Far Cry 6 – Vaas: Insanity in short test

Far Cry 6 might not be released on October 7, but Ubisoft had been generous enough to give us DLC content just a few days after launch. On the 16th of November, Vaas: Insanity, The …

Far Cry 6 might not be released on October 7, but Ubisoft had been generous enough to give us DLC content just a few days after launch. On the 16th of November, Vaas: Insanity, The first of three roguelikes in Season Pass, launched. Season Pass launched, and I could jump straight into the madness.

I’m Going to be Insane

The only difference is that this time you aren’t your protagonist Dani; however, you take on the role of Vaas, the famous villain in Far Cry 3, and enter the depths of his mind. After inflicting several knife wounds from your beloved antagonist Jason and losing consciousness, you are sucked into the world, and the adventure gets wild. You awake on an island that is entirely unrecognizable, and you’re shocked as your true allies are after you, ferocious hungry crocodiles are swarming around the area, sharks swim across the sky, and, on top of that, some ghosts are threatening to kill you in the dark. Priestess Citra is eager to assist you whether you want to; it’s never easy to determine by her dark words, and she asks you to locate the three components in the Silver Dragon Blade to end your wild adventure.

This is insane.

The mysterious island you discover yourself on can be explored. It has special surprises and stories to tell for you that will delight fans of the third installment. However, the Vaas game Madness differs from its basic game’s gameplay. It is still a shooter. However, the rules have been changed. According to Vaas, starting, you are with just an assault weapon and are required to unlock additional weapons, such as shotguns or grenade launchers, as well as abilities like more healing capabilities or other valuable tools, such as climb hooks. To unlock this, you’ll have to collect coal, which can be found in crates or as rewards.

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On the island , there are various sites and ruins in Far Cry 3 where you can shoot irons. To open the crates, you’ll need to eliminate some enemies*, which is a bit of a task given your inexperienced equipment. If you kill one of your enemies, the person who killed him will leave coal behind that you can use to build your safe house to upgrade weapons, equipment and. If you do not make it to the end of your bucket, you’ll need to restart from scratch, and your progress in the mission will be reset, and your account will be emptied. If you’ve unlocked the weapons previously and weapons, you’ll need to buy the same weapons when you restart; however, you don’t need to go through the same task again if you want the cash reward; that is the reward.

You’ll need to run a few times to upgrade everything and enhance each weapon. It’s at first an absolute pleasure to work with the most excellent care and strategic thinking possible to gather the maximum amount of coal; however, once you’ve mastered the option to keep a portion of the coal collected following dying, the add-on becomes more leisurely. If it seems like grinding and squeezing, I can assure you it’s.

Die another day

But, I did enjoy my trip into the tensest areas of Vaa’s brain as the process of preparing the quests and the game’s environment have turned out creatively. In the classic open-world style, it is possible to find some hidden collectibles, for instance, diary entries or figurines, that you can hunt down and then earn reward points for Dani. Additionally, there is an evening and daytime change if the red moon rises. Finally, there are and, on top of ghosts and regular enemies waiting to pursue you and explode frightfully.

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Main game is in the main game, you’ll get an impressive handgun and an unfinished quad to create Yara (in)safer. If you can complete Vaas Madness, it is possible to unlock additional equipment to play the main game based on your score. It is also possible to play the add-on on different difficulty levels. The more challenging you take on, the better your rewards will be. The initial difficulty level was tough for me, considering my shooting abilities aren’t as good. If you’re not ready to play alone, you can play the entirety of the DLC together.


Vaas Insanity is distinct in comparison to the original game, and that’s a plus as this game of trial and error is an oasis of calm even though I did not wish to remain in Vaas physique for too much time for too long due to the grind. The island trip is a refreshing adventure and a change in Dani’s quest to free Yara and lure you by enthralling locations, exciting missions, beautifully created areas to explore, and thrilling views that give more insight into the villain. For those who have played the third installment, the DLC should include several memorable moments; however, especially for Far Cry 3 players who are brand new to the series, like me, the DLC has provided an enjoyable experience. I’m also eager to learn more about the antagonists Pagan Min and Joseph Seed. Additionally, I’m eager to try Far Cry 3. I’m thinking Ubisoft would you. Think would you like to see a future-gen remake?

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