FIFA 21 in test – An update at full price

Special analysis, reports, and background for gamers, role-playing generals, and single-player players expert opinion from those who know the game being played. Your benefits: The last VOLTA brought back street soccer after a lengthy absence …

Special analysis, reports, and background for gamers, role-playing generals, and single-player players expert opinion from those who know the game being played. Your benefits:

The last VOLTA brought back street soccer after a lengthy absence and provided players with new gameplay options. The latest version of the game has (at the very least, not significant) improved details. These changes ensure that FIFA 21 is the most comprehensive game in the series, but they also create the impression that a delicious meal was just cooked in this version.

New turf additions

If anyone had wanted a new FIFA packed with new features in the year of release of the next generation game, they must put aside their hopes for one more year. You’re on the same ground for offline and online modes and the overall feel of playing on the field.

This doesn’t mean, it doesn’t mean that we’re getting to the dirt local football field here. Instead, we’re walking into this Camp Nou in the capacity of a long-term season ticket holder with FC Barcelona. What EA Sports offers us, along with new features, is a great soccer simulation.

It works wonderfully well and is particularly true in online games, where it is the key to success . It is not able to leverage balancing. It is essential to make sure to plan our strategy. Sometimes, we do not have enough time to plan to think about it amid battle, especially against humans.

In the end, we can say the overall experience is purely on the game – at the very least, in the current version, the series takes an incremental step in the right direction. The improved dribbling experience and more control over the action lead to the most enjoyable FIFA experience on the turf.

An important career update

Let’s look at the unloved children of developers, at the very least, when we look back over the last few years. Fans have long wanted an overhaul of the career path. However, there’s a change.

The most significant improvement is the live game simulation that is played using radar. It brings back memories of football Manager time. If we do not want to participate in a match or, for instance, only have enough time for the initial portion of the game or just desire to be in charge for decisive moments, like penalties or free kicks, it is now possible to play at our leisure. The ability to jump into the game is seamless and doesn’t require loading time. In one instant, we’re watching a moving dot on the radar; the next, we’re playing the pitch. Changes to tactics and settings for substitutions, you can also play an observational view anytime.

The growth of our players has also been redesigned to make us more like an instructor. We are currently testing if our novice youth player is not at being left outside or central defender. Changes in position are the key. Alongside the individual training plans for each kicker, we have greater control over their development.

We’re also not entirely convinced by the Scouting. If, as the head coach at Eintracht Frankfurt, our scouts recommend Dortmund’s most popular striker Erling Harland to be sold for around 80 million, a tiny tear falls down the cheek of this Eagle-wearing player. In this case, Dost, Silva, Kostic, and Co. remain to need to be appropriately netted and deposit money into the club’s bank accounts. The majority of requests for transfers and scouting seem to be unreal.

The overall career path has sensible improvements when compared to prior years. However, it is still struggling with issues. Also, the most significant innovation isn’t present. Major bugs didn’t hit us as we were last year.

Play VOLTA with your friends

The FIFA Street mode VOLTA has added something new, however, not just to improve the experience. The mode is still a thrilling variation from the typical 11vs11 kick, just as it was the previous year.

As for the Volta final episode, it implies that multiplayer takes over the show from the single-player. This is great for co-op fanso-op; However, any is looking at The Journey replacement here is likely to miss it. We’ll just have to pray that the FIFA Ultimate Team payment model isn’t going to be replaced by the mode shortly. We shouldn’t be too surprised.

Gaming and bugs on FIFA Ultimate Team

Let’s get to the significant issue, which is the mode of pay-to-win FUT. EA’s most sought-after and lucrative method because of the overpriced microtransactions was based on the new co-op options this year, as did VOLTA. You can now play with friends with a friend in Division Rivals and Squad Battles and move up the rankings. It’s a long-awaited but quite sensible idea.

While the cooperative mode isn’t completely available, if we would like to get each reward, we’ll have no chance to accomplish this without assistance from another controller.

We are now directly at the controversial topic of Pay2Win and Pay2Win, which we need to tackle this year as we did in the past. FIFA Ultimate Team can be in 2021, a microtransactions trap that favors in close games players who have put their funds in FIFA Points and have been able to draw good kickers with lots of luck. We’d like to bring attention to our experiment with packs that shows just how little you can earn from 50 euros of bags.

This season, the problem is further aggravated by the reality that top players like Messi, Mbappe, Ronaldo, and Co. are felt to be in complete control. Of course, it could just be a perception from several games featuring an inferior team against a purchased Dream Team, but how an opponent like Neymar grinds across our defense is the difference between the realm of good and evil.

A few words on what we call Pro Clubs, in which players have control of their kicker in “11 11 vs. 11”. While the game was not considered like the careers in the past, the mode isn’t any different from FIFA 21 despite small innovations. While you can customize the AI players and choose five different strategies ahead of time, that’s all there is to it. This is also where the concept behind the full-price update will continue to be evident.

PES opts for the fairest method

However, this year we must discuss the pricing system that the gaming companies use. While Konami provides those who are interested with a fair standalone update for just 30 euros, EA once again charges the full cost in the “update” in the current year.

Here we are at the issue of “For who is FIFA best suited?”. Much more than in the past, FIFA 21 is suitable for people who appreciate team, squad, and stadium improvements. Also, for people who haven’t bought FIFA 20.

FIFA 21 is a very great soccer game featuring a variety of game modes, excellent gameplay, and great innovations. It is free from it being a victim of the Fast Forward bug in a technically well-maintained state. But, the cost of 70 euros is something to think carefully about the players who disagree with the previous points.

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