Filmkritik: Gruselige Geschichten im Dunkeln

The Scary Stories to tell in the darkis a children’s book written by the author Alvin Schwartz, which achieved cult status on the Internet due to the gruesome illustrations of Stephen Gammell. The collection comprises …

The Scary Stories to tell in the darkis a children’s book written by the author Alvin Schwartz, which achieved cult status on the Internet due to the gruesome illustrations of Stephen Gammell. The collection comprises three volumes of poems, short stories, and songs, which became popular in the American tradition of campfires as scary tales. This collection serves as the basis for the film with the same title. The film was made by Guillermo del Toro and helmed by Norwegian Andre Ovredal; the project has the potential to give warm, comforting chills. I did not disappoint; however, it is essential to remember that this film is an adaptation of a book for children.


In 1968, teen Stella (Zoe Colletti) had a tough time. When she was a baby, her mother left her and her father. In the years that follow, she is haunted by guilt about this incident and believes that she is to be the reason why her mother was abandoned by her family. Stella dreams of a career as a writer to keep from drowning in grief. When she and her fellow friends are beaten on Halloween night by a group of drunken hoodlums group escape to an abandoned mansion. While there, they find a mysterious book. The author, Sarah Bellow, is the subject of horrific legends. The mad woman is believed to be a witch! The child’s blood she killed and the ink she used to write her stories. They don’t yet realize that the story does not require an author, but the author is well-versed in what children are afraid of and is now about to bring the terrifying protagonists of his tales to life.


Horror Stories for Telling in the dark is a film about horror for the entire family. It sounds odd. However, it’s. It’s a somewhat more gruesome version of the movie Goosebumps Goosebumps, released in 2015 and starred Jack Black. It also revolved around the story of a book that was transformed into film. But, this isn’t necessarily a cause for criticism for me since The Scary Stories to tell in the darkin its entirety is distinctive and in the same vein, but without ever getting violent and displaying blood. In my opening paragraph, this book is a book for children. You will likely be disappointed if you’re expecting bodies flying around and flowing juices! The Scary Stories that Tell Stories in the darkis, at the core, an eerie tale that gets its spooky ambiance from the disturbing appearance of the monsters and their narrative. The tales from the books are interspersed effortlessly into the dramaturgy of the frame story and are brought to life in the screenplay to create an entire story without losing their distinct selling feature. The books’ friends will be featured in the film, in addition to The short tales The Big Toe, The Haunted House, The Red Spot, and What did you look to recognize.

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For production purposes, Norwegian Andre Ovredal does an excellent job. The man need not dissuade the fans of the genre. He has staged The Autopsy of Jane Doe. One of my favorite films was made under his direction: Trollhunter. In this tiny film gem, the found footage genre combines Norse mythology and fairy stories. This mix performs better than it ought to and is an absolute recommendation from my perspective. However, let’s go back to terrifying Stories to tell in the dark! The director expertly incorporates the knowledge he acquired from two prior films into his new work. The film is a pleasant, dark, and eerie atmosphere that reminds my memories of Tales of the Crypt The cast of Zoe Coletti is very likable and does a great job in the bank. Also, it is to be noted that the film is perfect for a production budget of only $25. million.


Horror Stories to tell in the darkI enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s uninspiring for the genre and created to appeal to those with a fragile disposition, which is what I am; however, it manages to convey the spirit of The original story in the most effective possible manner. Although, I admit that I was slightly scared at times. This is because of the bizarre designs of the monsters. However, they’re never the same as the characters drawn in the novels. I also enjoyed how the script ties the individual stories together to form one cohesive complete. The plot itself is well-crafted and never gets boring. However, some gags didn’t work throughout the entire show as well; the romance slipped some, slipping, as it uses a lot of clich├ęs. However, these are minor issues that don’t detract from the enjoyment. If you’re in need of a more gentle and spooky story, you won’t be able to miss out on the scariest Stories for Telling in the dark.

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