Fitness-Boxen 2: Rhythmus und Übung im Test

It is Christmas time though a little sluggish – fully in motion and is also the most calorific time during the entire year! If you want to improve your body’s shape, you typically turn to …

It is Christmas time though a little sluggish – fully in motion and is also the most calorific time during the entire year! If you want to improve your body’s shape, you typically turn to exercise. To ensure you don’t need to venture out in the cold, Nintendo has thought to offer you exercise at home. How did fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise perform? I was able to test it for you.

Long live the sport!

I’m among those who need to exercise to have a slice of cake. I’m a fan of trampolining. I have a trampoline at home and perform my exercises on it. The whole body is being trained this way, with the arms only having to be slightly off to the side. So when I learned of Fitness Boxing 2: Fitness and Rhythm, I thought working some muscles more intensely was an excellent idea. So I turned on the Switch and tightened the straps on my Joy-Cons and was prepared to take on the weight and see what the game’s performance is compared with its previous version.

3, 2, 1…Go!

Before getting into the basics, the game starts by stretching and warming up to start you off. You’ll learn the fundamental postures, movements, and rhythm in the initial step. Once you’ve mastered your legs’ defensive stance and back-and-forth movement, it’s time to start your daily fitness session. Suppose you’d like to enter your personal information, such as height, weight, or age, to track your training achievements. The data is secured during the game using an encrypted 4-digit number to ensure that only the participant can view the information.

The gameplay is relatively easy; the trainer guides you throughout the device and provides some or none of the instructions. As the tune is playing, making the movement you want to perform at the correct time is an issue. Bars are positioned between the right and left of the player, and symbols move upwards and downwards to match the beat. When they reach their middle point, you aim to master the perfect jab at the right time. In the beginning, it’s all about straights and jabs. Other techniques, such as hooks or uppercuts, can be taught in subsequent classes. If you can hit the right punches, the achievement bar gets refilled. Once it’s complete, the area of your training alters visually to motivate you to be a thorough professional, and you will earn double points during this short time. In addition, there is a bar located at the top of the screen that is always there to monitor how long your training session will run.

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Following the stretching you completed in your first exercise, the program will be open to you. It is now possible to select between different units or free exercises, look back at your accomplishments or choose an entirely new trainer. When you complete the activities which you have finished, you’ll be awarded tickets that can be used to personalize your trainer. Nine personal trainers are on offer, including three new faces whose skin and hair color and clothing can be customized to your preferences. In addition, accessories and new clothing can be purchased throughout the game and can be purchased by redeeming your points.

The blood is a Rhythm

Exercise and music are two elements that work wonderfully. The right music can be the perfect motivator to perform efficiently. But I felt slightly annoyed when I heard instrumental versions of the famous pop songs of the past few years on the field. The pieces are quite different from the original versions, and it requires some time to get used to for the beats to be placed at the appropriate time. Likewise, the moment in which to strike requires some time to get acquainted with. I wondered if maybe it was because I didn’t have a strong sense of timing. When I first started playing in the brand new mode of 2-player, my drummer friend and guitarist had equally had a difficult time capturing that perfect timing. It’s unnecessary to have an additional Joy-Con to play in 2-player mode as you can divide the setup so that each player is equipped with an appropriate controller, and the perfect scores are automatically given to the left hand in every case. While this may be a little boring when it’s just your hands and an actual controller and you’re forced to wait for a while to return to playing, it’s an excellent idea to know that you don’t have to purchase a new Joy-Con set for multiplayer.

The music, however, serves more as a means of getting to the end of this game. In the final analysis, I must admit that these minor aspects can reduce the enjoyment of the game; however, in the context of the results of training the music and training success, they are merely irrelevant. Contrary to the release of the year 2019 Ring Fit Adventure, Fitness Boxing 2 Rhythm and Exercise are not so much about creating an exercise adventure and more about establishing an effective workout option for home use. I felt sore muscles after just taking part in the introduction, as well as a handful of free exercises I’ve not had for a long time. I was able to see that the exercises executed are definitely good exercises for upper muscles, legs, and arms. If you mix Fitness Boxing 2 and Ring Fit Adventure also, you will have an excellent home workout that works for every muscle group.

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Visually, it appears somewhat dated compared to other games, especially the next-gen version, due to the lower quality of the hardware.


I was unhappy with the soundtrack. And the versions for instrumentals of popular songs differ from the original versions; this can lead to confusion as to the beat.


The Joy-Con’s handling is excellent, and perfect bats are a given, provided you’re not too far off the controller!

Game design

In this case, Nintendo could have made the game more, the game is challenging on a sport level, but the enjoyment of the game is often left in the background.


The results are motivating , and you can feel the new muscles being activated and exercising effectively.


Fitness Boxing 2 the Rhythm & exercise is more of a sports simulation than a game and scores in the same direction in terms of the efficacy of the exercise is relevant. Although there are some minor issues with beats, as well as the soundtrack being more of a tool to achieve a goal, for fitness-minded people and other sports enthusiasts, the title is an excellent method to build muscles and endurance. Take a towel and a sports bottle, put on and get yourself a sporting attire (note to note at this point, the female audience is one that offers lots of support) If you’re feeling the need to work out!

Training Boxing 2: The Rhythm & Training – Scoring

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