Kingdom Two Crowns in test – Three buttons for the king!

Special analysis, reports, and background for role-playing characters, hobby generals, and single-player enthusiasts. Experts who understand what’s happening in the game. Your benefits: To stop this from happening to prevent, the player constructs walls outside …

Special analysis, reports, and background for role-playing characters, hobby generals, and single-player enthusiasts. Experts who understand what’s happening in the game. Your benefits:

To stop this from happening to prevent, the player constructs walls outside his home, erects guard towers, and recruits archers. At sunset, all the subjects and the ruler hide behind the palisades and join forces to ward off the attackers.

The night-day transition determines the pace of the gameplay. During the daytime, players can explore the 2D map you can view from a side-scrolling perspective and hire new subjects frequently appearing in a small camp in the center of the forest. They will be greeted with a gold coin. You can also allow your workers to remove trees to open space for buildings.

In the evening, it’s a matter of swiftly going back behind the walls hoping they can withstand the increasing number of monster attacks that are taking place during the present expansion phase. The correct timing is as crucial as the sequence that the walls are constructed. Because only the ruler can be in control, the people he controls respond to the instructions you issue them.

You must also estimate whether the loggers can return to their base by nightfall or if the newly constructed wall can be completed by the next night. In the game Two Crowns, the developers have taken a step back from the roguelike concept of their predecessors: anyone who loses here will discover at least a portion of the infrastructure resurfacing on the islands that have already been played.

A unique game

Kingdom Two Crowns is an uncommon game. The game’s story begins with the perspective that the game’s creators have selected as a 2D side-scroller. You’ve seen it in the jump-and-run genre or adventure games; however, it’s not part of the genre of building strategies. To avoid confusion, Kingdom Two Crowns is an original strategy game where it’s focused on making a good decision at the right moment regardless of whether you notice it in the title at first sight.

View Kingdom Two Crowns – Screenshots

The most interesting thing is the simple controller: Kingdom gets by with three buttons: an analog stick shoulder button and an on-board button.

The options for interaction are presented in a single table. The possibilities are: You can travel between left and right, or slowly or fast. Pressing a button, you drop gold coins or place them in the construction project by holding down the button in the appropriate spot within your 2D map.

But since the coins behave differently in the context of their use, There is a fantastic depth of tactical significance. On designated sites, we build walls or reinforce existing palisades. In other places, a watchtower is made by investing a certain amount of coins. In the foundation, we purchase various weapons and tools that the following free user grabs and is an archer, builder, or farmer.

Are you ready for the island?

The king aims to discover where the monster hoards originate from a vast gate that is dimensional at the side of the map on five islands and then destroy the gate with a bomb. Of course, the construction of these isn’t feasible right from the beginning, but to unlock more advanced technology levels, you must first discover and create the quarry and, eventually, the iron mining on different islands.

You can get there by having your crew fix a shipwreck damaged on each island and then cross. It was the same in the prequel Kingdom: New Lands from 2016. What’s different with Two Crowns now is that you’re also able to return to islands you previously explored and grow them until, eventually, you’re able to attack the last portals.

In the meantime, when you have cleared areas of wood, increase your territory, and recruit enough troops to launch the fight. In this case, the timing of your attack will determine the outcome. If you strike too quickly, you’ll not make it to the gate since the knights who are moving out, and archers who follow them will encounter an army of enemies in the night.

However, you shouldn’t wait too long to do so since, on the one hand, the waves of destruction get stronger each night, but on the other hand, the income sources won’t last forever – since the gold needs to be found somewhere. Archers, for instance, hunt only on terrain that isn’t within the walls. They get a gold coin with each shot of a hare.

If you build a fortress, you will lose hunting areas. Additionally, as it progresses, the game seasons shifts, and in winter, hunting is completely ruined, and farms no longer produce. Furthermore, you aren’t able to accumulate unlimited coins at the beginning. Once the King’s Coffers on the upper right corner of the screen are filled, the excess coins are thrown away.

Visit Asia

Within Two Crowns, there is an alternative scenario in which you exchange units and buildings modeled after The European Middle Ages with models from feudal Japan. This does not just provide visually appealing options but also introduces a few – although somewhat basic – new gameplay mechanics. For instance, the bamboo forests have significantly more trees, which impacts the traditional timing.

In addition to the brand new spearmen of the classic game, which are great for defense and catching fish and drop coins, there’s the ninja, who plays differently. The new scenario will force the previous Kingdom Hares to reconsider their strategies and make the latest part of the game its purpose of existing in addition to the co-op game mode.

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