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A few new player information, more minor game-changing innovations, and an improved presentation. This is for the annual edition of the FIFA game series. Editor EA doesn’t change the formula that has been so successful …

A few new player information, more minor game-changing innovations, and an improved presentation. This is for the annual edition of the FIFA game series. Editor EA doesn’t change the formula that has been so successful in bringing you FIFA 20; however, it’s finally returning to street soccer, in addition to offering a more flexible package, thanks to the various new licenses and modes.

Each story ends at some point, and the same is true for fictional soccer player Alex Hunter. His story started at FIFA 17 when Alex Hunter had to begin working to rise from a promising young player to becoming a well-known player in the Premier League in the story mode “The Journey.” Since this process of development was planned as a trilogy at the very beginning, it is now that something fresh is required to be added in FIFA 20This is currently being dubbed “Volta Story,” which means that at the same time, it also means that after over two decades of abstinence the street soccer returns to as part of the FIFA principal game.

Instead of a predetermined protagonist, you create for the streetball player called Revy, the character of your choice, either female or male. The plot follows the usual cliches of genres that revolve around an actual street player named Jayzinho Quezada, who aims to be able to compete in the World Championships in Buenos Aires, and you’re expected to assist him. This story unfolds through highly detailed cutscenes. However, you have no control over its direction, which is not thrilling or original. However, the newly released Volta mode is impressive about gameplay. If you play matches of the format of three against three, or even five against 5, these games are being played faster with more scoring opportunities, at the very least, if you do not employ goalkeepers. Furthermore, the different courts permit more complex actions, like using the board to transfer the ball to a player indirectly. The enjoyment factor here is exceptionally high, and it is a refreshing change from the slow-moving lawn kick.

New methods are exactly what FIFA requires.

The brand new Volta mode is the core of FIFA 20 because it does not just have an adventure mode but includes additional game modes. For instance, you can play the Volta Tour, where you compete against AI-controlled teams, but they are designed through the participation of the players. If you win, you can then select players from your opponent and further increase the value of your team. Volta League Volta League is very similar to the Online Seasons mode of older FIFApart. components. It is a virtual competition between players to be promoted and relegated. Each time you win, you earn points, which at the end of the season determine whether you are encouraged to an upper league or not. There is also Volta kick-off, the street soccer pedant playing the speedy game. This is the only game that is playable offline since constant connectivity to the internet is needed for Story, League, and Tour.

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FIFA 20, but it also has a lot of brand new game options, including standard lawn kicks. With Mystery Ball (Surprise Ball), players who have the ball get random boosts. For instance, in areas such as speed, passing, shooting, or passing. It can even be “All Boosts,” essentially all boosts in one. Additionally, there are goal multipliers, in which the goals scored count as double or triple. King of the Hill, however, takes inspiration from the shooter genre. The game is divided into zones on the field where the player who holds the ball must stay for maximum length. The counter that is slowly increasing is also the multiplier of goals achieved. In the FUT zone, two developments are worth mentioning: swaps and Max Chemistry. In the first, a handful of footballers are swapped before a game, while in the latter, there is no need to watch the interactions between players.

Since there are Headers and Volleys from the predecessor, and the No-Rules-Mode can still be played, The scope available in FIFA 20 is vast. In particular, for fun games with friends at home, The two enjoyable games, Top Dog and Surprise Ball, are delightful, although I wouldn’t anticipate any long-term satisfaction with these two gameplay modes.

New yet old

Alongside these apparent modifications, FIFA 20, as with every year, naturally introduces numerous improvements to the detail. This includes revised standards and the introduction of new dribbling and passing options, including side dribbling. Because of more realistic ball movement, it is now possible to have more bounces and spins available for tricks shots such as arching free balls or fluttering kicks. With the new stamina function, sprints require more care, reducing the game’s pace, making FIFA 20 feel much heavier. The effect is somewhat compensated with the new AI defense behavior, as thanks to the optimized duel system and the improved defense, it’s slightly easier to grab the ball from a quick striker. A different method, however, requires more skill and accuracy to achieve goals. Career mode offers some new features, but the gameplay is relatively weak. For the first time in history, we can also be a coach in discussions and press conferences with our team members; coaches must also focus on the team’s morale.

In terms of licenses related, FIFA 20 will draw inspiration from the thirty official leagues with 700+ teams, more than 17,000 authentic players, and 90 stadiums licensed across the globe. But only Italian world champion Juventus Turin including superstar Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t included because the player is under contract with the rival Pro Evolution Soccer. The same is true because Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena is no longer on the field, which is likely only recognized by dedicated fans. Regarding the appearance, the game is a bit more polished, with updated character models and better animations; however, all in all, FIFA 20 moves up to the excellent standard it had in its previous game.

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FUT, in conjunction with Pay2Win

It’s been years since I was a massive fan of FIFA Ultimate Team, and that’s not going to change when it launches with FIFA 20.Buying the so-called FIFA“Points” in exchange for real money, and then using it on completely random maps is something I find to be completely unnecessary when playing a full-price game. So naturally, you could purchase everything with the game’s money ( FIFA Coins). However, players who are willing to pay regularly have an advantage that smacks of Pay2Win. Luckily other game modes aren’t affected by this feature; that’s why this feature will have an impact on the game’s play.


FIFA 18 I played the Legacy version of Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch and the game was shut down completely in 2012 because the lack of gameplay in the series caused me to get a little tired of the series over the years. However, as a lover of the Street variant, this brand new Volta mode was enough for me to try FIFA 20 another chance. And I wasn’t satisfied. Street soccer is refreshingly different, and, most importantly, the initial feelings of achievement are much more rapid this way, which offers a surprisingly high motivation increase – especially in games with friends who play in front of the TV. Additionally, it is also true that the latest FIFA is also able to score with its wide-ranging capabilities, although it isn’t all modes that are impressive regarding gameplay. People who were hoping for significant improvements or even an evolution of the series of games will be disappointed in the coming year as the game is still a bit arcade-like and doesn’t offer the same level of real soccer. If the brand new Volta mode is a buy appeal for those who are interested, then you may use it without hesitation; however, If you prefer to kick in the lawn, you’re free to leave this year and be able to enjoy the game without a lot of.

What exactly is FIFA 20? The latest installment of EA’s long-running soccer simulation, and this time it features Volta mode.Link to the official website

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