Five Nights At Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted in the test

Are you one with a tendency to find dolls and toys terrifying? Do you prefer watching horror movies with your fingers? Do you get scared whenever someone scares you following an alert? If so, Five …

Are you one with a tendency to find dolls and toys terrifying? Do you prefer watching horror movies with your fingers? Do you get scared whenever someone scares you following an alert? If so, Five Nights at Freedy’s VR Aid Wanted could be your perfect game.

Once was a time…there was an infamous serial murderer

The horror genre comes in various styles: from classic psychological thrillers to goosebump-inducing ghost stories to the particularly (and fast becoming) well-known zombie games. Five Nights at Freddy’s utilizes a combination of all three and throws some humor, and you get the most bizarre, thrilling game you’ve played in recent times. You can now play it in virtual reality.

If you’ve not yet played Five Nights at Freddy’s, It’s about time to do it – but until then, here’s a brief overview of the background. In the 70s,, a family-friendly restaurant utilized cute animatronics to draw two kinds of customers: parentss and their childrenands child murderers. The result was not only an 8-part collection of videogames packed with animated maniacs and family tragedies but also increasingly out-of-the-ordinary restaurant concepts that connect the two with an assortment of terrifying mini-games that are considerably scary when played in VR than they would be in non-VR. Then there’s Five Nights at Freddy’s VR Help is needed.

A good time with old friends

The game Five Nights at Freddy’s VR Help Needed In the show, you’re thrown into a virtual game in many ways: Fazbear Entertainment wants to increase its standing and image has become as pristine after a few bloody episodes. So it is creating a VR game designed to move all – in the real world of happenings into fiction and make it seem unreal. You’re a beta test participant!

When you play Help Wanted, you can play virtually all mini-games of the earlier FNAF sections, however, this time in VR . We are not just talking about graphics as well as in terms of the goosebump effect and the goosebump factor. It was nerve-wracking to perform just a couple of mouse clicks on the computer to stay clear of being hit by animatronics that is being hurriedly banished to the screen hasn’t witnessed for themselves how difficult it can be to look out for cute animal creatures in a dark space wearing VR glasses placed on your head, protected only by a flashlight which can be out of battery at any moment.

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This is, in fact, in the middle of the best portion of the overall excellent game FNAF VR experience: ambiance. This is not only the apparent feeling of immersion because of the VR perspective, the unique sound design, and the much more intuitive controls with Move controllers, due to which you can look at the world with greater vigor and shine your flashlight. You can also react quickly and take multiple actions at once when needed. As a result, this game will increase excitement and, consequently, thrilling gaming. One minor drawback is that the instructions at the beginning of each level can be somewhat vague, meaning you’ll likely die one or the other animatronic-induced death and not know what you’ve failed to do. Luckily, the tasks aren’t long enough, and after about two or three times by the end of the game, you’ll generally grasp the concept.

Do you have only familiar old things?

The mini-games included in FNAV VR Help Needed are split into seven categories: FNAF 3 – Dark Rooms (Who’s scared of the Bogeyman? Use flashlights instead of turning over), Parts and Service (based on the Night 3 mini-game in the FNAF 5,), Vent Repair (including monsters inside the vents) as well as night Terrors (sort similar to similar to FNAF 4, but with a different name). Each level is playable in a normal or a more complex version, and the more complicated versions are more difficult because there are fewer battery and power reserves, more attacks, more significant stress on time, and so on.

You’re not allowed to play well-known and terrifying games in the levels. You can also try a few miniature games or variants, FNAF VR is an authentic entry into the FNAF universe. And it is the only way that FNAF is without the cryptic stories, which, in turn, enhance the overall story for the entire series, but in a somewhat obscure manner. In the seventh chapter of the game, you’ll have to search for glitches or tapes which provide audio recordings of the mysterious beta tester, who reports on strange events that occur within the game. These are events that you’ll soon be experiencing by yourself … and of course, when you’ve found every tape, there’s another “secret” Episode that takes the terror to a high point. However, that’s all we’re going to divulge at the moment.

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Plus, there are a few other things

If the vast collection of mini-games that scare you, like Secret Episode, isn’t enough, you can also participate in an adventure with coins in the game. Additionally, as you progress through levels, you’ll be able to build up your collection, which is available on your kiosk for prizes, with a gallery of nearly every monster to have made an appearance in the game to date.


Five Nights at Freddy’s is one of the most exciting indie games of the past couple of years – or at least, if you’re looking for a good amount of heart-pounding excitement with story-theory spin and bizarre innuendo. And let me tell you that the VR version enhances the experience to an entirely new level. There are creepy sounds that are behind and in front of you as you stand in the dark, pitch-black space and endless jump scares as well as new and fun mini-games, fantastically implemented versions of well-known tasks that feel more natural than ever, and more exciting than they have ever been before in VR and with the Move controller controls, and on top of that, a fresh chapter in the ever-changing background of the series. These series. These are excellent reasons to look at Part 8 in the series well – if your nerves are up to handle it.

What’s FNAF VR? Wanted? Weird horror mini-games collection in VR

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