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One of the most exciting events of Gamescom 2019 was the instant release of the live-action thriller EricaInteractive films have been out for some time. In fact and feature, DVDs have repeatedly taken advantage of …

One of the most exciting events of Gamescom 2019 was the instant release of the live-action thriller EricaInteractive films have been out for some time. In fact and feature, DVDs have repeatedly taken advantage of the trend in their bonus materials. For example, I vividly recall some of the games that came on the disc from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, in which you had to locate the way into Angular Alley with the help of your remote. But a genuinely massive success in this genre never came to fruition, and until today?

The innocent Erica is plagued by nightmares in which she has to recall a horrific incident of her early years. One day , she receives a package that is more than just opening the old wounds in her. In a state of shock by the contents of the box and two bloody hands – she calls the police. The police are kind enough to take the woman to see Dr. Flowers, a former acquaintance of the family who is the head of Delphi House. Erica was a frequent visitor to the Delphi House. time at the small clinic when she was a kid, her father was employed there as a doctor , and her mother worked as an assistant nurse. Strange events have raised questions in her mind as to the safety she’s in there.

The controller or the smartphone? This is the issue here!

The game can be played Erica by performing the necessary swipe patterns using the controller’s touchpad or display on your mobile device’s display. Then, through your app store that you trust, you can quickly and swiftly download an app companion for your device and be set to go. To establish a link between the mobile device and PlayStation, it is necessary to ensure that both devices are connected to the same wifi. If needed, you could also establish a hotspot directly using the console.

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I tried one test using my mobile and one using the controller. I’m happy to report that using the mobile display of the device was much smoother and more manageable. There were two times I was disconnected because of the awkward placement of the phone and my knees on the couch; other than that; I had no issues. However, controlling the controller can be somewhat hazier and lead to an unintentional decision; for instance, I decreased my pressure to a certain extent when I changed directions of the swipe and consequently triggered an earlier input.

Make sure you make your decisions carefully.

Swipe right!

You are not in control of Erica yourself, but you do things for her and determine the course in the course of play. In the beginning, you’re first introduced to the game’s mechanics using the gasoline lighter. When you swipe from right to left, you will open the lid. Next, you spin the wheel by moving across the top to ignite the fire. The lines of white on the screen will show the kind of motion you must perform. You aren’t only in charge of simple tasks like turning on the Zippo or switching on a faucet; you can also decide on Erica’s reactions and actions. In these instances, the words are displayed in black text on the TV screen, and you have to pull a tiny bit of light toward the desired response and then let it go.

This method also lets you determine the areas Erica will explore or what aspect she should be focusing on. Some of the actions you can perform are essential to the game; however, they can be an enjoyable experience. For instance, in the box you get at the beginning, you can open it at the speed you want. I wanted it to be as exciting as possible, so I designed the content to show in the most natural way feasible. After a brief introduction, the swipes feel natural and can be accomplished without looking away from the television.

And, Action!

The majority of the time, pressing different actions works well. For example, I find cleaning a mirror amusing. However, in certain scenes, the contrast between continuous live-action scenes and the moments paused for decision is too stark for my tastes. The location blends nicely when Erica answers a question since the actors continue to move and talk with their eyes. It’s natural and alive. When other sequences are shown, it appears abruptly stopped, and the actions performed, like opening a present, seem very slow-motion.

Regarding cinematography, the film is stunning; lighting, framing, and composition are all consistent and create a unique ambiance. Additionally, there’s an audio track written by Austin Wintory, whose sounds have already captured my attention in the hit indie film Journey.But most importantly, the credit must go to the cast, which provides a credible performance. I’m writing this right now; even though I’m not always happy in this regard, the German dubbing is fantastic.

Dr. Flowers is available to assist you.

What happens if …?

If I’d changed my mind at some point and I was not in this position? There’s a highly-recommended Doctor Who Episode on this subject, where One of Doctor Who’s companions is left rather than left at the traffic signal, and their lives take entirely different paths due to this. Then Flavorworks have taken the idea to heart in EricaThe creator allows you to make a variety of choices, and each one has its own set of consequences. After my first experience, I needed to add one in the nick of time since I had many questions. They all shared that they all began with “What If …?”

It also obscures the incredibly tremendous replay value of the action. My two experiences could be more different. I had two stories that, although superficially identical, were vastly different. I was consciously taking other decisions to determine their impact on me, and I’m delighted by the depth of each. The decision to answer the phone that rings amid a seemingly empty home or wander around the dim, long hallway isn’t easy. I was eager to discover what would happen if I made a different choice.


I was pleasantly shocked with EricaInteractive movies. Films of such quality. I hope they will be made more frequently because I enjoyed playing through Erica’s adventures. Flavorworks has emphasized the smallest details in their work, which is evident while playing. Another major benefit is the incredibly high replay value provided by the numerous different paths that branch off. After two plays, I’m still not getting sufficient time with Erica and am left with so many questions that I’ll learn when I play the next one! I believe that the best combination of film and game is provided in this game, where not just film but also video fans can enjoy their time to the fullest. I believe Erica is just opening the doors to new possibilities for the world of interactivity films, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming up in this space.

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