Layers of Fear 2 in the test – Psycho-Horror with obstacles

Special reports, analyses , and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre as well as hobby generals and single-player enthusiasts – from professionals who know the game. Your benefits: However, if our time on …

Special reports, analyses , and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre as well as hobby generals and single-player enthusiasts – from professionals who know the game. Your benefits:

However, if our time on the ship was as relaxing as it appeared initially, it isn’t likely to be called Layers of Fear but Layers of Cake. Instead, we are in the middle of a bizarre adventure superior to its predecessor in many ways but falls short in one important aspect.

Hackles that are raised

A situation is transformed into “reality” more often than we’d prefer. For instance, because of the doll in the opposite corner of the living room and then when we look at it again at us, her hands extended to us, it is within our reach.

Our protagonist also contributes to this sense of claustrophobia as well as discomfort. If she’s feeling close to breaking point, perception and our perception of the game shifts rooms become dark lines blur, and then we don’t know the real world and what’s just imagination. This does not just add suspense but also more visual variation.

The interplay of sound images, shocks, and sound effects works very well. The mood alone captivated us to the point that we were in awe of the sound of a rolling apple. In it, Layers of Fear 2’s strongest power is revealed.

What exactly am I doing in this situation?

Changes in the setting that are sudden cause more confusion rather than suspense. When we discover ourselves in a film noir detective agency following an excursion to the ship’s engine room, the abrupt change, without context, feels random at most.

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This directly correlates with how the story is presented within the gameplay. The game begins with us being an actor looking to unwind and relax on an ocean cruise. However, the director, known for his demanding manner and a very challenging approach, has other plans for the deck: It’s empty and cursed and is also home to an unnamed monster who keeps trying to attack us.

Are these the director’s methods? Are we to blame? Perhaps our past has something to play a role in the whole situation.

In the first section, newspaper snippets, notes , and images bring back memories and remind us of the significance at the heart of this whole story. These snippets are vastly scattered and separated from each other through puzzles and escape routes, and escape passages that we need to search for context.

The View Layers feature of Fear 2 screenshots

More campaign, less story

It’s a shame, as Layers of Fear 2 excels in the game world. There are so many details and references in the actual world that, at least more often than not, we can search names, facts, or strategies to get more information about the plot.

The world the game forces our players in, the mood it creates, and the beginning of the story it sketches are all well-designed. The thin storyline is especially evident.

For example, levers cannot be turned unless we’re exactly where we need to be. Opening doors is complicated because it’s a button shared with looking around, which means we’re constantly looking in the wrong direction. These small things can impede the pace of play and ruin the fun.

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Lessons Learned

In addition to the simple switch puzzles, there are also puzzles where we need to think about corners. For instance, the door can only be opened when the slide projector inside the room plays a video with the door. At a different time, the code to lock the door is concealed within the design inside the area.

The puzzles aren’t too complex, but when you feel scared and chased by the game, it becomes difficult enough. There’s also a lot of variety with the help of scenes of action and sneak, in which we must dodge lightning storms or sneak around mazes. This adds more variety.

Overall, it’s a good question to ask if Layers of Fear 2 is worth the adrenaline rush. It depends on what we are looking for in a horror game. For those who enjoyed Layers of Fear the initial Layers of Fear, part two is also filled with terrifying moments and gameplay improvements that give the game more depth.

In the end, it’s not an all-around enjoyable horror collection. Since even though horror is mainly in the head, Layers of Fear 2 demands more of its own at times.

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