FlexiSpot GD01 Gaming table in test

Who needs a gaming table? Do you need one? I’ve been thinking about this question for some time recently. It’s the right time to test this part for the first time. If you are in …

Who needs a gaming table? Do you need one? I’ve been thinking about this question for some time recently. It’s the right time to test this part for the first time. If you are in a pinch, you could return it in any case. My pick was FlexiSpot Gaming Table.

My monitor has been set on a table purchased from the furniture discount market for a long time. In reality, I am content with the table. After having thought about my gamer armchair and then being completely content with my new seat, I was able to purchase a table that is truly a gamer. I am a marketing user…

The equipment needed by hardcore gamers is essential.

A table with a unique gaming feature is only suitable to be reserved for those who are serious gamers… however, this is precisely the kind of group I’m in. I often wager at night for one half an hour… perhaps two. So the equipment ought to be able to sit to a certain extent. The computer I owned just a few months back was brand new, with top quality components (and an old graphic card) put together and the chair is a comfy gaming armchair, and the music fills the entire home (to the joy of my spouse and friends), and the screen is a 34-inch (curved) Ultrawide screen – to it’s right, but it also has a good gaming table!

After I had thought about my reasons for a table that I wanted to replace, I immediately requested part from Flexispot GmbH. My requirements are easy… First, it must look nice, then it must be attractive and large, and finally, it must be sturdy. My table doesn’t fulfill all three requirements. It is also affordable. Important, but I don’t need to begin my first table with the most luxurious version. Its FlexiSpot the GD01 is a perfect match for these needs. It’s also height-adjustable and can use a cup and headphone holder. It’s a bit of luxury is not a bad thing at all.

FlexiSpot GD01

After an anxious week, it has already been delivered to me. It is well packed, making damages to the transport less likely. To do this, I can eliminate the tons of cardboard packaging. Next, the table is removed from the transport box and has to be put back together. The assembly process is pretty simple. The illustrations of German (or English and French) instructions provide every step to an averagely skilled artisan to ensure that the assembly goes quickly. The parts are well manufactured, and everything is composed of metal, not cheap chipboard like the cheap furniture. The pieces fit flawlessly, and the assembly proceeds quickly from where it started… up to the point that I reach the table’s top.

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The table’s top is massive, and I wondered how it could fit into the packaging for transport. Naturally, the solution is easy – it comprises two wooden plates. Two boards need to be joined. In addition, the table’s surface is only one portion of the table composed of wood. On the underside of the table, places where screws will go, are marked and predrilled. However, I require, for the very first time, the assistance of my partner to join both plates as well as I can. The precise attachment between the two plates and the table frame will likely be the most challenging part of the whole assembly. Because of my partner and the cordless screwdriver, I was able to get this job done, but I’m not convinced that there is an ideal (tiny) gap in the center of the table. The mouse pad is helpful. It completely covers the table. I’ve never seen an immense mouse pad. It is perfectly sized for the table and is stitched along the edges. It is very high-quality. The massive place is an issue, as the carbon-look surface on the tabletop looks cool, too.

Finally screwed in, My new, jet-black gaming table now stands in front of me . It measures 1.6 millimeters wide and 75 centimeters deep. My surprisingly large monitor is positioned to the side. Three or four monitors aren’t a problem sitting on the table. Include the desktop PC if you don’t wish to place it under the table. In addition, the table’s feet are set so far out that they do not disturb the table in any way. Outstanding legroom and no center support. It’s also excellent – so strong that my wife would like to take it up as a table to work on their sewing equipment. There are two cable inlets on the back of the tabletop where you can connect cables which are then placed (or concealed) on the underside of the table under cover of a cable management net. The concept of cable management may not be everyone’s cup of coffee. However, I’ve grown to be an enthusiastic fan as I’ve seen how little dust it accumulates. I’ve never built a desktop PC without a cable management system, and it’s the same for my deskā€”no more inaccessible cables on the floor in front of my gaming computer. I plugged two audio speakers via these holes along with the keyboard and mouse cables.

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Additional features

The table can be adjusted in height by three steps, ranging from 70 to 80 centimeters. It’s not a problem for me, despite having slightly larger legs. I find the headphone holders extremely useful, even though they’re only constructed of plastic and don’t appear to be very stable. It is pretty secure due to the large table and the mount on the sides, but when you knock it into the ground in a way that is not intentional, it may fall off. This is particularly relevant for the larger cup holder, which is very practical but can barely withstand a heftier impact. However, it does the task, and if it breaks, it is easy to remove any remnants from the underside without affecting the table’s appearance. In any event, I’ve ordered an even more secure headphone hook on Amazon for approximately EUR 7.

to protect yourself.

The desk needs to be the largest size possible to ensure you have the most space feasible on the tabletop and the table isn’t overcrowded after all your gaming gear is placed on the table.

Many computer tables are equipped with a tray for the keyboard that is pull-out. It is not available on the GD01; however, it can be bought as an add-on. It’s not a problem for me because I would rather have an unshakeable base for playing, and keyboard trays from other tables have proved to be used only in a limited way. For a tray to hold small items such as USB sticks , or my glasses, it’s convenient… Perhaps I’ll spend EUR 70 on the tray.


At the end After the first week, I am still satisfied with my brand newly-designed gaming table. It is a solid base for the mice, keyboards, and monitors with enough space and an appearance that is suitable for gamers is an enormous improvement over the chipboard-like design I used to use prior. Overall the new gaming table impressed me. My wife is not convinced. However, that is not to be expected.

Sample of test was received with gratitude via FlexiSpot GmbH Cologne.

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