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It’s been more than six years since the fourteenth Final Fantasy installment and the 2nd MMO within the RPG series became available, and much has changed throughout the universe of Eorzea since that time The …

It’s been more than six years since the fourteenth Final Fantasy installment and the 2nd MMO within the RPG series became available, and much has changed throughout the universe of Eorzea since that time The Warrior of Light has awakened the dragon, fought superweapons older men, evil cities and many more, and has even brought travelers from other realms back to the one they came from. However, your story of heroics isn’t over yet: with the most recent update, Shadowbringers, you’ll have the chance to transcend the boundaries of the world that you’ve cultivated for your life, and this time faces an unimaginable threat more unimaginable: eternal illumination.

“The Warrior of Darkness

The first chapter of Shadowbringers starts precisely where the quests for intermediates following the events of Stormblood ended: The majority of your companions were in an induced coma due to suddenly hearing strange voices. They are in a coma as the Garlean Empire gathers for the next assault, and everything is exactly as it should be; however, it only keeps you entertained for a short period because not even the story starts before you learn in a rather unfriendly manner what happened to others: a few aches along with disembodied sounds later, you find yourself not in the dungeons of the next sneer. However, you are immediately transported to another dimension. Welcome to the First. Some time ago, the world was split into multiple copies, referred to as shard worlds. While you had the opportunity to go on adventures within the Source and the shard worlds, you now are in the First, which is where the events of the past are taking a more secluded path: In this area, there are Warriors of Light are not the heroes everybody (and everyone) admires and admires, but rather a group of mischief-makers, who, in their pride, created their own Flood of Light that has caused the entire world to fall into ruin. The vast majority in the First has been destroyed, and only Norvrandt and the five areas weres saved to date. However, even here, life isn’t always easy. Forever daylight threatens everyone worldwide, and a more deadly plague results from it. The Southern Exterminators Light demons, which take over the entire population, or – even more terrifyingly – make it their species.

This is the reason why the Exarch, who is the wise leader in the First, has called you to his realms, but he has erred slightly, since instead of summoning you alone, the Exarch has instead separated your close acquaintances from their spirits, which remain stranded – in all likelihood, physically manifested in this realm. It gets worse, and not only did the attempts by you and your fellows to get them back, Exarch and your companions to bring them back succeed, however, it was also brought to the light (ha!) that the world you live in and this new one are in the process of reconnecting, which could trigger an enormous catastrophe and end your life as you know it. It’s time to locate your loved ones; save the world or two.

On new paths …

Shadowbringers break with everything you’ve experienced as a hero from Source and do not just take you into stunningly painful new areas like the tranquil Lake Country with its purple forests and calm waters or the stunning Il Meg and the Il Mheg expansion also flips the rules that were previously in place for the world around you. In the world of First of Source, the Light and all is about particularly those who are Warriors of Light – are disregarded, and the mere mention of them could get you in trouble. The expansion explores common ideas in a truly unique manner throughout its nearly 80 hours of play, but it uniquely uses them and then takes us on an emotional narrative that is rich that not only the plot threads that I’ve been weaved in the past since A Realm Reborn are taken to the forefront in a compelling manner as well as old favorites as well as brand new characters face difficult decisions and heartbreaking moments are brought into the spotlight.

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Additionally that, the sidequests are included in the main story and aren’t simply filler for games or XP: With tasks that are adapted to your level, you gain insight into the individual’s fate in a world ravaged by catastrophe and is not all, they also cover a wide range of subjects that are pertinent to our current world. The written content within Shadowbringers can be described as unique and awe-inspiring in both the main story and the side missions. On a related note, The (now nearly completed) voice acting and the soundtrack for the expansion, are also at their best.

.. With brand new friends-in-arms …

However, the world of tomorrow isn’t complete without the new races to encounter within it; that’s why with Shadowbringers, the player has the opportunity to play the role of female Viera, known as the character from Final Fantasy XII – or the male Hrothgar inspired by one of the Ronsos of Final Fantasy X – for the first time. Both classes have distinct choices for personalization and are very visually appealing, although it’s a little bummer that the choice was made to make them available to just one gender at the same time.

The new races include two new classes or jobs that are they are the Dancer as well as the gun blade. Revolver Blade: Revolver Blade is a Gunblade fighter, which you recognize through Squall in FFVIII and Lightning from FFXIII. You are reminded of earlier series installments when you play the class. It’s a job. Job is a tank type; however, it can also do massive damage, often reminiscent of a DPS class disguised as a DPS. It is more suited to be an off-tank rather than a primary tank.

The Dancer The Job, on the contrary, is a real DPS class that comes with a function of support that allows it to battle to the beat of enemies in a matter of seconds by using its fast, tempo-driven combination and also perform a couple of dances with other group members to aid the dancers. The Job is precisely what you’d expect a DPS course to accomplish, but it looks more graceful than most DPS before. If you take a closer look, it appears somewhat for its good at the moment. We’ll find out if Square Enix won’t make some enhancements in future patches.

.. as well as also new assignments

Amid touch-ups: not only were new jobs made available by Shadowbringers however, but pretty much all the older ones also received updates, with some being more expansive and some less subtle, and some with better and some less.

A few of the most significant changes have been made to the tank in question, like the one above, which can now switch to DPS, as well as angry pulling just by hitting the tank’s form either off or on, which makes it more enjoyable to play. This could be either positive or negative based on the player’s tastes. The healer classes also have been revamped. MP is now restricted to 10000, but instead, the Pietatswert can boost the regeneration rate for these, which will, in the case of the White Mage, mean that MP will not be used up. The two other healing classes, Scholar and Astrologer, needed to be scaled back a little to increase the healing power of the White Mage capabilities to the forefront. However, because White Mage’s abilities are more prominent, and the White Mage shines in other aspects, like AOE attacks, his role has been elevated to the point of detriment for his fellow healers, according to reports to be an overly impressive mage. As cool as it sounds from an objective standpoint, it’s likely to need some tweaks in this regard to balance.

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However, the changes to the machinist, who can now be more active and adhere to the job description, and the summoner, who now has more control over the usage of the Egi or the control of them because of the newly introduced pet system, have proved very productive.

It has also been changed regarding job quests. There are no more specific tasks for jobs; however, instead, you can choose to accept role quests that you can choose to accept directly within the First. As a summoner, for instance, I was able to take on the DPS role quest, whereas tankers and healers must overcome other challenges.

Our friends are the ones we trust.

Alongside the brand new races and jobs and the many modifications, Shadowbringers also includes several general system adjustments. The most thrilling part of them all is the trust system. This means that you are no longer able to play the entire Shadowbringers the dungeons (so far, but unfortunately, just those) exclusively with other human players, but you are able to also – without waiting around – bring an NPC group that you have self-assembled to battle. You can pick from several familiar characters and their classes and let their AI-controlled counterparts help you. The trust system does not just work quite well in the real world, but it can also take a lot of stress off players who prefer playing by themselves and not with strangers or who are exhausted from waiting for their comrades prior to each game. Being a fan of single players in the main, I personally love this system too, especially on those days when I simply need to relax and enjoy a bit of peaceful, alone time at the computer after a long day of playing with friends.


Shadowbringers promises many things prior to it being released and has more than fulfilled the majority of them. The Final Fantasy XIV story has been steadily improving since Heavensward as well. Shadowbringers definitely delivers the best of it to date: instead of simply building on that Warrior of Light’s now a lot more familiar reputation, the game takes players into a world the fame isn’t just useless to us but can be harmful to us. It flips everything we’ve known about the table and confronts the players with problems they’ve not faced before, and it does everything in a powerful emotional manner. In addition, the game tackles issues that have practical relevance and not just ever cause a slight “Wow, it’s nice …” to not be so naive. In terms of the new jobs and races is concerned, they might have some minor improvements in the future, particularly with regard to balancing; however, at least with my main class, the Summoner, I was delighted with the expansion. My experience is specific: Shadowbringers is the best FFXIV expansion to date and offers hope for a fantastic and hopefully very long-term next chapter for the MMO.

What’s Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers? Latest expansion of the MMO Final Fantasy XIV

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