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Special reports, analysis, and background information for role-playing heroes, hobby generals, and single-player players – by experts knowledgeable about the game being played. Your benefits: However, she isn’t giving up. Each time, she struggles through …

Special reports, analysis, and background information for role-playing heroes, hobby generals, and single-player players – by experts knowledgeable about the game being played. Your benefits:

However, she isn’t giving up. Each time, she struggles through the mud of stone, looking for the huge statue of a woman. In their massive hand is she granted an instant of peace.

A statue of this kind is placed at the end of every level, allowing us to bring an element of color into the dark world to be rewarded. The first time we see red, it’s the grey environment of the beginning. We can already move through an environment with two colors on the following level.

This story is presented well by Gris by using the watercolor style, and the lively, diverse soundtrack is a perfect match. In addition to the heartbreaking, emotional story, the film creates a unique feel for the 2D platformer, even if it cannot win any awards for innovation in the gameplay field.

A journey of emotion

Gris is a story about loneliness, loss, and coping with pain using dramatic imagery and gameplay instead of words. As gamers, we can see that Gris is initially devastated. With each step, her actions become more manageable.

She is constantly learning new things; she can climb higher, become the shape of a boulder, or sing. The world is filled with new life and colors. Thanks to our actions, we can bring it back to its former glory, which was once seen from the ruins.

Although the narrative format is unique, it’s still an iconic story that everyone can be a part of. We’ve all dealt with difficult memories. Similar to how Gris must confront losing her life and then reconstruct it.

In this way, even without words, she is perceived as a person who is very real and vulnerable yet resilient. We sympathize with her and hope that she will discover her way.

Color and sound dance

However, Gris might not be as emotional If the acoustics and visuals couldn’t convey the atmosphere as deeply. The music builds to an exuberant crescendo when danger is in the air. Then , the tune becomes a wistful song, or joyful and lighter.

The visual aspect of Gris delights you with an exquisite hand-drawn watercolor design that gets more stunning with every hue. When the moon is huge and illuminates a city of flowers surrounded by butterflies and lights, it’s almost kitschy.

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The minimalist design saves the impression and instead makes Gris appear as a thoughtfully designed interactive artwork that improves with each stage.

Each step adds color to the world.

For gameplay purposes, Gris is a platformer divided into levels according to color (gray, red, green, blue, yellow). Each time a new color is added and the world gets more vibrant. The gray start is a guide and reminds us to be attentive to our game.

Even the most obvious background elements may transform into platforms that can access hidden locations or take shortcuts. In the future, Gris will become more and more complicated. If we can only jump well and avoid blows of wind at the beginning, eventually disappearing platforms or even real puzzles appear.

At every level, some platforms introduce thematically appropriate new mechanics. For instance, the green world has floating treetops that are platforms where we need to properly time jump.

Additionally, we can shake apples in certain areas to draw a tiny robotic creature that can clear obstacles out of our path. It’s unnecessary to explain this; We can intuitively know the steps to take. The puzzle’s design is comprehendible at every turn and executed well.

We collect two tiny stars in the beginning. These we can exchange for additional power to our dress. Gris is a good example. It develops into a massive block that can break through the surface of brittle and other objects.

In time, we may achieve a double jump or begin to learn how to dive and swim. Also, we can use hidden red bird flocks everywhere as an extra boost to carry Gris up in the air.

With the “Song” capability, we can use to enhance the beauty of the world by returning creatures or flowers to life. Along with the color changes that occur every time we complete a level, singing can make us feel like we’re making an impact.

In Metroidvania style, it lets us revisit previously inaccessible places and collect many more stars so we can complete the challenge and slowly build a bridge towards the sky. There are also optional stars to collect tied to particular steep levels or completely concealed.

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Creative puzzles, big feelings

The few basic abilities are surprisingly compatible and can be utilized creatively. For example, let’s say we walk into an area where a crystal representation of us is generated every couple of seconds.

If we stand in a static position in a fixed position, a crystal representation of us is then there for at least some seconds. Then the game is repeated until the next part is held. It is possible to use this for our benefit by changing Gris into a rock once crystallization begins (then the screen turns briefly into a white). This way, we’ve effectively made a platform of our bodies and can climb over the grass rock cube.

The game is always brimming with these unique ideas, but most of the content has been played out in other games. Additionally, Gris plays very quickly due to the layout of the puzzles being simple to follow. This means that we typically find the answer soon. Only precision and timing present a problem, but thanks to precise controls, we can move around the globe without any frustration.

Furthermore, there is no death or the real threat of enemies. Sometimes, we are confronted by a dark shadow creature that creates some drama, but it cannot take us down. In the worst scenario, we’re thrown back a few steps. However, we do not need to repeat the same thing, and save points are calculated relatively. This prevents frustration and does not take the speed of the game.

For fans of hardcore platformers, Gris thus delivers more of an emotional experience rather than a gaming kick. Because of the innovative design and short duration of play, players who are not professional gamers or platformers can play Gris. It’s worth it because of the emotions triggered when playing and leaving a lasting impression.

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