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A battleground is full of adversaries—a vibrant battle with lots of chaos and lots of excitement. We’re not talking about an actual Diablo game but rather the most recent installment in the Zelda franchise. Through …

A battleground is full of adversaries—a vibrant battle with lots of chaos and lots of excitement. We’re not talking about an actual Diablo game but rather the most recent installment in the Zelda franchise. Through Hyrule Warriors: Time of Devastation we are back in Zelda’s world, with Zelda massive battles. In doing so, will the next portion of the Dynasty Warriors crossover more than a mere prelude towards Breath of the Wild 2?

Return into the realm in Breath and the wild

Many people who are fans of this Zelda franchise were anticipating to was Hyrule Warriors: Time of DevastationHowever, this isn’t (purely) because of the slightly different Zelda concept that is full of massive battles. No the story is the primary focus. It is set a hundred years before the release of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it paves the way to the sequel already planned to the box office smash.

The destruction of Ganon, the main antagonist of Breath of the Wild, is moving more closely here. The presence of evil can be present at all times. We live through the final days before the demise of Hyrule and attempt everything to stop the destruction. While doing so, we come across old familiar faces which face the inevitable end together.

We already have learned through Breath of the Wild that this subsequent fight isn’t be a success. However, I was still frenziedly plugged in with the characters from the first minute – in the belief that I could be able to alter fate in the end. A prior understanding of Breath of the Wild is “nice to have” in this case but not necessary.

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It’s time to confront the destruction.

A hopeless war with a variety of heroes

Its gameplay Hyrule Warriors: Time of Devastation is once more draws on the familiar elements of The Dynasty Warriors series. The battlefield is smashed. Capture key battle points. You are dodging the enemy boss. Then again! And again, and further and further, across the seemingly endless number of enemies. We control only one hero, and AI will control the rest. The game’s simple mechanics work like it always have. If you see a handful of players lose a single hit, you’ll are suddenly the reigning king of the world, and moments like this product can provide lots of energy.

The individuals from the Breath of the Wild universe also contribute their talents to the chaos. The case of Link himself, who, in all likelihood, was the most boring of the heroes on his team in this particular episode. Sure, a little sword and a small amount of shield… but why should I go with these weapons when I can destroy many opponents with powerful lightning? Sorry, kid, But you must improve your skills!

Each of the more than 20 characters, be it Impa, Zelda, Mipha, Daruk, Revali, or Urbosa can bring their unique personality to the battle, with each having an effective special attack inside the bag. The style of fighting differs enjoyably. Every character performs differently, but not so to the point that the entire toolkit must be re-learned quickly. This was very enjoyable!

The vibrant shredding is just as enjoyable as ever!

When devastation isn’t your real enemy…

As thrilling as the story and gameplay were, the visuals in The Hyrule Warriors sequel were more disturbing. Although the Nintendo Switch may not be the best gaming console available, Breath of the Wild proved how much you could genuinely get from it. Although we’re back within the same world this time, we had a hard time with the vast combat between enemies.

Individual battle scenes were exceptionally poorly handled, and personal attacks were shown in a delayed manner. However, the negatives were the various unique attacks by our combat characters. For instance, Urbosa’s lightning attack made me feel powerful, but only when I noticed that the entire scene was moving slowly for a short time. Mini-stills and lags in singles when powerful attacks took place were not unusual.

Overall, Hyrule Warriors: Time of Devastation, unfortunately, displays a flickering screen, but in the range of about 20 FPS, It also tends to fall a bit more in situations with a lot of effects. It’s not just a visual issue but also a massive issue for the controls and other aspects. The result was the delay in attacks or the absence of a reaction from the protagonist. In a game that is an action-packed, action-oriented game, this shouldn’t be the situation.

What a beautiful battle scene such as this could be with enhanced effects and, most importantly, without freeze frames…

It’s a world that could’ve been gorgeous

The flaws in this Hyrule Warriors sequel broke my heart as a game enthusiast. In particular, when I consider the possibility of an awesome video game Hyrule Warriors: Time of Devastation were, it not as limited by its technological scope.

The music feels as if it came straight from a typical Zelda spin-off and punctuates the battle scenes in a compelling, exciting manner. In addition, the voice-overs for the character voices are incredibly well-done, which is evident in the beautifully-constructed cutscenes between the battle scenes. In these quiet, narrative-based moments, it was like we’d returned to the realm of Breath of The Wild..

However, the atmosphere did not kick in only for a short time – and not when required most: during the tense combat, the hack-and-slay adventure is built on!

The story will have convinced the whole line. Even the music and atmosphere aren’t enough to convince you.



The graphics showed some flaws and lags that impacted the experience tremendously. In addition, the FPS drop affected not only the gameplay but also the controls and controls – a factor that can have devastating consequences in particular when playing these Hack-and-slay action games.


The music was convincing throughout and accompanied the battles with a great sense of humor.


The characters’ handling performed well and didn’t differ much between different characters. However, it was often overshadowed by technical issues, which caused delays in the controls.

Game Design

Despite the intense battle scene, There is a short Breath of Wild feeling in the gameplay, particularly in quieter scenes and cutscenes. This will make Zelda’s hearts get faster


The standard wheel in hack-n-slay games can be swung well from the beginning and can keep players entertained all the time.


Hyrule Warriors: Time of DevastationI enjoyed the basic structure immensely. I like tackling a multitude of enemies like a King of the World and letting go of some steam, even after a tiring workweek. The music and the atmosphere are as convincing as they come, and the interludes and cutscenes make every Zelda heart get faster.

At the time of this review, there has been an update that does not address the technical problems. In the meantime, I will regretfully not endorse Hyrule Warriors: Time of Devastation to you as strongly as I would like to due to the story and the like. I genuinely hope that Koei Tecmo and Nintendo will take this game back and give the game the perfect tuning via a patch that it deserves.

Hyrule Warriors: Time of Devastation (Rating)

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