Horizon Zero Dawn (PC) in short test

It’s been nearly an entire year since Guerilla Games delivered an absolute masterpiece to players on PS4 by releasing Horizon Zero DawnNot only did the exclusive game stand out with its exciting environment populated by …

It’s been nearly an entire year since Guerilla Games delivered an absolute masterpiece to players on PS4 by releasing Horizon Zero DawnNot only did the exclusive game stand out with its exciting environment populated by gigantic machines and a ferocious tribe of human beings as well as a fantastic sci-fi tale. Even today, I consider the story that unfolds in Horizon Zero Dawn along with that of The Witcher 3 as among the most enjoyable stories I’ve ever played. No wonder people who own PCs have looked a bit envious of the name. Now Aloy finally makes its way to home computers. However, it has some technical problems along with the overall adventure that is still enjoyable.

A child without a mother, the tiny Aloy, who is part of the tribe of Nora, is exiled and re-emerges under the tutelage of the hunter also banished rust. The experienced survivalist learns how to survive in a world dominated by mechanical dinosaurs. While on a trip, Aloy falls into ruin from the Ancients, a lost civilization that has gone to obscurity. She finds herself in possession of an object of a focal point, an artifact from that of the Forgotten Ones. So the first mysteries of the world she lives are revealed to her, and she is hungry for Aloy to find answers. Where did she come from? What is her mother’s name? Why are the ancients gone? What is the significance of the machines? The questions that Aloy can answer will lead to her journey, not knowing that the first step is a terrifying incident.

The technique of the Ancients: Technique of the Ancients

In terms of gameplay and content, Horizon Zero Dawn for the PC isn’t much different from the PS4 version – for which our Hannes composed a comprehensive test earlier in the past. There is only one difference – there is a DLC called The Frozen Wilds (we are also able to provide the Test to test it) was directly integrated into the game’s main. So, I’ll discuss the technological innovations and the issues with this PC game here.

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Alongside improvements to lighting and increased quality of detail in the surroundings, Horizon Zero Dawn on PC has other features like heightened physics for the plants that are that has been donated. Trees, flowers, and grass are more natural when the wind blows and responds to the player’s actions. This means that Aloy isn’t able to walk through the plants as if he’s a ghost but is seen as a natural person by the plants.

The visual aspect of Horizon Zero Dawn was an actual board for the PS4 and is now melting into perfection when played on the computer. The greater distance, the vibrant light, and the shadows that result from it create stunning images on the screen. I’ve always had the urge to relax by using integrated photo mode. Horizon Zero Dawn supports resolutions as high as 4K and is compatible with frame rates for screen resolutions that exceed 60 FPS. In addition, there are adaptive performance FPS options if you prefer higher frame rates than visualsns. This allows players to select the frame rate they want and the game to dynamically adjust the resolution up and down by the performance and demands.

The control of a keyboard and mouse isn’t always ideal, So I prefer using the gamepad too.

The Great Hunger

It’s likely that you already know: Horizon Zero Dawn is hugely demanding on hardware! I could enjoy using my computer (see the info box) with ultra-details and 2K resolution for about 30-40 FPS. If I wanted to experience fully 60 FPS, I had to change to HD. However, it performed smoothly, even with the highest settings. You can adjust the performance of the graphics to meet your preferences with various options. The options range from reflections in the water to the complexity of clouds.

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The port that connects PlayStation 4 to PS4 onto the PC isn’t free of errors. Therefore, many players have reported crashes and performance issues. I’ve experienced only one significant impact during my 30 hours of gaming. But the blow was so severe that I had to reboot my computer. There were other minor glitches, like the sound disappearing when I turned off my computer and back on.


I was thrilled to have the opportunity to go back into the realm that is Horizon Zero Dawnand enjoy Aloys adventure. I loved it already on PS4, and that’s not changed on the PC. In the past, I had slammed Horizon Zero Dawn early due to its idea of mechanical dinosaurs hunting, and I was expecting an excellent trashy game. However, I was wrong! Aloys quest for answers is a piece of writing that is of the best quality and tells a sci-fi tale that is not just in-depth but also keeps me engaged with its messages long after I finished playing it. In this regard, I am happy that I can now play the most stunning version of the game available on my PC. If you aren’t aware of the title, you should take a plunge into the Aloys’ world. I’m sure that the issues that players have reported will be resolved within the next few days. It would be unwise to delay due to that.

What exactly is Horizon Zero Dawn? The port of one of the most popular PS4 games ever.Link to the official website

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