Immortals Fenyx Rising: A New God in Test

Fenix has abandoned the adventures of the Golden Isle behind – but what will the story unfold after this point? We’ll discover the answer with the new update The New God released on the 28th …

Fenix has abandoned the adventures of the Golden Isle behind – but what will the story unfold after this point? We’ll discover the answer with the new update The New God released on the 28th of January. This is the first of three planned expansions for Ubisoft’s open-world smash Immortals Fenix Rising..

We’ve previously reviewed the game’s main title Immortals Fenix Rising in great detail here.The vast add-on pack “A New God perfectly follows the narrative told in the game. Therefore, it is recommended that you play the game’s main story first to avoid experiencing the final chapter in the story at the beginning of the DLC. It is good to know that the game explicitly warns us not to decide to begin the DLC without having played playing the game in its entirety. Its difficulty is directed at those who have played the primary game.

A New God

The first of of three story-related DLC is located upon Mount Olympus, the seat of the Greek gods, as designed by the developers of Ubisoft Montreal. We move between different platforms, suspended in the air the earth. One mistake and we are thrown to our end … then are reset to the previous save point. This happens several times, but luckily there are save point settings extensive.

The trials

After our adventure at the Golden Isles, we were granted permission to be admitted into Olympus. To be admitted to the circle of gods called the Pantheon, which is the Pantheon, we, Fenix, must first prove that we are worthy of being in the Pantheon. But, of course, the process of becoming an incarnation of a god isn’t as easy, and to prove we are worthy of being part of the pantheon, we must be able to pass a set of tests for the gods. These tests are in no way easy, but they can be challenging. Each god from the game (Athena, Hermes, Ares, Aphrodite, and Hephaistos) offers us each of them a multi-part test packed with puzzles and monsters, and, in the end, we must pass a particular job.

As we began the adventure with the complete set of equipment and all the knowledge we needed to work hard to master during the actual game. We must master these skills. Otherwise, the game will end quickly. This difficulty level is targeted toward experienced players who do not have to consider how to best utilize the specific abilities and weapons for a long time. If some time has passed since playing the main game, and you have forgotten how to play, You will be in the first test of how to apply each player’s abilities.

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When the gameplay progresses, we acquire four new skills (Barrier Breaker, Strength of Colossus, Phosphorus Change, and Wind Gust), and we can enhance our equipment or acquire new equipment, like a god of the future. Furthermore, the new game mechanics bring some variety to your Palace of Olympus and entirely new foes.

Divine difficulty

The expansion continues the epic storyline of the original game and once again lets us play as Fenyx leap, run, and travel across Greek mythology, and more specifically Olympus with amazing cartoon-like images, to talk to the gods and eventually become one of them. In addition to the problematic leaping passages, the opponents aren’t a weaker variety; however, they can stand up quite a bit of force and even strike exceptionally painfully. Many times throughout the game, I did not have the desire to be a god. Instead, I wanted to snare the level creators. There are, however, plenty of golden pomegranates to help us recover. Like in the main game, there are five difficulty levels you can choose from, allowing you to create a challenge that works for you.

The DLC is available separately for EUR 14.99. If you purchase The Season Pass costing EUR 39.99, you will receive it alongside The (planned) third DLC ” The Myth of the Empire of the East” and the final DLC ” The Lost Gods.” This DLC will require Ubisoft Connect on the PC, as do all of the current games from the publisher. Additionally, a release for Steam isn’t planned.



With its complexly-designed comic book illustrations in vibrant shades, it is evident that in the Immortals Fenix Rising: A New God, the entire team of graphic artists from a professional background was involved in the creation of it. In this aspect, the game does not show any weakness – not in the stunningly designed environments, but with the animated characters of its characters and their foes. The cutscenes seem to come straight from the classic Disney cartoon, but they aren’t.


There’s nothing wrong with the sound effects in the game. The characters were recorded professionally by voice actors, and the music was played in an orchestra.

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Immortals Fenix Rising: A New God Like the game, it is best played with an Xbox controller. Each button and function available on an old Xbox controller is utilized and can be changed in the event of need. This makes the intricate controls easy to operate as weapons can be changed quickly, and abilities can be utilized at the right time… with that, you have a bit of practice. The DLC is not a good choice for newbies who may be tripped up when engaged in intense fighting and jumping sequences.

Game design

The expansion was designed as is typical for open-world games by Ubisoft. You explore the world and continue to discover new locations that offer plenty to explore. However, the variety provided in the game Immortals Fenix Rising: A New God isn’t as extensive because the main objective is to finish those trials for the gods. This means you won’t have the vast open world with many small challenges. However, it’s worth the time to explore Olympus at your own pace and not simply do the test in a manner that makes you feel like you’re on rails.


I was extremely motivated to make my mark on the side of the Gods. The few tests were not a problem in the end… aside from the time I died in the same place for the tenth time and was reset to the point where I saved my last. I might be able to replay certain sequences I’ve seen in my dreams.


Overall the game is fantastic, and the overall experience is excellent. Immortals Fenix Rising: A New Godwe receive an action-adventure that is lavishly produced, featuring excellent dubbing, captivating combat and jumping, and somewhat gnarly puzzles that carry on the plot of the primary game to a satisfying conclusion. The range of this expansion is enormous. It’s not an unimportant story detail, but a vast story that can take several hours to experience.

Immortals Fenix Rising: A New God – Score

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