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The most recent and, as a matter of fact, it is already the tenth and final part of official Formula 1 games launched by Codemasters and is undoubtedly the most enjoyable F1 game ever created. …

The most recent and, as a matter of fact, it is already the tenth and final part of official Formula 1 games launched by Codemasters and is undoubtedly the most enjoyable F1 game ever created. And , yes, I am familiar with the Grand Prix games created by Geoff Crammond. Along with the excellent direct predecessors. However, the British designers have settled into the series and made a great game with significant advancements.

First things first for the annually revamped game series: what’s new? The license is, of course, teams, driver tracks, and the cars of the F1 season of 2019 are included, without any gaps. Additionally, an additional license was added. In F1 2019, the year of F1, the crawling area of the top class is celebrating its debut in video games: Formula 2. At the time of launch, it will only include the 2018 season. After that, it will be included, but the current season will be available as a free update. However, F2 is already an excellent addition to the gaming experience. The cars, all built on the same technology, are distinctly different from the high-powered F1 rockets because of their less power and less downforce. Additionally, the F2 class has been added from the beginning, including the commentators who were originally in charge. When Codemasters tackle a subject with this program, they attack the issue correctly.

Effective tightrope dance

It’s the same for technology, in fact. In keeping with the principle of evolution rather than change, Codemasters has retained the existing engine – the latest version of the first-person engine, to be precise . It has only minor but more significant changes in visuals and physics. Let’s begin with the driving behavior. The same as before, all automobiles feel more realistic. But, the agitation that high curbs cause to the car has been made even more convincingly, so you must treat them with greater caution. However, it’s easier to keep your vehicle on the road with new tires than in the past – however, the tires need to be re-inflated to ensure total grip. The question of whether the improved control of the cars – particularly for novice drivers is because of the new 2019 models as a whole or due to changes within the engine will only be determined through an F1 driver … as I’m certainly not one of them.

Let me be clear: I’m an experienced player of video as well as an F1 player. I can confirm that Codemasters has made the best cars in their class simple to operate with the steering wheel and controller yet still authentic to the game. In the same way, just switching off all electronics will guarantee that even genuine simulation cracks can be fun. Most importantly, since the tuning options are implemented to the same degree as last year. The same is true for an opponent’s AI, which is adjustable in 110 levels. Small changes can be apparent here and should be able to ensure that everyone finds the settings that best suit their preferences. Yes, altering the settings is okay because you cannot run circles around Lewis Hamilton with a damaged Williams without a hitch. But, in the end, as an athlete, you have the tried-and-tested advantage up your sleeves of being able to rewind your car at any point following a mistake in driving and try again should you want.

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Small but powerful

The optical component is still missing from the technology. As previously mentioned, Codemasters left it here with improved detail. On one side, on the other hand, it appears that the “real” Formula 1 font was finally utilized for the HUD and displays, which, in itself, will give you a boost in authenticity. Additionally, a variety of technical changes have been made to improve the effects of swirled particles and tracks of tires on the road, along with sophisticated tire cover textures might seem like trivial tidbits, but they’re precisely what make Formula 1 2019 an eye-catching spectacle. It’s true … they and the altered lighting can make a significant impact, especially at evening races in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, the street circuit at Monte Carlo has been extensively modified, and the surrounding area has been detailed.

However, this and any other update have a significant impact on the game’s performance. The PC requirements remain reasonable compared to the PS4 Pro, which served as the primary test platform. The game ran flawlessly seamlessly throughout even though its visual quality slightly lags behind that of the PC … it’s a pleasant surprise.

As for sound quality, the soundtrack isn’t anything to be unhappy about. The music is excellent, and the tense “Ge-Brumm-Howl” (a nice term, that isn’t it?) of the present engines is being introduced to the sport in a top-quality manner. Naturally, older cars are more impressive in sound since they’re now included in the fleet, which consists of 42 teams and vehicles. However, you can only purchase them with extra cost, specifically those who opt for the additional 10 euros Legend Edition, where you can recreate the famous battle with Senna and Prost in your private events.

Friends and foes

As we’re slinging around the famous names, we’ll mention two others: Weber and Butler. Did you not know about these guys? There, at the very least imaginary drivers that Codemasters has created to create”story mode. “story mode,” i.e., the story in F1 2019.In this game, the game begins with Formula 2, where rather simple connections between your alter-ego (a woman in this case or a woman, if you prefer) and two drivers are already in place. Weber, The friendly team player next door and your teammate. Butler is a self-centered ambitious individual with a low tolerance for irritability. The “catch” of the entire F2 campaign comprises three races, with interviews that are believed to affect which teams you receive offers from, but it doesn’t make a huge difference.

But it’s unfortunate that even though there are many “story” told at the beginning that has been a hit with me, despite characters that require improvement, and a boring plot, the quantity of these story-telling moments diminishes dramatically after you enter Formula 1. However, having to be focused on race during a racing game is a bit fitting in the end.

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Many familiar mechanics are waiting for those familiar with the original: For example, the RPG-like development system for your vehicle or team, where you can earn points through exercises during training. The new feature is that you can change units, and other drivers, including licensed ones, can accept and receive invitations from other racing teams throughout the race season. In the past, it was unimaginable under an officially issued F1 license. It’s unclear if it’s due to Codemasters, which is now in deservedly good standing or the current management of the world’s top class is still unanswered. In any case, it’s okay for us.


For those who aren’t content with competing against AI drivers – however good as they might be, the multiplayer mode in F1 2019, which is a new feature, is back. However, you’ll need an Internet connection to play this game: Codemasters does not offer split-screen modes this year. However, Codemasters has come up with some new features. First time, you can design your paint schemes for your vehicles. The software behind it may not be the most accurate available, but it’s enough fun to be taking a seat in the engine of your race car.

Additionally, you can anticipate regular online events that change and an entirely brand new system for leagues. There are a variety of settings that can be set to guarantee that the races run promptly. From the duration of the race, as well as the permissible aid systems, to the countries drivers are allowed to be from, and if AI drivers are allowed to participate, The entire process can be outlined. ESports racers with an affinity for racetracks, which have already been awash in this venue in 2018, are sure to be thrilled.


Memories can transform reality. However, even my most vivid memories of the most thrilling section of Geoff’s Grand Prix series aren’t as good as what I witnessed during F1 2019. during an intense F1 season. Fantastic graphics, top AI, a great “story,” incredible driving performance, thrilling online mode, authentic simulation of the whole F1 race, and even the audio from the V6 turbo sound I’ve likely gotten used to in the past … however though the old cars are in a league by themselves in that way. But they’re also available in this package. It’s a wish-less-happiness kit designed for Formula 1 fans so.

What exactly is F1 2019? The tenth race simulation of Codemasters up to today’s F1 season, this time, also with F2. Link: Official website

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