Frostpunk: Console Edition in short test

In 2000, Frostpunk, the real-time build-up game, debuted for PC, inspired by its innovative, upbeat strategy for survival. The game has been released on consoles for a couple of days, and we’ve made an analogy …

In 2000, Frostpunk, the real-time build-up game, debuted for PC, inspired by its innovative, upbeat strategy for survival. The game has been released on consoles for a couple of days, and we’ve made an analogy to the first to help you understand.

Together, we fight against cold

There is nothing new in the story or as far as the gameplay when compared to that of the computer version from Frostpunk In the aftermath of an unanticipated new ice age breaks into the world the last vestiges of humanity gather together to attempt to survive the cold. In the best way to build up, the first thing you need to do is provide the required infrastructure Generators need to be activated to generate heat as well, as shelter, food, and more are needed to keep your population well-nourished, healthy, and alive advancements will ensure that you can withstand the harsh winter weather and even send troops out to search for abandoned machinery or settlements with members who could join your group. The best part about Frostpunk is that it isn’t possible always to build completely new teams, as is typically the case with other genres. First, however, you have to ensure not to lose any existing members to cold.

This is where another critical aspect of gameplay becomes relevant in your decision-making regarding social coexistence within your settlement. Alongside building structures and other structures, you’re also charged with making critical decisions like whether or not you should increase the hours of child labor (children are part of your third-ethnic category, alongside technicians and workers, who mostly perform basic tasks) to promote the supposedly common good. These decisions through this process influence your hopes and values of discontent, which have to be managed, and that’s more difficult to achieve as the majority of the choices to be taken are real choices between the frying pot and the flame. However, that’s precisely why that makes Frostpunk unique and fascinating …

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A nice console-like implementation

Anyone who has played one or another construction strategy game understands the importance of a well-constructed control system to the game, mainly when things are complex and quick actions are required. The standard PC input that includes keyboard and mouse is, of course, the most classic top-of-the-line; however, with Frostpunk’s console edition of Frostpunk, they’ve successfully transferred the idea well to gamepads.

The majority of actions are selected using the action wheel, whichwhich is not just an excellent overview of choices, but easy to access and navigate through. Categories like building types can be toggled using shoulder buttons. Small aides like automatically calling up actions, like street tree options following the construction of a new structure with no road connectivity, can help keep gameplay simple and fluid. It is also possible to swiftly switch between the city management and expedition screens.

For the actual gameplay, in addition, Frostpunk is equally beautiful, musical, and captivating for consoles as on PC. Only a few minor flaws with the German localization are an issue.

In addition, the Console Edition has a minor advantage over the PC version. It is that every update that has been released since the release has been included in this version.


Frostpunk is already enthralled us on PC, and The Console Edition is basically in no way inferior to the original version. The new approach to survival in society brings new life to the building strategy genre that has been around for a long time for PS4 and Xbox. Also, the thrilling theme and the social and political decisions to be taken really draws you into the narrative and makes you feel some accountability. The controls, however, have been ported to gamepads in a top-quality way and don’t take away from the gaming fun from the PC version. Therefore, we recommend this Frostpunk Console Edition two definite thumbs up.

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What exactly is Frostpunk? Firsters Society Survival Game and, as such,, a strategy for building with a focus on social and story-based decisions. Links: Official website

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