Kadenz von Hyrule – Die Krypta des Nekrotänzers mit The Legend of Zelda im Test

Crypt of NecroDancer, the roguelike with a rhythmic theme, has been long gone from being an indie-only secret. However, instead of a numerical sequel, the developers stunned this year by launching an adventure to The …

Crypt of NecroDancer, the roguelike with a rhythmic theme, has been long gone from being an indie-only secret. However, instead of a numerical sequel, the developers stunned this year by launching an adventure to The Zelda universe with the Cadence of HyruleFirst that was released as a download game on the Nintendo eShop The game is now available as a cartridge edition in retail stores. It’s a great moment to write a critique…

Nintendo is known to be extremely strict in control, regulation, and, most importantly, never permitting users to use its brands and characters to be removed from its power. The image that it has as an open-minded company, the negative results (*cough* Zelda on Philips CD-i), as well as a variety of other factors, have led to this mindset. Cadence of Hyrule Crypt of NecroDancer featuring The Legend of Zelda – the full title we’ll never write down in the future. It is among the rare instances in which Nintendo allows outside developers to develop games for one of its leading brand names but lets entirely new gameplay.

This is where the music plays.

The basis of the game was taken nearly precisely in the The Crypt NecroDancerMovement attacks, interactions, or from our character or enemies, everything is guided by the rhythm of the “beat” in the soundtrack music, which is comprised mainly of slick remixes of famous Zelda songs. The different types of enemies have the same patterns of movement that you must learn and apply against them accordingly. Knowing when to avoid and when to engage is crucial to surviving. Your actions should be on the same track: Too slow, and you will miss the proper response. If you’re too fast, the game can ignore the keystrokes we make.

The person whose (musical) perception of the time wasn’t laid in the cradle? Depend on two optical aids, such as”the “Beat Bar,” where the beats produce a centrally-located triforce pulsate. In addition, the “Disco Floor” splits the game into a checkerboard made of transparent tiles, whose colors change according to the rhythm. This can help estimate the distance from a player. If you’re still having difficulty staying on beat, the game suggests you switch into “without beats mode” on its own after a few minutes. In this mode, the beat bar will fade out, and you can think about your next move as the enemies can only be moved when they move. This could be the most accessible game mode, but you could still play another option: remain within the beat mode; however, be sure to skip a beat – or even several beats – from time to time. Then, the players are free to move on and could attack us right ahead or through the blade.

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Roguelite rather than Roguelike

To give full justice in a way that was true to the Zelda sub-title, The gameplay was altered and expanded in numerous areas. In terms of the equipment, certain items cannot be left out swords and shields, bows and arrows as weapons as well as bombs for rough terrain as well as grappling hooks and power gloves, and other items. to allow for new possibilities. Contrary to this Zelda-foreign model, the vast most of our equipment is in place, even if we pass away. The world in the game is randomly generated with each newly created game. However, at least the higher world, unlike the dungeons, does not change, and only the regular enemies appear. Cadence of Hyruleis an action game that is a Roguelite rather than an action-adventure.

Additionally, the story was marginal in the playful format. In a Roguelike, one of the numerous runs is more important than telling an actual story. In the case of Zelda (spin-off) but this could not be a problem, obviously. Cadence of Hyrule might not have been an epic, but the story is the typical plot of a series: Villain Octavo is subject to the entire world of Hyrule due to an enchanting golden lute. Cadence is the heroine of the Crypt of NecroDancer knows all of the golden plucked instruments that are malicious and is thus summoned to Hyrule due to the power that is the Triforce. The only task she has to do now is to wake Zelda or Link from a hypnotic sound sleep and then give them control. With the aid of four well-guarded magic instruments, Our heroine or hero must now take on Octavio to bring the kingdom back to life as well as then on and so on. The rest is anybody’s guess.

In terms of play, Link Play-wise and Link Zelda are alike, with the latter being more inclined to engage in melee battle using swords and shields and Zelda performing magic from a distance. Other characters – but most foremost, Cadence is a character that can be removed at any point in the game. It is also possible to switch between the widely dispersed save and warp facts at any moment. In addition, you can switch to the local cooperative mode at any time, where two players dance around the screen. It can be enjoyable, so long as you don’t interfere with each other…

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All DLCs that are on board

The cartridge version came with all updates made available up to now and the DLCs that you were required to purchase separately or in part of a Season Pass package when you bought the download version. DLC 1 adds more playable characters. From Hyrule, The bodyguard Impa and Shadow versions of Link and Zelda come into the game. Together with Frederick (the singing merchant) and Aria Cadence’s grandmother, reinforcements are also out of the NecroDancer universe. DLC 2 is a song pack that contains 39 new tunes , some of which are remix versions and some new, and allows you to assign them to certain areas of the game. This is the third DLC that offers a second mini-campaign with the name Symphony of the MaskOn a precise, smaller map – which is Zelda-typically available through time travel. You can get The Horror Kid known from Majora’s Mask as an additional character. The Horror Kid gains other abilities when wearing different masks, which must be discovered first. The biggest issue with the journey into the future is the main villain Ganon. He has obtained the golden lute, and what could be other than that – is now residing within Hyrule Castle. This is why we’re bringing you a new version …

Don’t be misled: Despite this, there’s the little story OdeThis. OdeThis was included in a free update that focuses on the game’s main villain, motivations, and abilities. But, this – and a brand-new maze game mode only is released when the main storyline is finished.


This isn’t a classic Zelda. However, it’s not simply a “recolored” Crypt of the NecroDancer as well: after the initial teething issues due to my lack of a sense of rhythm, I had lots of fun playing the Cadence of HyruleOnce you’ve mastered the mechanics of it and acquire certain equipment, it can be played quite quickly. A lot more accessible to beginners in comparison to NecroDancer, even those who didn’t understand the distinction between a baton and chopsticks can play the game. If you aren’t sure, try the free trial available on the eShop for a test.

What exactly is Cadence Hyrule Cadence of Hyrule Crypt of the NecroDancer with the Legend of Zelda?A rhythm game dressed in Zelda attire that leaves the player wanting more.

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