Fire Emblem: Three Houses in the test

In Fire Emblem Three Houses, the 12th edition of the well-loved strategy RPG is now in the marketplace with us. After this series’ success on Nintendo 3DS, you can directly command via Nintendo Switch. Nintendo …

In Fire Emblem Three Houses, the 12th edition of the well-loved strategy RPG is now in the marketplace with us. After this series’ success on Nintendo 3DS, you can directly command via Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch and guide your team of fighters to victory. Like in previous games, the development of interpersonal relationships and their improvement are at the forefront and provide the game with extensive depth, which sets it apart from its counterparts. So, are you ready to enter a fantastic world of epic battles and be a part of history?

Folan, the island-continent of Fodlan, was first governed peacefully and in unison by three empires that included Fodlan, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus to the north and the Adrian Empire to the west and south along with the Alliance of Leicester to the east of the empire. Within the continent’s interior is the monastic institution of Garreg Mach, where young members from the three houses of power are taught and trained to be future warriors. If fate is kind, you will end up at the academy, where your heroic actions result in you being a teacher. You must, however, choose between three alliances that will significantly influence your future gameplay since peace isn’t forever! There is also the mysterious girl you dream about who can influence the course of time, which is the most intriguing…

To school

In the beginning, in Fire Emblem Three Houses, You spend most of your time within the monastic enclave getting to know your students, who will later aid you in battle better. They can improve their skills through lessons, and your standing at the academy will improve. However, not all of your students are fascinating; there are other characters from the halls of the enemy that could add value to your team. To recruit these people, there is a chance to establish a connection by participating in various activities, for instance, having meals together. It is best to know beforehand what type of food they prefer to earn points for the invitation to eat through the process. However, you must control your free time wisely since you have only a tiny amount of points for activities available, which you must use strategically.

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The game’s second phase occurs five years later, and not much in the world is the same as in the past. The once-peaceful ruling houses have declared war on one of their respective counterparts, and you’re at the center of the conflict. In this game, relationships play a major factor, and it’s the same has been a part of the conditions you’ve created through previous games as it’s now an issue of life or death! These relationships do not only serve as a support system for you during battle. They also help you becausethere’s also time to enjoy romance. amid all the grueling fights

The common activities can strengthen your bond with your fellow characters.

Join in the fight!

Beyond the regular school schedule, expect exciting battles against bandits, training battles , and, eventually , fights to determine what’s to come for the continent. On a chessboard, you must take out your opponent by turning. Within your team, there are various classes, such as swordsmen and archers or mages. They all have their advantages and disadvantages within the principle of scissors-rock-paper. Make use of your surroundings to your advantage. For example, dense terrain offers more excellent protection; for instance, defense is typically the best strategy in the game Fire Emblem The Three HousesEach of your players can be managed individually, and you can design carefully-planned ambushes to win. Officers may also be assigned battalions that bring their own unique and powerful strategies, also known as stratagems, in addition to a stats boost.

Battle passages are made more fluid because, in between, words with his comrades in arms could be exchanged, and the story can be moved forward a bit. Make sure the weapons you carry are in excellent working order as they get worn out during combat and do less and less damage until you feel you’re playing with an old-fashioned sword. It’s also an excellent idea to arm your fellow players and yourself with sufficient tools, including healing potions. It’s great that there’s a small market at the academy to fulfill needs. Finally, if a battle does not go for you, You have the possibility of making use of the divine pulse that allows you to turn back the clock and reconsider your final steps. Beware, the special offer is only available for a brief period!

In battle, it is crucial to plan your strategy.

An experience of a different kind

The visual aspect of three Houses looks fantastic in comparison to other games for the Nintendo SwitchThis is not just the case on the console as it increases the volume of the fan somewhere to ensure the required performance. The high-quality anime episodes are the most noticeable. However, the graphics in-game are also stunning. On both the smaller screen in handheld mode and the giant TV screen, the game appears good and runs smoothly throughout the testing stage. Although the style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, game strategy enthusiasts shouldn’t be dissuaded because the title provides minutes of fun in a beautifully constructed fantasy world. This game’s English dubbing is well executed, and the subtitles make it so that even non-English speakers can enjoy the action.


Although I’m not the biggest lover of strategy games, I had plenty of fun playing Fire Emblem Three Houses, Especially because the distinctive blend of daily school life and the fierce battles will don’t let players become bored. The game’s characters have been given the ability to develop character and life. It’s fun to learn more about the characters. I particularly liked that, through thoughtful gestures and attentiveness, bonds can be made with other human beings and create consequences later on during play. Particularly in these times, I have the impression that more compassion is being lost daily. That’s why I believe it’s beautiful that social elements and a well-practiced sense of teamwork are essential to a team’s success.

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