Film review: Gemini Man

Will Smith hasn’t shown too well in the last few years regarding selecting his roles. Former hit guarantee has a decent collection of box office failures ( After Earth) and critically-acclaimed films ( Collateral Beauty) …

Will Smith hasn’t shown too well in the last few years regarding selecting his roles. Former hit guarantee has a decent collection of box office failures ( After Earth) and critically-acclaimed films ( Collateral Beauty) on his list of credits. The most recent film he’s made, Gemini Man Gemini Man, an action saga with a sci-fi spin, is looking better, as evidenced by the trailers and an appearance at the cast on the set.


In the realm of challenging jobs for the government, There’s no more skilled than Henry Brogan. A sniper with unrivaled skill, experienced in the use of guns and hand-to-hand combat, well-versed in all the techniques of open and undercover action. When his last assignment nearly fails, he chooses to quit. However, when he discovers that his superiors threw him away on the final project under fraudulent pretenses, he is determined to find out the truth of the issue.

However, Henry’s curiosity is met without any sympathy from the company, and before he realizes it, a kill squad is following him. Alongside the agent, Danny, who ought to have been watching Henry, can get rid of the group and then disappears under the bushes. But, another murderer appears behind both of them and is made from entirely different material. A foe that is much more than Henry. He is not only equipped with similar abilities to Henry but appears to be thinking exactly like Henry. Like if he were trying to hunt himself.



Perhaps the most striking and unique feature that is most remarkable and unique about Gemini Man is the aspect that Smith appears in a double role. This is not a novel idea in and of itself, especially in a science-fiction story about cloned soldiers, but in this instance, the character is 25 years younger than the one he plays. Although there have been plenty of digital rejuvenations on film, this one has never appeared as authentic as it does. The young antagonist seems as if he’s straight from The Prince of Bel Air. The programmers create the illusion of two distinct Will Smiths of different eras throughout the film, leaving viewers with no thought.

The same can’t be said of the story or the script. Apart from being true that the story about a character who suddenly confronts an (or more) duplicate isn’t exactly original, it also suffers from the writing skills. So, aside from a few dialogs at the beginning, the ridiculously corny ending makes you feel embarrassed. Nobody has such sloppy and sentimental dialogues. The villain’s motives don’t necessarily seem to make sense at any time, and the plot twists are almost impossible to predict. Most secondary characters are paper-thin and appear just for exposition or plot progression.

Its action, on the other hand, is excellent. This is especially true of scenes devoid of “clone power,” which is generally the case. Other than a few seconds of the first encounter between Smith and Smiths and the somewhat more intense final scene, the action remains very much in reality and is effectively staged. It’s so well in some places it is reminiscent of films such as John Wick or Atomic BlondePartly long shots shot from imaginative perspectives create quite a lot of tension. Unfortunately, however, the fun is often cut short and over a long period due to the, as noted earlier, dull plot.


It’s clear from the previous paragraphs Gemini Man is a complete success in terms of technical aspects perspective. Cinematographer Dion Beebe does an excellent job in this film, and Ang Lee doesn’t disappoint in the director’s chair. The CGI in Will Smith’s eyes is a new standard, and the effects are convincing. There’s also a plethora of setpieces and stunts that are cool. The music is a little dull compared to what’s available to the viewer, and it’s good but not worth mentioning. In terms of the actors, it’s not a lot to talk about. Smith does an excellent job but never reaches the level of a professional. The other actors do well, although there aren’t any roles that give enough of the story to warrant great acting.


Gemini Man probably does not have the elements to make the long-awaited blockbuster hit that Will Smith has been waiting for. It’s a sci-fi action film that manages to conceal the sci-fi element within the background story until the final scene but doesn’t bring any fresh ideas to the already familiar storyline. Also, it has some absurd dialogue and a sloppy slow-moving conclusion. It is only the visuals and the action that will make a case. Even if this might suffice for the discerning film-goer to enjoy a fun evening, it is not for a grade that goes beyond the average.

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