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It took nearly 23 years to see the excellent JRPG classic finally comes back to life in a new way. The first official announcement was made in the year 2015. With Final Fantasy VII Remake, …

It took nearly 23 years to see the excellent JRPG classic finally comes back to life in a new way. The first official announcement was made in the year 2015. With Final Fantasy VII Remake, we will now have at least a small portion of the epic story to rediscover or revisit in the house since Square Enix has decided to divide the story into multiple episodes. So what do you think of this controversial choice? Will it bring the desired results and capture the spirit of old-fashioned games? Let’s see!

Are you cutting onions?

In truth, it’s difficult for someone who grew into the original series not to blink in the new intro. The entire experience is exactly like the original, but much better and more attractive. The first look of Aerith is a reminder of a carousel that evokes emotions from the past. The second view of the city of Midgar is as awe-inspiring as it did in the past. And there you are, standing on the platform in front of Midgar’s Mako reactors and a plan to destroy the reactor.

It’s not only what’s displayed that brings tears of happiness to your eye. The unique sounds of the intro theme contribute to making those who have played before instantly feel immersed with the world that is Final Fantasy VII once more. However, we should take it slow and without the nostalgia glasses. After the pretty and not very interesting introduction, you’re playing the part of Cloud Strife. The sly ex-elite warrior of an elite troop known as SOLDAT recently hired himself as a mercenary and is currently on this platform amid his very first real mission.

His childhood acquaintance Tifa is a member of the eco-terrorist organization Avalanche and employs him to aid her group in destroying the Mako reactors of the vile Shinra Corporation. The Mako provides the vitality that is, the planet they are all living on, which isn’t stopping Shinra from pursuing every opportunity to profit from the resources. At first, she is aloof. Cloud attempts to dismiss it as just an opportunity; however, after the first time they hit, Tifa and her friends, who their leader and father-in-law Barret lead, can draw him into their lives and bring their fears and worries.

Over time, the seemingly stoic Cloud is dreadful towards his new friends. However, the inconsistency of his positive attitude and obscure reasons, also being hunted by Shinra Aerith Cloud, the young man with a tragic past, slowly but surely melts. If the untrustworthy conglomerate is caught on the trail and launches an utterly brutal retaliatory strike, the issue for Cloud is transformed into the personal task of the rest of his life.

Similar to the previous one, But very different.

Although the first few minutes of your life make you swoon in nostalgia, once you take control of Cloud at the station, you’re done with the standard in the present. The old battle system, based on turns, is replaced with an entirely new, more action-oriented one. As players, you can now move around in the battle field as you attack your foes using your usual attacks, block attacks from enemies, or dodge them using an explosive roll. Everything can be done by hand with the click of one button. However, anyone who is now shocked to think this isn’t a copy of the original version is very likely to be wrong, as the ATB bar that was the first version is now returning.

It works differently in this case: based on the equipment, the items you use, and the actions you’ve just executed, the bar, divided into two sections, is filled in the course of a battle. You can carry out activities beyond combat when the first part is supplied. For example, you can cast spells, use items such as healing potions, or utilize one of the numerous unique abilities of particular characters. When either (or two) bars are filled, you just stop the fight and end up in the usual action menu. Then, you can choose, for instance, the spell you wish to cast and its goal and let the battle continue. This process then instructs you on a “partial bar” and starts filling again. If a fully-filled ATB bar is present, the second attack could be carried out immediately after or perhaps of the highly deadly special attacks that need the use of a complete bar.

Anyone who thinks that being capable of reversing his mind at any moment and choosing his options with complete peace of mind , which makes the entire process far too simple, is often mistaken. This is due, on one side, to the adversaries and their comrades, who each come with various strengths, weaknesses, and attack strategies. Additionally, they fail to consider that certain actions chosen by the player require a specific time to start before they can be executed. Thus, a poorly-timed healing spell can get abruptly interrupted. Additionally, there’s more than Cloud you must be on the lookout for throughout the game. Four characters can play in the group and must stay active and engaged. The more bad things, like blocking and attacking, can be performed by the other players. Everything else needs to be handled by the individual player.

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The alteration of the controlled character is possible to carry out at any point in the fight, does not just provide additional space for action, and boss fights for one or another stress-related moment and another degree of tactical growth possibilities. For instance, the martial arts expert Tifa is more of a brawler. Barret shoots everything at a distance using his cannon mounted on his arm. The whole thing plays quickly after a brief period of getting used to it and is highly entertaining and challenging. Even the most pathetic groups, small in their own right, can’t ever be defeated by just hitting the attack button. It will take players into your Game Over screen faster than you’d prefer. Bosses can initially overwhelm you with their awe-inspiring tactics and effects; however, with a bit of planning and care, even the most vicious adversaries will be defeated.

How many spells are contained in one bracelet?

In terms of combat, It’s, however, surprisingly typical JRPG-like. There are numerous side quests to complete, and then play amusing mini-games and move forward in your main plot. While playing, you collect or acquire new weapons and gear for your warriors. They increase the level of your existing equipment by using skills points that are free to be distributed to various passive effects and then spread your spells among your players as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The system of spells and skills was directly derived from the first. Magic is present within the realm of Final Fantasy VII in the form of Materia Crystal balls that glow, each of which can perform a specific spell, for example, healing, fire, and protection. In addition, there are spells with only passive effects, like bonuses to mana or life points. The orbs, i.e., spells, can be placed in slots prefabricated for bracers and weapons. It is important to note that material slots can only be available in a limited amount and should be utilized most efficiently. For instance, you can play linked slots that offer special rewards depending on the spells contained within the space. When you consistently use Materia, these spells will increase in level and give you access to more advanced and improved versions of the associated bits.

Leveling up characters is automatic and can be increased simply by its base value. But, for each level, you’ll earn five skills points (SP), which aren’t spent on the characters in the game and their weapons. Each has a different skill tree in which you will discover all sorts of passive abilities and significant upgrades such as additional material slots. Each weapon has a specific SP pool, which can be transferred manually or automatically by the game if you wish. Each weapon also has specific attacks you can master by practicing and carrying with you when you move to your following weapons. The absence of random battles present in the original and the fact that in the premiere installment of the new version, the plot is simple; in fact, it prevents over-leveling excessively because there aren’t many chances to gain more XP points. Depending on your preference, this could be a curse or a positive thing, but this makes for an excellent balance with the standard difficulty.

Is this a complete game?

When we take it all together, we’re left with what appears to be a hugely revised remake on our table but, when examined closely,, it remains like the original. The battle system is a significant modification despite the familiar elements. However, Square has managed to recreate the essence of Final Fantasy VII. All the foundations are in place, and even older players like me, who’ve lost more of the game’s original features than they’d like to admit, immediately feel like they are in the game.

What will the experience play out in the eyes of someone without incident with the game’s original rules? Despite the lack of nostalgia or adventure, The game is undoubtedly an enjoyable experience. The main question, however, is, could a game that only comprises the first stage (or maybe lesser) of the story be played by itself? Does it engage without knowing what’s coming? Does it provide enough information to justify its launch as a full-priced game? Fortunately, these questions can be answered with a definite “yes.”

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In a way, it is clear that the final question isn’t straightforward to answer. On the other hand, you can see the overall design of the level and the structure of the story quite well, and it attempts to expand the comparatively small content. This is not necessarily what one would want, however, but this has one of the best outcomes. Through discreet and never exaggerated stretching, you will spend more significant time together with friends, which results in a stronger relationship with the people you share a bond with. In this case, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie are mentioned. They were not mentioned in the initial mission, but in this episode, they are featured more prominently and consequently get closer to the character’s heart. This is particularly applicable to our actual companions. They are with us as part of the party throughout the story.

Yes, it’s gorgeous as well.

The thing that the majority of people who have been waiting for a sequel for several years are likely to be waiting for the longest is the modern version of the classic. Yes, Square doesn’t let itself down with this one. Final Fantasy VII : Remake appears fantastic in every way. From the most realistic faces in cutscenes, despite an animated design to the detailed worlds of Midgar’s slums to the explosive battles and magical effects. An eye-pleasing experience from the very beginning to the final minute.

Furthermore, the first-class dub (the original was a text-based game), numerous more extensive dialogues, and the soundtrack, which was a simple knee down in the past. Many songs composed by the master composer Nobuo Uematsu have now earned an inexplicably prominent spot in the history of video games. The updated versions of many of the songs are set in a more flamboyant manner, and there are several truly weird remixes that range from dazzling to “What the heck is that?” …”

Technically speaking, from the point of viewpoint, there’s one minor flaw that could be a distraction to a limited degree yet still ends up as a bit irritating. The lengthy wait time after restarting, as well as loading the save state, are acceptable, particularly as they aren’t required all the time. What is really noticeable, however, is the two to three seconds of loading which awaits you each time you navigate to the map or meet an NPC. It’s not a lot, but it soon becomes irritating, considering it’s something you’ll have to perform exceptionally often. In other words, there’s nothing to complain about. I didn’t see any issues during my entire time playing; even during the most intense explosion in the world of sound effects, it stays very fluid.


Of course, there’s plenty to discuss in this debate. The battle system that’s being introduced as well as the choice to launch Final Fantasy VII Remake in full-priced episodes, will not be met with all of the players’ approbation. But, when you consider how much love and care the creator has put in to keep all of that original game’s feel as they can, you’ll be able to overcome the fact that. Additionally, lots of effort has gone into the character, and how they interact that are great in themselves, making waiting for the next chapter of the story more manageable. In the end, the result is an excellent JRGP dressed in ultra-modern attire and featuring modern gameplay mechanics, yet one that is never forgetting its roots in the early days of the industry as well as the genre. It’s a must-have for those who can handle the brand new battle system and a fantastic suggestion for those who don’t familiar with the original game since Final Fantasy VII is still worthy of a play.

What is Final Fantasy VII Remake?The remake of a JRPG classic.Link:Official website

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