Edna & Harvey: Der Ausbruch – Jubiläumsausgabe im Test

They’ve done it again! Edna and her fluffy blue bunny Harvey have made it out of the mental hospital once again. Daedalic Entertainment – the developers of the point-and-click adventure series Deponia (2012-2016) and The …

They’ve done it again! Edna and her fluffy blue bunny Harvey have made it out of the mental hospital once again. Daedalic Entertainment – the developers of the point-and-click adventure series Deponia (2012-2016) and The Whispered World (2009) has released their debut game Edna Breaks Out (2008) an anniversary edition with Edna & Harvey: The Breakout The Breakout – Anniversary Edition that comes 10 years after its initial release. This one features everything the adventure game has not just been visually overhauled, which signifies that backgrounds and sprites have been changed – but also the game’s mechanics were upgraded and equipped with modern-day amenities for comfort. The result is that the drive to the soon-to-be-penultimate decade twice as enjoyable, even with no additional game content.

Advanced nail biting

Edna is standing barefoot, wearing a white, winged white shirt which, once she turns towards us, constantly reveals unsightly glimpses of her pink pants inside a white-padded cell with a table and an armchair. How did she get there, and where exactly are they “there” in the first place? Questions upon questions. Luckily she can have Harvey help her with Harvey, the good-natured blue animal with terrycloth teeth, the ability to make jokes, and the voice of the objects with that Edna, engages in conversations. However, even the talkative pet – which is merely an extension of her unconscious – doesn’t manage to trigger her brain initially due to its vague reference to past events. It soon becomes apparent that Edna, who is infatuated with rhubarb Compote with the same passion as the 1980s television show ALF, the alien ALF is an involuntary inpatient in the mental institution. The hospital is managed by the dad of an old acquaintance known as Marcell, Dr. Marcell, whose delusions of power can be discerned by the fact that he’s been portrayed in a photo displayed in his sanatorium in an argument together with Freud or Jung. Additionally, there appears to be something unclean within the sanatorium, as evident by the tone that Edna’s manager towards her uses. However, to unravel these mysteries, the initial step is to escape from the enclosed cell. A thorough search through the cell permits us to catch glimpses of a leg for a chair by which we can see one of the shafts from an air conditioner, but it is closed with the grille. A glance at the screws sets off an ensuing chain of memories rooted in Edna and Harvey, which lets us travel with Harvey through Edna’s childhood memories and learn the art of self-detachment through the use of toenails that have been chewed off. Two things become apparent soon: Edna & Harvey Breakout: The Breakout The Anniversary Edition isn’t slack in its absurdity of humor, has a great understanding of pop-culture references, and also brings an intriguing narrative structure to the virtual table which is unique in the genre of point-and-click.

The Run featuring Edna and Harvey

In this way, we examine the hospital, the surrounding areas, and Edna’s past. At various locations and different times, we scan the 2D screens for new clues and interactions, look at objects, take notes, utilize the same, and are even able to speak to them. In general, they respond to Edna too. This is when Harvey is in the picture, lending his vocals to inanimate objects. As an outcome, Edna takes taking a detour and reminisces with herself. As we’ve already described, Harvey is merely an expression of her imagination which is why the conversations with other players are a mirror double of the unconscious. An actual hall of mirrors filled with absurd intricacy is the result. However, it does not stop the mentioned objects from giving us valuable clues, which can contribute to the solution of any of the various puzzles, and in any situation, they entertain us. We’re entirely free to explore the Sanatorium. It isn’t a linear design and offers us the chance to search for ways to get out of the structure on three different floors and the rooms on them. For instance, we can discover a spoon that the patient is trying to find his way out but is relegated to at the bar in the house through various routes. However, even the barman must convince us to get the unique item. The spoons, not cigarettes, appear to be the sought-after commodity in Dr. Marcell’s Sanatorium. Because of the sheer size of the challenges and the flexibility in exploring the mental institution, there are times when one may get lost in the game, especially during long breaks. But, this makes Edna & Harvey The Breakout – Anniversary Edition nicely challenging throughout the game, making the game a logical successor to the point-and-click adventure titles of the 1990s, when rapid timing events were not considered as a significant game element.

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What difference can ten years make?

The unexpected hit Edna Breaks Out that was instrumental in helping Daedalic Entertainment rise to fame almost overnight, at least in Germany. It had two major issues to overcome when it first debuted in 2008 technological limitations and obsolete mechanics. Backgrounds and the sprites had been created by hand, scannable, and colored. Despite the inventiveness of the participants, the game’s status as a work in progress and, more particularly, as an academic project was obvious. There was also an array of bugs that were first removed by the community before being fixed within an official fix made by the game’s creators. Also, how you play the game using words in the lower right corner of the display – based on the earlier Lucas-Arts classics – and the only interaction with objects collected in and outside the inventories proved to be a hassle and not very user-friendly.

These teething issues are now gone by Edna & Harvey: The Breakout anniversary edition.The game has an entirely new style as all backgrounds and sprites were changed and transferred from 4:3 to 16:9. The mental hospital and the surrounding area shine in an impressive amount of detail, with a lovable and streamlined drawing style that is in no way in the least like The Kapt’n Blaubarand the Kapt’n Blaubar videos from Sendung with der Maus (and that’s not even including the small elephant, how long it should be). It appears that everything is cast as one unit. However, this can lead to the fact that it’s difficult to tell when objects are interactive and which are just parts of the background. This is why it is a great thing that developers have implemented the convenient feature of highlighting objects which can be touched by pressing the spacebar – since point-and-click games aren’t hidden objects!

The latest graphics look stunning.

The revamp in the mechanics of this game has made the point-and-click adventure game equally well. The times of verb controls. The right mouse button lets players get more detailed to objects, i.e., to let Edna explain what she sees. If we hold pressing the left mouse and a menu with radial symbols appears, replacing the verb control that was initially in place. Using the menu’s characters, you can speak to objects and people, interact with various things to pick them up, and expose them to more thorough scrutiny. On the lower right side of the screen, we can navigate through the menu by pressing any of the two arrow keys, but this can lead to a long clicking intermezzo during the story, as Edna collects anything that’s not secured – or more precisely, firmly linked to the background images. But, the whole inventory can be opened by pressing one button, and the items collected are viewed in full and chosen with a single click. The item selected from the list is then displayed in the menu radial in the top segment of the circle, letting us interact with it in the game’s world. If we choose Harvey, we could ask the fluffy bunny to provide information about the item or even an individual. Daedalic Entertainment has included the original version of 4:3 in this game Edna & Harvey The Breakout Anniversary Edition to all of the players from the first. This is a beautiful thing! What is missing, by contrast, is the developer’s commentary written by Jan “Poki” Muller-Michaelis. the creator, artist animator, programmer, and game’s scripter who was the motivation behind the development of Edna Brecht.Purposeful as well as the music that to me, sways back and back and forth between elevator music and an incredibly drones.

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The residents of the home

The most appealing aspect of the game is its humor, which is highlighted through various dialogs. So, aside from many references to pop culture and different memorable characters and scenarios. An organization for self-help for programmers who work in video games where the group from Daedalic Entertainment has made a name for itself is an illustration of this. We also come across the alumnus that has made a point to look on the surface of the chi for any holes by using the hook on his coat. When Edna questions him about why he’s doing this, he responds dryly: “You can’t walk around using a chi that has a hole in it. There is still under the yin, and then there is the Fengshui.” The studio is home to the Beeman. On the other hand, there is a man-high wire frame on which the key to the master of the sanatorium can be seen. The escape is very successful; however, Edna isn’t willing to accept it since it could ruin the artwork. In the same way, she feels belittled by the art installation since the key can lure her, which then frustrates her and makes her an integral part of art. The puzzle aspect of the artwork has brought it to the point of being bizarre! Harvey’s warning that the player will not understand, Edna acknowledges with the words: “If this one understands everything, he won’t be helped in any way.” Truly! This isn’t just beautifully staged and written. It also reveals a seldom-produced situational comedy that will burn unabated into 2019 and possibly into the future. Furthermore, the dialogues are written with seriousness which generally causes me to laugh not at the people in the sanatorium but with them, which is not an easy task due to the topic. The reality is that the cliche of the oppressive structured clinical psychiatry is partially re-created simultaneously, and, in the process, more sinister power structures and imbalances are concealed but can be dealt with considering this.


Daedalic Entertainment has done a great job by releasing Edna & Harvey: The Breakout – Anniversary Edition in bringing their fantastic debut game Edna breaks out (2008) to an extremely glossy. The annoying bugs and a more complicated verb control system are gone, and images are outdated in the original game and were completely revamped. The backgrounds and sprites have been transformed and converted to 16:9 resolution. In addition, the designers have left out any additional content for The anniversary edition; however, the original developer commentary has been eliminated and doesn’t cause me to feel uncomfortable in light of the excellent quality of the game’s other features. The game’s humor and design are top-of-the-line and keep me, as well as the many adorable characters in the captivating world of this more than ten years old game that hasn’t shown its age. People who have played the game’s original version can now enjoy newer graphics and more engaging controls. Those not playing Edna Breaks Out and love games that require a click, however, are now able to make one more obligatory wish to write to the Christ Child.

What’s Edna & Harvey: The Breakout anniversary edition?The remake of the first adventure game with a point-and-click interface by German producer Daedalic Entertainment, released in 2008. Links: Official website

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