Geschichte der Jahreszeiten: Freunde von Mineral Town im Test

A soft breeze is blowing over the treetops. The fields are waiting to be planted. Delicious fruits and delicious vegetables. The farm life can be so gorgeous! It’s the impression conveyed by the short story …

A soft breeze is blowing over the treetops. The fields are waiting to be planted. Delicious fruits and delicious vegetables. The farm life can be so gorgeous! It’s the impression conveyed by the short story in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. But will a re-release of the Harvest Moon adventure from 2003 make a difference 17 years after?

A fresh start in the contemplative style!

Ah, how has this happened to the small but beautiful community of Mineralstadt? It’s seventeen years ago from the time the Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town was the first game to conquer home consoles. We’re back with the Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town We return to the peaceful town for the very first time in a brand new version of the beloved Game Boy Advanced classic. This is the time to get your pickaxe and don the rubber shoes! Because Friends of Mineral Town was the first Harvest Moon game I played, even though I was a tiny dwarf, It naturally has an emotional appeal and certain nostalgic expectations. However, I attempted to tackle the game with the most negligible bias possible!

To prevent any confusion regarding the game’s general series, I’d like to reiterate the argument over those Harvest Moon vs. Story of Seasons titles. Unfortunately, many gamers aren’t aware that the present Harvest Moon titles aren’t like the classic farming games we were able to experience and enjoy as children. After the makers of Marvelous broke up with their previous partners Natsume Inc. in the early 2010s there were some issues concerning the naming rights and thus Harvest Moon became Story of Seasons! The full specifics about this in our most recent article regarding that. But now right into the life of a farmer!

Of cows and plants, heartfelt and Secret Santa

The story of the Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is modified from the original story – in line with the traditional Harvest Moon scheme. The beloved grandpa once more will leave us his farm, which will be reborn with our help. While it’s evident that in a rewrite, the story is rewritten 1:1, it was somewhat repetitive to assume the grandpa’s property again after the seasons in Harvest MoonHad I not done this in the past time; I would have probably done it ten times? The slight aftertaste was present, but it wasn’t completely unavoidable. However, this is a remake, so it’s a good idea to take the original story and use it as it hasn’t been shaped into the idea of a Harvest Moon so far!

We can now assist in bringing our farm to new heights. We welcome us newly arriving in the village promptly, Mayor Thomas. He provides a brief review of the village’s life and the customs and practices. Participants who have not had previous experience playing Harvest Moon games are also given instructions on controlling the game and the tasks in the field.

After a brief introduction, we can plunge immediately into the open chaos. The gameplay in the Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is open. A few friends would like to meet us, but we don’t need to think about it when it comes to the storylines or quests that guide us. We are also here because we must make our adventures!

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The farmer is working hard to feed … for the farm!

In the present, it is time for plants to be cultivated and trees planted and animals reared. It is also important to mention the many choices for entry. From the beginning, we can choose this particular time to make a standard and simple start. However, if we’d like to make the experience a bit easier for our farmer, he starts having 2500 dollars in the account and can harvest the already-sown crops on the very first day. I’ve also picked the easy beginning to allow him to jump right into the action to test my skills.

With a small headstart, I could quickly get my way to the beloved farmers’ work. One thing was obvious – it didn’t need time for me to fall in love with the enchantment that is this Harvest Moon genre yet again. The days that were internal to the game went through the air in one flash because it was back the time to plow fields and sowing seeds but wait; my cow has to be milked! Did you feed your foal? Forgotten again! It’s not going to be the kind of horse it was! However, before that, we must take you must make a detour for the beach. Oh, it’s nearly over, and the seed shop is shut!

But, particularly at starting, single or the other “quest” could play the job. I’m sure that you’re like an inexperienced player initially confused and overwhelmed. You may not know where to begin. First, to the farm or the forest? Where does the beach suddenly appear? What’s the matter, that the store has been closed? For the beginner, there are a few potential blockages here that could be cleared out of the way if the game occasionally leads you in a specific direction.

It’s like coming home.

The addictive gameplay works well, as it is from the first moment. The brand new graphic coat of paint plays its job of luring the player into the game. In the same way, your animals appear thirty times more affectionate than the original, and, as an alpaca enthusiast, I was delighted by the spin-offs from this type of game. Yes, I have a bit more in the barn, but who knows? Everyone has flaws!

I was somewhat unhappy with the music used in the game. It’s due to the weather conditions and the location of the player. Piece in the city differs from those at the farm or on the beach. However, if it rains in our town, there is no music. So we may be battling with our thoughts and the rain gushing. This could be an extremely subjective; however, for me, the soothing music in the background just belongs to it.

As it rained heavily on me for three days in succession, It was a complete shock to sit there in silence. I began researching whether I had launched or set up the game incorrectly when I remembered that when it rained, there was no music on Harvest Moon. However, I think this is a significant pity, and it’s likely that the game has faded away in my recollections of the past. There should have been a possibility to turn the music off or on in the event of rain. Thus everyone could have had the chance to experience farm life with music according to their preferences.

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Real-life Farmer Life also thanks to the gorgeous press kit!

In conjunction with my experience with this testing, I was extremely pleased with the beautiful press kit I received through Marvelous that could help our boss to the point of putting his daughter safely. It was a long and tiring run! When I opened the kit, I received a thoughtful letter written by Mayor Thomas himself, including “hand-drawn” pictures of family time on the farm! The letter reads: Thomas invites us to Mineralstadt and gives us the bequests of our grandfather.

It’s an immediately different feeling to be able to access the game by using an unimportant piece of paper. It makes you excited to begin your own farming journey. Following the letter, the keys to my farm, a few “chicken feed” along with a few tiny stickers were waiting for me to pick up – and the alpaca is sure to have a spot of honor!

In the gallery below, you can view what’s inside the adorable set. I want to thank you very much for this. I had a ton of fun playing with it; thank you for this.


The Story of the Seasons Friends of Mineral Townreally was not easy for me during the exam. It was the very first game in the Harvest Moon series that I had a brief encounter in the past as a tiny dwarf. In the same way, nostalgic and disorganized were my impressions from the first. But I did fall for the remake within two minutes since I just don’t have enough room in my brain for games in that Harvest Moon genre – of course, the stunning new graphics made up for it! It is important to note that it is an amazing graphic feat similar to the Last of Us 2 is not something to be expected in this game but is undoubted. But, the style is a good fit perfectly into the contemplative realm, and anything more realistic would be completely out of place in this setting!

The absence of a music soundtrack during the rainy season really bothered me more than I expected, but it did jolt me from my peaceful moments of summer bliss at least once or twice. This could definitely be “complaining at a high-level” “… but it did give me a sad, melancholy vibe that did not fit into the tranquil little town in Mineralstadt to me. It’s also important to acknowledge that despite my enthusiasm for the franchise but after a few hours, I realized that I’d seen everything before within the games. But, it’s probably after more than ten seasons in Harvest Moon games reasonably expected, but it’s a little disappointing. It makes me feel, at times, slightly older than I really would like to be!

What’s the Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town?The version of the title that was popular Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town in 2003, the farm is ready to grow! Link: Official website

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