eFootball PES 2020 in test : New name – old strengths and problems

Special analysis, reports, and background for gamers, role-playing generals, and single-player players expert opinion from those who know the games being played. Your benefits: In PES, in the end, the player with the best score …

Special analysis, reports, and background for gamers, role-playing generals, and single-player players expert opinion from those who know the games being played. Your benefits:

In PES, in the end, the player with the best score is the one who establishes his game in midfield and then heads towards the goal of his opponent with a lot of thought. Or very quickly, making just a couple of contacts after he has won the ball like Jurgen Klopp would adore it. If the ball in physics “plays around” as the ball ends up on the net as a deflected ball following an intense situation in the penalty zone, the joy in front of the TV is fantastic.

The short version is that Pro Evo, as we used to refer to it, is in this year an extraordinarily challenging and nerve-wracking soccer game that has seen significant improvements in some regions of the field. On the other hand, off the field, it is clear that the same theme exists at Konami. There is either a halt, or the innovation does not intend to be ignited so easily.

Changes to bring about changes, such as the name change. However, certain new features are well-received by the ardent PES players who purchase the game yearly. But, Konami isn’t likely to convince people who already own the previous version and isn’t sure if they should purchase the game this year.

One shot, One goal, Bayern!

There’s an important selling point that is a must for in terms of statistics each fourth person who reads the article. Bayern Munich is back in Konami’s original license . And according to a study carried out by Nielsen Sports, around 25 percent of German soccer fans are cheering for FCB. About 5 percent of them celebrate the return in Schalke 04; of course, Bayer Leverkusen is also in the mix (0.8 percent).).

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Other German clubs are missing from PES. On the other hand, Konami has stocked up internationally just a bit; Manchester United and Juventus Turin and Juventus Turin Cristiano Ronaldo’s team, even exclusively – are the latest cooperating with PES. However, the deal to work with Champions League winners Liverpool is ending. The issue of licenses remains a typical saga. But the fact is that if Konami owns contracted with a club, Konami also gets all the benefits.

The Bayern package is fantastic, with everything from the detailed panoramic view from the Allianz Arena to the atmospheric run-in sequence featuring authentically modeled players to the music of “Forever Number One.” The overall atmosphere of the stadium is a hit, and the derby game in Glasgow is a good example. The Glasgow derby, for instance, is celebrated by a sophisticated choreography by the Celtic supporters (“1888” with white and green). The commentators Marco Hagemann and Hansi Kupper perform well in these situations by making apt remarks, but this is not the norm in general.

The pace was slowed, and the dribbling was smooth

When the referee blows his whistle, the slight speed reduction is evident compared to last year’s. The ball moves more accurately through its areas, while the player’s animations appear more fluid. This is because Konami has redesigned the ball’s reception.

Even the most technically adept players play the ball more gracefully, which is essential not only in terms of visuals but as well in terms of playing. The reason is that the developers have increased the chance of errors by using balls that are not correctly processed. So, for instance, a player who is always looking to pass to the other team seldom will get a ball to the player.

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An orderly game structure is more crucial than ever, and the amazing passing system makes it possible at any moment. Try to play across several times, and then you can enjoy a great sprint by A.I., steep pass, and the other players get higher, then the next passing … The most basic aspects of soccer are simply fantastic fun within PES 2020.

The brilliant CPU teammates have let us down occasionally when they do not take balls in their range. We saw the header improvement positively, especially when, after a quick run-up, the ball hits the net more frequently. In the end, however, they could use more strength and accuracy.

Accuracy is the other keyword for a game Konami has just announced with the precision in dribbling. In this case, we could use one of the analog sticks on our right to direct the ball to the side and pull it in the opposite direction, then utilize sticks on the left (and additionally, the sprint buttons) to dribble with one way.

It is difficult to grasp in actual use, as the system isn’t intuitive initially. The new fake passes are more easily accessible. The first step could become “overwritten” by another in one flash. Example: We simulate a lateral move with the outside defender and play a direct passing across the line. This can be a bit confusing and makes the game’s game’s mechanics more diverse.

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