Earth Defense Force 5 in test – Invasion of the giant insects!

Special background, reports, and analyses for role-playing characters, hobby generals, and single-player players expert opinion from those who know the game being played. Your benefits: As if that wasn’t enough, Kaiju is raging in the …

Special background, reports, and analyses for role-playing characters, hobby generals, and single-player players expert opinion from those who know the game being played. Your benefits:

As if that wasn’t enough, Kaiju is raging in the city canyons and might be related to Godzilla. The invaders have brought out their guns. But The Earth Defense Force! As the only earth-based unit, it will defend Earth and take out everything that moves in the perspective of a third-person view. And have a fun trash-fest of the very best.

B-movie that plays with

This kind of honest yet at the same equally absurd game concept is only possible in the ideal environment, which is the segment with the lowest budget. It is worth noting that the EDF series was initiated as part of the Japanese Simple 2000 series for the PlayStation 2, and the amount represents the price. 2500 yen is equivalent to about 16 euros. Therefore it did not allow for lavish productions, yet it allowed the creators a fool’s chance.

The tiny team at Sandlot was inspired to stage an alien invasion. However, it was filmed at an extremely low framerate for the time being. However, the attraction was evident from the beginning: EDF is a playable version of a B-movie of the 60s, influenced by Starship Troopers. A sloppy plot, with unnaturally sung dramatic dialogue over the radio. House-sized monsters are famous in Japanese pop culture in general. But what about UFOs that look like they’ve been covered in Tinfoil? Or gigantic robots that have tentacle arms?

This has an appeal that is appealing to Western viewers and is particularly appealing to fans of absurd science fiction. Although the EDF series was never beyond its specific niche, its large and loyal fan base makes sure that new versions are launched every couple of years.

Amateurish. However, with style.

The trash element makes the game appear bad on paper. However, it’s actually what makes it so enjoyable. Its visual effects are exaggerated and give huge feedback on hits. One blast into a mass of giant ants can send a plethora of insects flying throughout the air.

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The floating drones scream out of the sky when hit by. Motherships explode in bright illumination on the ground. During the battle, vehicles whirl around in the air, trees are slashed, and skyscrapers fall.

However, the physics does not appear to be realistic. However, physics is intentionally absurd. When a rocket is hit, it could spin monsters for hundreds of meters across vast areas. What about buildings? They crumble like houses of cards. What could be a source of critique when playing other kinds of games is a match well with the B-movie style here.

Mass, however, is not always class.

There’s plenty to do, but the game isn’t very different. There are more than 100 missions, yet their objective is always the same: clearing the map of all enemies. Weather effects such as fog or rain don’t conceal that most urban settings are repeated after a short period.

A large number of more than 1,000 upgradeable weapons is an opportunity to dress up. Rocket launchers, shotguns, energy weapons, and machine guns are available in numerous variations. However, many come back with different statistics. Chance determines the weapon you can unlock after you have completed missions.

It can be a hassle in the future, as you only gather items you already have. It only aids in setting the difficulty higher before every mission since the higher the level, the more loot!

It’s exciting when you have vehicles: battling using a tank, helicopter, or even a mecha can be very entertaining. However, the most exciting part is the four distinct character classes. The primary sensible Ranger is the most user-friendly character. On the other hand, the Fencer is a slow character due to its armored design and is therefore ideally designed for close combat using cutting weapons.

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The Air Raiders tend to stay in the background. They may call in air support, for instance. They are not armored well, but agile is known as the Wing Divers. With jetpacks, they enjoy excellent freedom of movement and can also attack by air. Depending on their class and the type of enemy, a different strategy for the various types of enemies is essential.

With the Gatling gun, This Fencer can manage an entire army of flying insects. However, the Wing Diver’s ability to maneuver can pay off in the face of shrewd adversaries. For instance, giant aliens are wearing hefty armor using structures as shelter. Ground troops must overcome these first, while Wing Divers fly over them and strike from above.

All in one combat

It isn’t a bad idea to get bored fast, but Alien Invasion comes with a vengeance in multiplayer play. On the web, with up to four players, participants can participate in cooperative missions, where the characters’ classes must be employed to their advantage.

The co-op was flawless for us in the testing, even though our fellow soldiers were located in the opposite part of the globe. What about backing on the Fencer with air Raider and letting the Wing Divers divert creatures? Works. The split screen mode is only two players, but it’s no less enjoyable. The already shaky quality of the graphics is diminished further. However, a rainy Sunday afternoon will be gone in a flash when you’re slicing up monsters.

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