured and with the proper sensitivity for gamers of average ability is sufficient in any situation. When paired with the tried and tested RGB Mouse Pad B5 with its Ceramic feet, the mouse can almost glide across the surface on its own. However, it is nearly too sensitive for many games; exact control is sometimes not possible anymore.

In certain games that are supported, the thumb joystick works excellently, for instance, for adjusting camera angles, for example, as a gun wheel or selecting the div. Abilities. The manufacturer provides the profiles that allow the joystick to play the best 40 games and numerous well-known applications to download.

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The Lexip Mouse Pad B5

The mousepad Lexip B5 has an ample surface size of 350 x 250 4 millimeters to match the mouse. It also features an extremely low-friction, durable surface that provides superior mouse response. The pad is also equipped with a frame made of metal, so it’s very sturdy. However, it is also heavy. The large pads on the bottom keep it from sliding, and the 1.8 meters length USB connectivity cable is braided, similar to the mouse. Through an inbuilt button, the color of the illumination can be altered; there are three modes to choose from: monochrome, pulsating LED , and running LED.


With a retail cost of about EUR35 to buy this Lexip Np93 Alpha mouse and EUR40 for the incredibly high-end the Lexip B5 RGB Mouse pad It is mighty and, most of all, a design-matched set. Its mouse is very well-made, comfortable in the palm, and has excellent gliding characteristics. Only its weight and absence of internal memory and the dated sensor can tarnish the perfect overall impression.

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