Film review: Knives Out – Murder is a family affair

Director Rian Johnson is a fan of playing with conventions of the genre. Although he is always trying to find new paths to follow, however, he is never able to forget to meet genre expectations. …

Director Rian Johnson is a fan of playing with conventions of the genre. Although he is always trying to find new paths to follow, however, he is never able to forget to meet genre expectations. For instance, the Last Jedi has shown that this strategy can be difficult for established franchises, particularly with an avid fan base like in the Star Wars universe. In the case of the films he has created himself, however, it’s working exceptionally effectively, and his most recent film, Knives Out – Murder is A Family Affair, is awe-inspiring proof.


Harlan Thrombey, a successful and wealthy patriarch of a more than eccentric family, is celebrating his 85th birthday in his country home. However, when Harlan is discovered dead in his room the next day, the mood of the celebration is soon disintegrated. Investigators were immediately summoned to begin their investigation and attempt to recreate the events of the night before.

Alongside them, the well-known and unsettling policeman Benoit Blanc shows up, irritating the police officers and the family members. Blanc’s primary interest, however, will soon be centered on young Marta as her nurse is Harlan’s, and the only person who has seen Harlan in his life, she is hiding something.

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“Sounds similar to Agatha Christie,” You might consider this after reading this summary. Indeed, one wouldn’t be wrong in this conclusion, as Johnson’s inspiration comes straight from this area. A classic “who has done it” detective story because they were well-known for a long time and have evolved into Knives Out.At from the very beginning. The crime is generally committed in a limited spatial location and with a small number of suspects. The intelligent detective is on the scene, and during their investigation, the audience learns more in-depth details about the situation, the people, and the background. The perpetrator and the exact timeline of events are left in the darkness until you can solve the mystery on your own, or the detective comes to the story’s conclusion with a clever twist and determines the person responsible.

The same formula has been neglected recently and nearly eliminated from the cinema to diverse TV series formats. But, of course, there are a few exceptions to this, and they are consistently excellent remakes of classics from the past, such as what was done last year, in the form of The Murder of the Orient Express. So it’s a bonus to be dealing with an entirely new plot in Knives Out.And it is unique by itself, as the script is able, on the one hand, to meet the expectations of a film like this, but simultaneously, it is constantly surprising with twists that don’t conform to conventions of the genre even a bit. For instance, it is clear why Harlan was killed and whose responsibility it was. But there’s much more to these events than appears.

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The detective frequently promoted as a genius operates differently than in the past. Although Blanc is undoubtedly a competent detective, he doesn’t give an impression of always being one step ahead of the game, which is often the situation with Poirot and his consorts. Instead, he appears more like a confused professor who isn’t sure what he’s doing. The other characters are also refreshing. They’re all captivating characters, although they are admittedly a bit clich├ęd, but not so much that they fall into absurdity or illogicality. This is where, as well as the well-thought-out plot that the film’s strength lies. It is delightful to observe every one of the characters’ quirky personalities and interactions.

Of course, the primary condition is an efficient and well-motivated group. In this regard, Knives Out shines. Rarely do you witness such a talented group of kids together in the same group as you can here? It’s all there, from Don Johnson as the smarmy son-in-law, through the gorgeous females Toni Collette and Jamie Lee Curtis as daughters and daughters-in-law, as well as the loud and flamboyant knit-sweater-wearing Chris Evans. And yet, despite all the greats, the film is clearly a tribute to a hilariously cranky Daniel Craig as Detective Blanc and the ever-growing star-making Ana de Armas “too good for this world” nurse and, coincidentally, has recently received the Golden Globe nomination for the role.

Another thing that stands out in Knives Out is the impressive set design. The mansion that is the setting for the majority of the movie takes place is an eye-pleasing experience and plays a significant role in the characterization of the eccentric owner. There are plenty of other facets since the film has been beautifully shot, well-recorded, and fluidly edited. It is of a very high standard despite the modest budget. The soundtrack is as good as the story and incorporates the standard infuriating strings to create tension, but with totally off-key notes that don’t really sound like that.

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It’s difficult to imagine what you can make of an art form that, at the close of the century, was so stale that it was nearly disappearing (at least in the cinema). But, it requires an intricate plot, appealing and exciting characters, and of course, skilled actors who can breathe life into these films. The film has all of these elements mastered in Knives out – Mord is Familysache without a hitch. It is also made in top-quality and stunning to see. Anyone who is looking for a tense murder case involving an array of new-looking entertainment that is entertaining and packed with great joy, then you must begin the new year of cinema by watching this film.

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