Film review: John Wick: Chapter 3

It appears that it was not much of an effort. it seems as if John Wick has gone from surprise success to cult status in just five years. Even though it has made it to …

It appears that it was not much of an effort. it seems as if John Wick has gone from surprise success to cult status in just five years. Even though it has made it to this point of release with John Wick Chapter 3 with just two films. What exactly makes the murderer so well-known? And can the new film keep pace with the previous installments?


John’s time is up. Within minutes of the conclusion of the film’s last scene, John is racing through New York, looking for refuge. The one-hour head start before the ex-communication, which was granted at the direction of Intercontinental, is about to expire. He makes the most of the time he’s got to have his wounds patched by a medical professional.

About one hour and a second following the expiration of this deadline, the phones of every murderer, gangster, and other hoodlums are ringing. The time is now, and the hunt is on. The sum of 14 million is awaiting John’s capture, and everyone wants some. But John has a plan to enable him to escape New York. All he needs to do is fight through the city in half.

While Ms. Wick is on his route, leaving behind piles of bodies, a judge on the top council shows up on the Intercontinental. The judge isn’t content that a council member was killed on neutral grounds and that the person responsible was also granted an exemption.

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According to me, the massive success of this young franchise is due to three key factors. The primary one is the hilarious but somehow grounded and realistic action choreography and its unique visual execution. Instead of cutting at a rapid pace, the crew keeps it going; what you witness is much more than action. It’s an intoxicating dance of unrestrained violence. The makers have come up with fresh ideas in the third segment to keep the thrilling scenes fresh. Unfortunately, the familiar elements are not often seen.

The other reason is the story, even as far-fetched as it is, intriguing of an underworld governed by a shadowy organization down to the most minor details. Though it was barely mentioned in the initial part, it became apparent that the idea was loved by the viewers and made them eager to see more. This led to more attention being given to this plot aspect when the film was remade. In John Wick Chapter 3, The High Council and its machinations could be seen as an additional protagonist.

That would also likely bring us back to the core of the issue. In addition, the third installment is a testament to the promise, at least so it relates to the action pertaining, to the same old qualities that made the first so remarkable and surprising success. The plot has been altered somewhat. When it was first introduced, the story could not be simple; it is now more of an epic. Although it might be even without the use of dragons or magic, it’s almost like you’re transported to a world of fantasy because of how the film is twisted and far from being believable does the film currently appear to be. It is important to note that this isn’t to be interpreted as criticism. Since if you’re open to participating in this adventure rather than pondering the whole thing excessively, it’s much more enjoyable.

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The last mystery of this story leads us back to the actors and, consequently, on to Keanu Reeves. He’s still wearing the John Wick suit like a glove, and his initial casting was undoubtedly an incredible stroke of luck. Additionally, his obsession is evident in the numerous videos on the internet, showing him preparing his leg to play the character. The cool, however, not unflinching way portrays the legendary killer just sits even after the third try. The new cast member is trained Halle Berry, as well as Marc Dacascos, who, even at the age of 88, still is a formidable actor with a lot to show off. They, along with those already in the group, make acting an unquestionably good actor.

Not last, we must examine details of the technical aspect and aspects in John Wick Chapter 3.These could be considered”the 4th pillar” of success even though they’re the least prominent. Cinematography is excellent, not just when the action takes place. Editing isn’t a great exploration but is well in every scene. The SFX and stunts are typically high-end and create the impression of moving slightly further between film and film. Like the previous films, the sometimes frantic, lulting, and occasionally relaxing music is also integrated into the choreography. This reminds me of the ballet/dance comparison.

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Again, the creators have achieved highly successful success in the action genre. All the strengths of the preceding films John Wick Chapter 3 is his own. However, previously in the second chapter, a transition from a pure violent orgy into an almost epic is now in full flow. This may concern those who like pure realism and straightforward plots in their fierce orgy. For the rest of us, this third installment of the series centered around the unstoppable killer will be an unforgettable and top-quality ride that could continue for a few more minutes. The ending is, however, a pleasant oneā€”the possibility of a reunion as well as a new experience.

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