Immortals Fenyx Rising in the test: The surprise of the year

Special reports, analyses , and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre or hobby generals as well as single-player enthusiasts – from professionals who are knowledgeable about the game being played. Your benefits: The …

Special reports, analyses , and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre or hobby generals as well as single-player enthusiasts – from professionals who are knowledgeable about the game being played. Your benefits:

The background of Immortals is concisely outlined and takes us to an overdrawn rendition of Greek mythology. After an accident, we’re found on the beaches of the Golden Isles as a fairly empty slate Fenix, and we are forced to have to face a difficult task.

The Dark Fire demon Typhon has transformed all human beings into stone, making the four goddesses from the islands (Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Ares, Athena) into helpless figures. Aphrodite, the god of love, can exist in the form of a tree. Ares, the god of war, walks about as a depressed rooster in self-doubt. Fenix is required to help them regain their old strength, and then Typhon makes the Garaus so that they can keep the island safe from its demise.

Deus Duo Infernale

Its story, as it is told throughout the game, isn’t able to provide significant twists or surprises; however, it is incredibly amusing and entertaining. The only exceptions are Zeus, the godfather of gods himself, and Prometheus, the creator of human civilization , according to Greek mythology, narrates the Fenix story from the beginning and makes comments in the game and during cuts now and again.

As per the style of the game, it isn’t done seriously. Instead they often joke around or exchange a few words, like when the correct sound of “Heracles” is discussed , or Zeus announces who he’s transformed into. Many of the statements will probably be too childish and uninspiring, as well as here and there; the German dubbing will slam through the wrong translations. However, for the significant part, the duo of narrators did a great job entertaining our comedy is merely an issue of taste.

In the end, it’s incredible how much and as well in-depth Immortals explores Greek mythology throughout the game’s course despite the generally funny presentation. Zeus and Prometheus add random facts periodically, and those who were not in love with the figures, such as the inventor the genius Daidalos, Achilleus, hellhound Kerberos, or even the Calydonian Boar, could gain something from this game or even get the urge to read more on the subject.

This is similar to …?

Once we’ve gathered the female or male Fenyx in the editor, that is clear, and then explore the area of the start, collecting the most essential items (sword and an axe) and also the skills (Daidalos wings) as well as meet the messenger of gods Hermes and travel into the island of paramount importance to the area of goddess Aphrodite and his assistance. Here, at the moment, the most recent version of Immortals Fenix Rising immediately clarifies what the game’s direction is in terms of gameplay.

A World for the Gods

The four regions on the island are thematically linked to the god of their own and are visually very diverse. Within Aphrodite’s Valley of Eternal Spring, for instance, spectacular waterfalls guss over cliffs made of stone, and lush meadows dotted with brightly colored trees extend to the edge of the horizon. On the other hand, Ares’ Cave of War is much smaller. The essentially earthy area is primarily the remains of a forge and dusty deserts, and the gigantic forge dominates those in the Forge Lands. In addition, neat temples are dotted across the hills of Cleos’ Grove. Grove of Cleos.

It’s not the most original open world. However, it’s still an extremely well-constructed one. For instance, the expansive views and the panoramic views of the hilltops are breathtaking, and when the sun’s rising or setting sun bathes the vast statues and temples with stunning lighting, it looks stunning.

The regions in an encapsulation

With all the different visual styles, However, the various areas are pretty similar in terms of mechanically. In each, we can either complete the primary goal of the god of that area by using Fenyx, which usually is spread over three or four critical missions, or we tackle other purposes. Hephaistos, For instance, need us to make the massive forge up in order as well; as for Athena, we must complete heroic deeds in the Heracles style.

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More satisfying than checking off these primary objectives one after the following However, the most enjoyable thing is to move through the many tasks that are between. For instance, statues need to be moved; there are missions where we must get as fast as we can at the desired location in the game or chests that enemies protect, and the mandatory collecting tasks like ambrosia crystals are a way to increase the Fenyx’s power gauge.

Formula, yes, but annoying, but no

It’s like the well-known Ubisoft formula. It is obvious within Fenix Rising as well. In addition, the developers*in part allows us to be the stooge of this formula when they allow us to mark the locations of “side items” from higher places that are completely not required.

But, the formula used in Fenix Rising has been steamed down and refined so that it doesn’t feel snarling or overpowering. There are almost no tedious or lengthy filler tasks with no purpose, and the number of side quests is managed. Although specific patterns are identifiable over time , which the game adheres with, Immortals can change them so that there isn’t any evidence of wear and tear.

One of the best examples is the Tartaros vaults scattered across the game’s world, a significant aspect of Immortals. When we go to these, you will be in an isolated, tiny part of the underworld and must get to the finish line by solving the physics puzzles. It’s an homage to the shrines of specific Nintendo games; however, like them, we are enticed by the often complex challenges. For instance, we must put containers on the switches to move balls over tracks or avoid laser beams.

While we may encounter the exact types of puzzles repeatedly and again, there’s plenty of variety. For instance, later boxes can be put in a floating state by shooting the arrows or altering the direction of the wind so that they can float across chasms and many more. Even if the level of these puzzles isn’t as good as those found in Breath of the Wild, they provide an incredible benefit for the game. They also provide us with a Zeus lightning bolt every time. This lets us increase the stamina bar of Fenix.

Various battles

Fighting is another crucial aspect of gameplay to pound the many soldiers, harpies, cyclops, and others. Away from the game, Fenix resorts to light (sword) heavy (axe) attacks, and Odysseus’ bows, which are used for long distances. The flavor of the system is derived from divine powers, which cause especially severe damage but also use up stamina.

When dodges are executed correctly, they result in a short slowing, which is the case here. Immortals are slightly more accommodating than the other games of the genre as the window for the ideal moment is much larger. Beginners will be delighted with the game, while advanced players, on the contrary, will create combos in the upper double digits in a matter of minutes and will feel very satisfied when you play this game.

It’s not perfect. However, despite the lock-on feature used to identify specific enemies, the camera does not always keep up with the action. The variance between enemies could have been larger. While we often meet fat bosses, the usual enemies in the game are not too different.

“The definition” of “feel-good game”

Immortal’s Fenix Rising’s awe-inspiring quality is not just the fluidity of the game’s gameplay. Rarely have we played games that “flow” effortlessly and deserve the tag “feel-good experience.” Combat with puzzles and exploration work seamlessly and in a way that the game quickly builds a huge draw.

The sheer number of tasks and mini-puzzles within the well-designed game world is why we’re too eager to get lost in the game. You can still easily find the ambrosia-colored crystal on the rocky peak above. You can also join the next challenge of Tartaros back there. While you’re there, do you want to shoot monsters from a distance and collect items from the chest? The temptation to diverge from your intended route is enormous in the world of immortals.

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Now and then, we come through small, nifty puzzles hidden in nature. A locked door of an unlocked chest is waiting to be opened. Some bullets must be rolled through the designated hollow or torches lit by shooting fire arrows. Like the vaults of Tartaros, this one is often difficult; however, it is never so teasing that Immortals turn into work. However, if the solution to a problem is found and then smashed by an appropriate sound effect, the excitement is even more thrilling. These perfectly-balanced and not wearing rewards let us explore Immortals’ world at times when we were able to pass the test.

There is a lot to be done for Fenix

The progression system has been successful. Its “Hall of Heroes” is an auxiliary hub where we can improve Fenyx’s abilities. Through the Ambrosia Crystals and Zeus Lightning will increase Fenyx’s stamina and life bar, and using Charon Coins (for challenges in the game world), we can purchase new abilities or boost our character’s abilities. In addition, we use the chest currency to increase the strength and durability of our helmets, weapons, and armor. Of which there are many waiting to be found in the game world . They also lure us with beneficial attributes, like an additional amount of damage.

It isn’t overly complex but simple and motivating because every improvement in skills can be seen to have noticeable results. This leads to the feeling of an improvement, but it can have some drawbacks. For example, if you are a person who can grind out the various side jobs at the beginning and progress to Fenyx may find later areas and fights too simple.

You must plan for a minimum of 25-30 hours of gaming time if you do not go across the story in tunnels but frequently fall prey to the lures of Immortals with their intriguing side quests. However, if you’re determined to learn everything about the world, you’ll likely be busy for a longer time, as every region has numerous, albeit hidden quests that are only accessible after the god of an area is released.

Within the Hall of Heroes, there are also brand new, though more generic daily quests like “Kill X foes” and “Kill X enemies” that, when completed, will give you an amount of money as well as lightning bolts and crystals to put inside our digital pockets. There’s plenty to the table in terms of potential and variety, and there’ll be at least four more substantial DLCs in the near future.

Technology and Version Comparison

In terms of technical aspects, Immortal’s Fenix Rising stands out by its modern open world with stylized comic style and main characters that evoke the look of animated films. These help to create its “feel-good persona” in the game. They also are perfectly integrated into the overall game. The problem is that Immortals isn’t near the quality of graphics of Assassin’s Clean Odyssey; as an example, it has too numerous rough textures that could be a damaging omission in certain areas.

The rescue on the island is set to an excellently orchestrated music track that can be incredibly powerful at times but also a bit melancholy and makes it clear that there’s plenty of potential in the film. This applies to the German voice quality that is at an acceptable level, mainly because of the speakers; however, it isn’t up to par with the English original in terms of timing and , in part, interpretation of the jokes. However, this doesn’t change any aspect of the fundamental quality and the outstanding advantages of Immortals. The risk that Ubisoft took is paying off in every instance.

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