Geschichte der Jahreszeiten: Die Pioniere von Olive Town im Test

With the Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, the second installment of the wildly famous Farming Sim series is coming to Nintendo Switch. The little-known title is the roots from Harvest MoonOnly under an …

With the Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, the second installment of the wildly famous Farming Sim series is coming to Nintendo Switch. The little-known title is the roots from Harvest MoonOnly under an entirely different name due to a legal battle. A lot of steps in the footsteps of the pioneers in Olive Town thus tries to make it.

In our role as gamers, we slide in the shoes of a city child who inherits a neglected farming property that his father had. Naturally, one must justify what a blessing and peaceful fresh air could be amid a global pandemic, likely nobody. So they decide to renovate their farm, which happens to be situated in a remote part of the globe. You’ll be right at home if you’re acquainted with Story of Seasons, Harvest Moon, or Stardew Valley. In a short scene filled with exciting music as you travel to the destination on your moped. Once you have reached your goal, however, your exact vehicle stops. Fortunately, it is the case that the mayor of the village nearby comes across your car. To create characters, clothes, facial features, hairstyles, and voices can be mixed and matched without worrying over gender stereotypes. However, this flexibility can be a bit stifled because you must explain to your mayor in an awkward conversation whether you’re either male or female. So far as I can discern, the gender of the person doesn’t have any bearing on the other aspects of the game. It’s possible to find potential for improvement, but the path is headed toward a more inclusive society, and that’s even true in the story of seasons the A Pioneers’ Story of Olive Town.


When you get to this initial farm, the step is to clean up and then explore the nearby town. Naturally, cleaning up here is different from dusting your home. In particular, there’s nothing other than a vast tent to sleep in at the moment. The plot needs to be cleared, and trees, as well as grass. You don’t have to be too meticulous here; even the rocks “grow” mysteriously overnight. It’s not anywhere near where it was prior. The stones that wander from Death Valley send their regards. Here on the farm, naturally, everything is used up. Every tree cut down or mowed blade of grass provides valuable resources that can be utilized in various ways. One way is that they can be used to make, while on the other hand, they can be utilized to create new areas or repair buildings that are in disrepair. Additionally, it is free to turn the cash collected into. You can decide whether to purchase an expansion using materials or money. To make upgrades to tools, however, you require both. The best tools are worthwhile. In the end, they are not just with fancy gold or silver trim but also more helpful to use. For instance, the watering container is more significant and may be used to irrigate multiple fields simultaneously. The axe and hammer that are upgraded are good examples. They have comparable striking power and a greater variety of actions. One nice feature is that the tools can be stored in their bags anytime. This lets you create some space in case you’ve already underestimated how complete your inventory is.

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Peculiar start to a conversation…
.. and a sour and a disappointing.
Peculiar start for a conversation. .”
.. that has been embarrassing and disappointing.

Animal Care 101

What would a farm look like without animals? A grain farm, perhaps. In the Story of Seasons, the pioneers from Olive Town all barn doors are open for this reason, in any case. It is good that several animals reside in the farm’s ruins, including chickens or, perhaps, a cow. They can be tamed when the deteriorated stables are restored. In the next village, there are more animals, and further stables can be purchased anytime.

The name suggests that farm animals are not only to be petted. If you take good care of your chicken, you could take a fresh egg each morning to reward yourself. The better your animals do, the better the quality of food they produce. Quality is, in turn, a more excellent value for retail. In addition, there is no need to sell items like eggs, milk, or grains; instead, you could cook with them.

It is also possible to further refine certain essential ingredients with specific machines to make some more amazing meals. For instance, eggs can be turned into mayonnaise, or cereals can be made into flour. What’s the reason you should do this? Since fieldwork is challenging work and requires energy. Each tree that falls and every rock that falls has its price. If you are unable to replenish your energy, you feel faint and won’t be able to get up the following morning. But, if you eat food, they recover some degree and can work for a longer time. The Story of the Season’s pioneers of Olive Town is not an entertainment simulation but a farming simulation.

This is another of the more moderate conversation topics.
It’s one of the more moderate conversations.

Work hard, and you will be rewarded

Although the many tasks farms have to offer you the opportunity to make sure that you don’t lose interest fast, The cuddly illustrations lighten the mood. The upbeat soundtrack is also a contributing factor to creating a fun environment. Animal crossing New Horizons is a level above, but it doesn’t really need to be hidden. When it comes to sound effects are concerned, I believe that the voice actors could be improved. While there isn’t a complete dubbing, the characters of the game’s world emit noises. Think Legend of Zelda. It isn’t about sound quality but the fact that they are often too loud. However, with the many options for setting, you can solve this issue yourself. Even the Y-axis on the controls can be reversed here. The fragile loading screens are more intriguing. The recordings from the Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town itself are shown. So far, so good. However, these are shown to be much smaller than what would be possible in the screen space. Additionally, the selection of subjects can be somewhat … intriguing. However, that shouldn’t deter the urge to switch to camera mode and explore the world. This can be done anytime, and you’re able to be moved around during the process. It gives you an entirely new view of the event. The only disadvantage is that you aren’t able to take a break when you’re in the position of holding the camera. Therefore, you aren’t able to completely escape from the first-person view.

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The soft graphics certainly bring joy to the game, and the Switch can easily run through a whole forest.


The sound effects could be improved; however, the music is extremely well-done.


Particularly in the beginning, where tools can only manage only one field at a time, there are times that you have to make more than one attempt to get your body in the right position. With some practice but it’s likely to be a breeze. In addition, the issue becomes less important once you have higher-quality tools.

Game design

There’s nothing to complain about the game’s design. The successful formula is carried on with this game. Certain characters you meet are perceived as odd, and you must accept that they are different.


Awaking early each day, working in the field, and caring for your animals is not the definition of relaxing. However, a certain satisfaction comes when you accomplish these tasks effectively, and you can showcase your accomplishments. Since there’s no reason to be penalized for neglecting your property for a time as you’d prefer to explore the surrounding area and have fun, it’s up to you the amount of effort you do.


Story of Seasons isn’t Animal CrossingAnd that’s an excellent thing! because The Story of Seasons tries to fill a different need. It’s not about laying on an island; as tempting as it may sound, it’s about getting away from the bustle of city life and embracing the simplicity of life. This is not by taking a break but rather by establishing a more simple life. Without becoming a survival game, Story of Seasons The, the Pioneers from Olive Town certainly succeeds.

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