Kirby and the Forgotten Land in the test

When Masahiro Sakurai first created his Game Boy game in 1992, the game featured an unassuming, sphere-like character as a placeholder image for the feeling he was starting at the beginning of development. Thirty years …

When Masahiro Sakurai first created his Game Boy game in 1992, the game featured an unassuming, sphere-like character as a placeholder image for the feeling he was starting at the beginning of development. Thirty years later and more than three dozen games after that, the placeholder is one of the most well-known characters in the Nintendo universe. In Kirby and The Forgotten Land, the little pink ball flies through the first 3D adventure on the Nintendo Switch.

Kirby is a gentle person but is an uncompromising fighter in times when the home he shares with inhabitants is at risk. He fights the battles with the motto “If you’re not able to beat them, then devour them” due to the unique ability to suck into enemies and objects and throw them out or change their properties. This is how Kirby transforms into a sworder, boomerang , or tornado. Kirby lives his life on the five-pointed star, also known as Popstar. A few days later, an unnatural vortex is seen in the sky and can absorb everything within it… which includes Kirby! In a short time, Kirby awakes on the beach in a deserted area and discovers later that the residents of the site, known as the Waddle Dees, were abducted and taken captive by the known Beast Pack. The young hero, naturally, is quick to help rescue the Waddle Dees.

From a story perspective, one shouldn’t anticipate a riveting tale in the game’s next chapter. Kirby, as well as The Forgotten Land, offers rather an ordinary fare that doesn’t have any exciting surprises. The drive to play is more triggered by the variety of gameplay options and the game’s level design.

Transitioning to the 3rd dimension

For a long time, Kirby has been able to walk through two-dimensional scenes, but in this new adventure, Kirby makes his long-awaited 3D debut. This is beneficial for gameplay, as even veterans of the series do not have to adjust to it for a long time. The pink ball can still select from a diverse set of capabilities, but they are utilized by the sucked-in enemies just as usual. Additionally, you can enhance these special abilities with blueprints and at the weapons store in exchange for coins or rare stones. These are hidden in many worlds and must be discovered first. Naturally, this stimulates the desire to go on and learn.

The latest additions are known as “Full Stuffing” objects. They are different objects like vending machines, cars, or even stairs that Kirby consumes and later uses their characteristics. This allows you to avoid obstacles, shoot using cans or even reach new platforms . These skills are utilized for smaller puzzles, which adds more variety to the game. Also, of course, the mandatory boss fights that occur at the end of every game segment shouldn’t be overlooked, even though they’re not any problem. The majority of the time, Kirby stays true to its roots in this regard since the difficulty level is set slightly less than the player group. When the game gets more advanced, it becomes more challenging. However, it is not designed to challenge experienced players even at the highest one of two levels.

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Long-lasting fun guaranteed

The best part for Kirby, along with The main draw of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, is undoubtedly the variety of levels that is not just visually but also with a sense of fun. In the six worlds, you need to spend about 10 hours of gameplay time, and after that, there are many challenges and other tasks to finish. Within the Waddle Dee village, statistics are displayed to determine what jobs aren’t yet completed quickly. In the cinema, you can watch cutting scenes. In Waddle Dee cafe, you can dine in the Waddle Dee cafe and eat burgers with your pals or cast your fishing line to the pond to catch fish. A basic system to set up your own home is being considered.

The mini-games will help more than just a way to have fun. To earn star coins, you must complete specific tasks on the way to treasures. They are slowly unlocked, and the money earned is then used to buy upgrades and collectibles. With these features, the gameplay is nearly doubled. Additionally, Kirby and Forgotten Land can also play with co-op play. In this game, one player takes the role of a Waddle Dee assistant who, in reality, has a spear and is inexperienced. With a slightly older teammate, this is a lot more enjoyable.



The game’s three-dimensional environments are vivid and filled with beautiful details. Additionally, there are a lot of effects to be seen as well as beautiful animations that are displayed on display. But, the frame rate is usually set at 30 FPS, and occasionally frame drops affect the overall experience.

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Fans of the old series will discover some of the songs familiar, given that they are new versions of the classic Kirby songs. Its orchestral score is stunning and dazzling. As usual, it is necessary to go with no voice output. Likewise, the other effects for acoustics are also relatively sparse.


The controls are attractive and precise simultaneously, easing the transition to the 3D gaming world. However, the camera’s location can cause a few moments of frustration, particularly in multiplayer mode, because the camera is focused on Kirby.

Game Design

The basic idea is that Kirby, as well as The Forgotten Land, is a highly formulaic game for platforms. However, it can score points due to its diverse designs for levels and impressive mix of dexterity, puzzles, and combat. In addition, the various capabilities and newly introduced “stuffing” option are engaging and add excitement to the somewhat dull gameplay.


In the wildly different world, various tasks are waiting for Kirby and ensure that the desire to discover and explore doesn’t diminish fast enough. Furthermore, the mini-games provide an enjoyable way to relax, and even though the co-op mode is only implemented in a fundamental way, the co-op mode can provide additional motivation. Following the conclusion, it’s not entirely clear.


Although it is true that the Kirby games are among the most popular Nintendo games, the leap from Mario’s shadow hasn’t been accomplished by the pink-colored Pop Star until now. Unfortunately, the transition to the 3rd dimension won’t alter that. Kirby, along with The Forgotten Land, is nevertheless a fantastic platformer that cleverly utilizes Kirby’s skills to bring some excitement to otherwise somewhat monotonous gameplay. It works well and keeps the game from being boring. That’s why I had a great time, mainly because the game’s atmosphere is enhanced by the beautiful presentation throughout, and the co-op mode for two players is destined to be played with an older player. Kirby And The Forgotten Land is certainly not revolutionary, but it’s a fantastic jump’n’run for everyone.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land The Forgotten Land of Kirby

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