Immortals Fenyx Rising: Myths from the Empire of the East in the test

You awake to find … you realize that you’re no longer doing Fenyx This time. This is the end of Fenix, but the latest DLC offers a new story. The game this time isn’t in …

You awake to find … you realize that you’re no longer doing Fenyx This time. This is the end of Fenix, but the latest DLC offers a new story. The game this time isn’t in the Greek gods’ world; however, it is located in the Far East. Mainly, it is in the Chinese mythological world, as this game wasn’t invented in the Ubisoft Montreal studio Ubisoft Montreal (like the story of Fenyx); instead, it was developed through Ubisoft Chengdu.

The new DLC available for this game Immortals Fenix Rising is titled Myths of the Eastern Realm (Myths of the Eastern Realm) and was released on the 25th of March. It’s already the third of three planned DLCs that will be available for this game. It can be played directly from the main menu using”Myths of the Eastern Realm” Myths of The Eastern Realm. You don’t need to be finished with the main game for the DLC to play it. However, the difficulty is targeted at experienced players. The game has five (also in the course of play) available difficulty levels, but the difficulty can be drastically reduced or significantly increased in”Nightmare” or “Nightmare” settings.

The Ku’s story Ku

It’s a new man (also brand new) who goes by the Far Eastern name Ku, who awakes in a small cave with an enthralling head. What happened? All your relatives, friends, and even the entire village were turned into clay figures. On top of a mountain, a massive blue crack has appeared across the skies. It looks nice, I must say.

Only the creatures you’ll come across are the ferocious demons that we’re able to test our gear immediately. Ku is carrying a long Chinese bow and an axe. Ku is very proficient with it, as the climber he is, and has learned the perfect double jump. A very well-trained young man who is skilled in Far Eastern martial arts and fights in a different manner from Fenix.

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“When an unending conflict begins to break out among Heaven as well as Earth. Humanity is transformed back to the clay goddess Nuwa made them out of. But…Ku is able to escape the curse of broken heavens and enters the fallen world.”

The visual depiction of Chinese storybook worlds is beautifully executed, as vivid as the way it used to be in Greece; however, it is populated with Far Eastern plants, buildings, and of course, enemies. Stamina is replenished by eating Linhzi mushrooms and peaches. They provide energy and vitality. The places, naturally, are named appropriately, like Bu Zhou Mountain and Jian Mu, the (giant) Jian Mu tree.

Who is KUWA?

In a temple near the outskirts of the village, we hear the voice of a woman, so we set off immediately to find the woman. It appears that there are some living people in the village. Finding the way is complex, and, as always, the compass indicates the direction. As we approach the shrine, however, we can’t see anyone, at least none, that hasn’t been transformed into clay. However, we do encounter one of the (very large) goddesses, KUWA, who is sitting on the terrace singing. She is astonished to see us and tells us that the crack in the sky pushed gods away, and she’s determined to take action about it. She then seals us up in the shrine for our protection before going to her destination.

However, we aren’t really in prison, as the gates to heaven are large and can be discovered even by blind people. When we decide that we don’t desire to sit around in the shrine to see the better days, we leap through the gate to heaven. Then begins our many hours-long trips to the depths of Far Eastern mythology.

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Beyond the clouds (again)

In heaven, and more specifically in the realm of the Cloud King, a low voice informs us in the way of greeting that this is an abode for gods. What’s the deal is that we leap between clouds and begin our journey. Didn’t the previous DLC release, The New God start in a similar way? In Chinese mythology, it’s not recommended to leap off the line as otherwise, we’ll slide quite a bit (and get reset back to our previous saved point).


Immortals Fenix Rising: The Myth from the Empire of the East The second DLC of The main title will now be available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The DLC includes a full story based on Chinese mythology and is presented in the same excellent manner as the main game. If you’ve been navigating the realm of Greek gods for long enough now, you’ll get the chance to experience a fresh, new story. It’s worth noting that everyone who owns the game Immortals Fenix Rising can get an early look at the new DLC when they begin the quest “We are not the only ones” within the Valley of Eternal Spring.

The brand new DLC can be purchased by itself or included in the Season Pass. The third and last DLC included in the Season Pass of Immortals Fenix Rising will be titled the Lost Gods and will also introduce a new hero named Ash, who was selected by Fenyx to bring back the gods of the past.

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