Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda in the test

For over 30 years for more than 30 years, Nintendo’s Game & Watch LCD game devices manufactured by Nintendo have been regarded as sought-after items for collectors. To commemorate its 35th anniversary, the Super Mario …

For over 30 years for more than 30 years, Nintendo’s Game & Watch LCD game devices manufactured by Nintendo have been regarded as sought-after items for collectors. To commemorate its 35th anniversary, the Super Mario Bros. game series brand was revived in the year 2020, and the initial two installments are now available on the brand new generation. One year older, Link will be celebrating just his birthday, too. Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda his first appearance on Nintendo’s new interpretation for the console handheld.

Game & Watch also referred to in the region of the Tricotronic and Tricotronic in Germany and Austria is the name of a line of handheld electronic games that were developed and produced, published, and sold through Nintendo between the years 1980 between 1980 and 1991. The console’s name derives due to the fact each console had a single installed game (Game) as well as an alarm clock (Watch) that was displayed on an LCD monitor (later, there was an alarm clock that could be added on top of the clock). The game series consisted of 57 games and sold 43.4 million units worldwide. Game & Watch Game & Watch is considered to be the original predecessor to Game Boy. Game Boy, which was launched in 1989.

The brand was relaunched by Mario has already launched in 2020, with Games & Watch: Super Mario Brosa extremely successful reboot of the brand. It comes a year later with an expansion in the line by the next mascot in-house to be prominent.

A link from the past

Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda initially contains The Legend of Zeldaand Link’s Adventure The two initial games in the series. Both games come in the classic NES version and are playable in both Japanese or English versions; however, it is still necessary to play without German texts in this edition. When it comes to gameplay, you’ll find two great games in the history of gaming. The initial game was a pioneer in a genre thanks to its wide gameplay and nonlinear nature. The sequel is, however, viewed as a bit controversial because of its side-scroller game elements and the frequent shift in perspective. Based on my personal rankings of the three major games accessible on Game & Watch, Link’s Adventure is also ranked last.

The third installment in the collection, however, it’s not the third installment of the game series A Link to the Past like we expected instead, but it is the Gameboy spinoff Link’s Awakening that was released in 1993. It’s also a bit disappointing, considering that it is the SNES classic and is among the most played titles in the game series. But, as the game’s Awakening is a remake of several elements from the original game, including the mix of genres like combat, exploration, puzzles, as well as controls, it’s undoubtedly a suitable replacement and the best game in the series. However, it’s not the colorized new version available for Game Boy Color, but the original monochrome version. In contrast, German and French on-screen text are also available. Overall, Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda is a truly immersive game experience that should last at least 30 hours of total playing time.

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Hardware and features

The hardware is first to note two distinctions compared to the Super Mario Bros. console. On the other hand, the design has been changed to fit the Zelda theme, and the case elements aren’t any redder but completely green. The most exciting thing, however, is the addition of two button options, Start and Select, that makes navigation through the menus much more accessible. In other words, there isn’t much change. The console is exceptionally robustly constructed; the controls are small. However, they can detect pressure points and permit seamless navigation of game characters. The LC display is not too big, with 2.4 inches of diagonal; however, with a resolution of 320 x 403 pixels in 4:3 format, the display has more pixels than NES (256 by 224 pixels) or the Gameboy (160 by 144 pixels). While the show is adequate to play the platforming game of the Super Mario Brosgame, I think it would not be large enough for the Zelda game. In addition, it is increased and stretched due to different aspect ratios and resolutions and the upsampling of the image. However, this has little impact on the overall visual impression.

There’s no information from the official source regarding what’s under underneath the hood of the brand newly released Game & Watch console or the software being used. However, it is believed that a microcontroller STM32H7B0VBT6 is employed, along with a 32-bit Arm Cortex M7 core processor, 128KBytes of flash memory, and 1376 KB in SRAM. It has enough capacity not to exceed the performance capabilities of the device. Additionally, in addition to the console, only the USB-C cable that charges the battery is included in the package, which also can power as long as eight hours of gaming when fully charged. It’s a great gift. In the end, the packaging could be turned into a stand within just a couple of steps to make the console an attractive collectible piece.

Easter Eggs and Bonuses

Like its counterpart, Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda is also packed with all three games’ additional bonus features. In addition, an old-fashioned Game & Watch title is added once more. It’s Vermitin, a game from Vermitin that was released in 1980, where you are now required to fight moles with Link. Link Armed with Hammers. In keeping with the original, simple monochrome graphics, paired with a minimalist gameplay, is an experience for the truly nostalgic. However, the famous time functions are available once more. So, you’ll be able to see on the interactive clock once again as Link travels through Hyrule and takes on his adversaries. A nice new feature is that we can take control of ourselves at any moment and play the game as we please. When we are in timer mode, you can play back sequences from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and strive to take down all enemies in the predetermined time.

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The many Easter Eggs and secrets the developers have hidden away on the console are not all that new. By using certain key combinations, valuable gameplay features can be uncovered, for example, starting with the most amount of hearts, and the screen resolution can be altered, or certain artwork can be played. For the complete list of things that you’ll find in Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda go the following page.


Oh, how I loved in the past the LCD gaming consoles with the wide-screen models, particularly those that included games such as Donkey Kong Jr. or Snoopy Tennis. That’s why I was so delighted to hold a little piece of childhood nostalgia this time last year, following the release of a brand new Generation of Game & Watch games. However, even though the technological implementation was already excellent for Super Mario Bros., The cost-performance ratio was a bit uneven in my view. Nevertheless, it’s a good game. Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda has almost the same quality in terms of hardware. However, it provides a significantly longer gaming experience at the same price, although I’m not entirely content.

The main point of complaint, in my opinion, is about the integrated display, as it’s pretty tiny, especially for the two first games in the series. I prefer playing both games with the more giant Switch console; If you’re a member of a Nintendo Online membership, The Legend of Zelda, Link’s Adventure as well as Link’s Adventure, as well as the SNES iconic An Link to the Past are free. My favorite game on the brand new Game & Watch console, however, is the third game in the collection, Link’s Awakening, since here a certain nostalgia or nostalgic feeling appears. It’s likely only for those who have played and loved the first game; the rest of us will be able to play better with the new model that is due to launch in 2021 (here our test to see it). Overall I’m going to reiterate the results that we reached in the Super Mario Bros test: Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda is a stylish but, unfortunately, an costly for retro collectors. The long-term enjoyment will be more common on different consoles and also with other versions.

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