Film review: The Color From Space – Color Out Of Space

The film adaptations of the work of H.P. Lovecraft have always had a difficult time. On the one hand, this is because the subject that the author has always favored engages the reader’s imagination rather …

The film adaptations of the work of H.P. Lovecraft have always had a difficult time. On the one hand, this is because the subject that the author has always favored engages the reader’s imagination rather than describing the entire story in the most precise way. On the other hand, however, the genre known as Cosmic Horror was invented by him and is a collection of inexplicably terrifying obscene images that infuse the human brain with fear. Therefore, the visualization of the material is not an easy endeavor, which is why the previous attempts mostly failed. With “The Color of Space The Color From Space : Color Out of Space, the brave team has once more attempted to overcome the seemingly impossible task and is doing a pretty good job at it.


Nathan and Theresa Gardner have retired from city life to live on an ancient farm situated in the middle of nowhere, along with their three children. While she cooks the bacon with the stock market in her home office, he is an alpaca grower and gardener. The oldest, Benny, spends time gazing at the stars and smoking pot. Little Jack is a quiet but happy child. The young adult Lavinia is quite discontent in the desert and has to resort to mysterious witchcraft rituals to get out of the wilderness. The typical family chaos is the result.

It’s all set and likely to change when a strangely glowing meteorite hits Gardner’s home. It was initially an instant of shock for the family and an unintentional report on the local news. But, the rock appears to bring more than an unusual light from the depths of space. Gradually, the environment around the impact is beginning to change. Eventually, it is too late for the Gardners to recognize that they are not identical to how they used to be several days before.

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Joely Richardson (Theresa Gardner), Nicolas Cage (Nathan Gardner)


The Team is behind Mandy Mandy; the 2018 indie hit can deliver here and comes close to an acclaimed Lovecraft adaptation but then stumbles over its goals. The mood is just right for long periods, and ominous and oppressive are the vibes as soon as the meteorite strikes. It stays this way for as long as the changes to the environment and the inhabitants remain nebulous. In the final third, however, things start to unravel and escalate, after which the abstract, indefinable terror quickly transforms into an improvised show that is a slap on the side to the monster show.

Its inability to do this keeps The Color of Outer Space from becoming an uninspiring laugh the riot. Since Lovecraft genes aside, the film has turned into a highly entertaining horror film that doesn’t tread the well-worn paths at the end of the day. One way to look at it is an intense focus on what happens to the Gardener families and their personal emotional lives. If not for the psychedelic light fixtures in their backyard and shocking changes in their behavior, you could think you’re watching a family show. However, the story takes a path you would never have imagined because the influence of the color of space is evident (even for the protagonists). In addition, the story does not shy away from brutal and gruesome scenes for both the characters and the audience.

Julian Hilliard (Jack Gardner)

The bond one forms with family members as a spectator can only be made through good acting. And here This film, Color from Outer Space, is undoubtedly a step above the genre’s standard. Even though the supporting characters are pale, they’re a good cast. However, the show’s primary focus is its family, and in this case, both chemistry and performance are flawless. Naturally, Nicolas Cage, acting with an unusual amount of control this time (at least , until the third act), is worth a special mention, as do the hardly observed Joely Richardson as Theresa and Madeleine Arthur as daughter Lavinia.

As one would expect from the producers of Mandy Mandy, the film is unique visually. The concept of color naturally leads to some stunning visual gimmicks in a small way. Therefore, this film from Director Richard Stanley is also a delight for the senses because the ears are thoroughly immersed in this enchanting world with surreal sound design. The problem is that the effects aren’t able to be as good as the standard of the visuals. This is true for CGI and classic masking. The music is surprisingly minimal yet blends seamlessly into the unreal image when it does come into the spotlight. It’s the same for occasionally (probably intentionally) too-long shots that reinforce the unpleasant mood and complement the generally leisurely pace.

Madeleine Arthur (Lavinia Gardner)


The level of enjoyment one gets from the film The Color from Space”Color Out Of Space probably depends on the expectations one has for the film. The film isn’t an adaptation that is faithful to the author, who is still revered to this day; however, it may make a reasonable attempt. However, if you want to include something new in your collection of horror films and can take on the gradual increase in tension and extraordinary character depth of the protagonists, you’re in for a visually stunning treat. It’s not a masterpiece; however definitely worth watching, not just for Nick Cage fans.

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