Dying Light 2 in review: It could have been so incredibly good

Special reports, analysis, and backgrounds for heroes of role-playing as well as hobby generals and single-player enthusiasts – from professionals who are knowledgeable about the game being played. Your benefits: After a lengthy development stricken …

Special reports, analysis, and backgrounds for heroes of role-playing as well as hobby generals and single-player enthusiasts – from professionals who are knowledgeable about the game being played. Your benefits:

After a lengthy development stricken by issues, delays, and an ugly issue with cuts on cutting in German versions, we’ve had the opportunity to spend hundreds of hours grinding in the vast gaming world in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. First of all, the first-person zombie action game currently available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles looked pretty clean technologically and provided us with enjoyable hours.

The downside is that the intensely difficult course has left clear marks. They are visible everywhere. Rarely do we have an event that dances around high-scoring areas for hours, and where the term “masterpiece” is already on our lips, only to be shaky and hit the ground unprotected and brutally and in free fall.

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From story-based masterpieces to a cheap dime novel

Action-packed, fast-paced parkour scenes, angry zombies, a melancholy, long opening, and … MOMENT! A melancholy opening! Dying light 2 is quite different from its predecessor in its two-hour slot that introduces us to its post-apocalyptic universe, similar to The Last of Us, and gives us the impression of being in the middle of an exciting, thrilling adventure. We experience the journey from the perspective of the mutant pilgrim Aiden who travels to an imaginary European City of Villedor, contaminated with the Harran virus. Harran virus, to seeking Mia, his younger sister. Mia.

Our Nimble Hero’s Kryptonite Because of a mutation that was induced by childhood, he can only be in darkness for a few minutes. If he fails to stick to the rules, he is damaged and eventually dies.

Dying Light 2 is pretty good within the first ten hours of gameplay, bringing the players a stunning and real zombie apocalypse that you would like to immerse yourself in with its captivating characters, not only once but several times.

The horror of the choice: Besides plenty of zombies and an all-murdering band of rebels, Villedor is ruled by the Peacekeeper militia and the Survivors, who are independent. They can be thought of as the survivors as healthy and uninfected who attempt to live a “normal” life by hunkering inside churches. We must decide which group Aiden will join at a very early stage. The decision we make will have an impact on the story as well as how we interact with people later on. This is not only fantastic and brings memories of excellent storytelling like Dragon Age: Origins, but it’s.

It wasn’t just the main story that initially attracted us. We all know that the open world is also alive through the stories that make it exciting and authentic. This is also the case. Dying Light 2 convinces in the very first hour of the game. We laughed when we handed over a self-proclaimed opera singer’s cord-saving scarf. In return, the great dame sang us an incredible off-key song. We stopped when an NPC ended up taking his own life in a state of guilt after a bizarre side-quest. We were presented with various complex moral dilemmas via dialogue choices that caused us to think. Masterful!

And then, yes, the beautiful house of cards fell apart one piece at a time …

Technology Check The game was tested Dying Light 2 on PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X and came across an excellent technical state across generations and consoles with the most current patch. The game not only played smoothly in the test phase, but bugs that could be annoying were reduced to a minimum in the testing phase, compared to other open-world games, with just one notable exception (see further below). So, we saw a few dialogue sound drops in the latest version or enemies being caught by objects.

Visually, you need not be expecting a constant AAA level. Outdoor areas appear stylish during the day due to the lighting conditions Interiors, or animated facial NPCs appear a bit dirty. Find out about other technical glitches we’ve discovered within our Tech Check for PS4 and PS5.

In the realm of audio, there’s shades and light. Alongside a well-constructed soundtrack and a very high-quality English dubbing, however, its German dubbing leaves much to be desired, particularly for Aiden’s voice; however, it is also a problem for many other characters. If you are fluent in English, you must change the language used on your console. Our surprise was that there was no menu option. We were also dissatisfied with the issue. German subtitles aren’t fully in sync with the music, while some audio is not rendered correctly.

Beware, this is a game-breaking! If you enter the second zone, do not use the quick travel point, return to the original area, and then return to the first area without a solution. Techland recognizes the issue and says they are working on a fast solution. Because there are many ways to solve the issue and a speedy fix is achievable, so we decided against an upgrade. If you can return to the second section will be announced in a separate announcement that will be posted here shortly.

We’d love to keep raving throughout the review, describing thrilling twists and turns and the story-telling masterpiece of Dying Light 2. Instead, the game left us feeling like we were The Witcher locked up in our house for months. A brand new Gothic game with a camp vibe that is still felt today. You can taste the meaty bugs. Unfortunately, it all ended differently after about 10 hours of playing.

The main plot becomes an intricate patchwork over long periods, taking us from A to C, missing the main story about Mia and getting caught up in the tangled conflict between factions. Aiden is so pale through the course of 25 hours that we have no idea about him other than his youthful years. The quality of stories and the impact of our choices also diminish significantly as the game progresses.

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The most frustrating part is the last few hours of the game. In these final hours, it is clear that Techland was entirely out of its element throughout the development. As a result, the end of the game is often unintelligible and filled with bizarre events that anyone who participated in the GamePro test afterward did not know of what was happening there. However, we’re not talking about an action-packed plot that entertains you with a certain amount of trash. Dying Light 2 is far from being a complete shambles. However, it also tries to create a somber tale.

To conclude the discussion and not create a negative impression, it’s best to repeat in this context that this action-oriented game is filled with various fascinating and well-written characters. It goes on as well as a fantastic game. The problem is that Techland isn’t giving them the time they need to grow and prefers to move players from one area to the next. Therefore, a lot more could have happened here.

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Between thrilling hops and playful monotony

You’re indeed playing an immersive story-driven experience here; however, for us, the gameplay is the main focus in an action game such as Dying Light 2. Since butter is the best thing for the dead, when we’re not moving in stealth, there are many zombies, which we can mix into two by using machetes, axes, and swords. It’s about fast-paced, parkour-style interludes on the roofs of an open, sprawling world. If these two elements clash, then we’ll ignore the story. The game, however, revealed its best qualities here and entertained us for quite a while.

Fantastic parkour technique; however, if …: we can talk about jumping in a minute. However, it must be noted that the scurrying through the roofs of Villedor is very effective. Aiden leaps, slides, and climbs up the city at a breakneck speed without shaking. It’s also fun to think about how you’ll reach the peak of the towering structure such as. Therefore, we’re often confronted by a thrilling climbing game that is extremely motivating, like Mirror’s Edge.

The biggest flaw in the game’s design is that typically great flow is only kicked into action after a couple of hours of play. This is because valuable parkour abilities are tied to points for talent. These include simple actions like sprinting for a brief distance through barriers or sliding down amazing wall running.

Cuts from version German Version:

Dying Light 2 was released in Germany only digitally, in an edited version that was censored and had a visible effect on the combat system throughout the test. The following elements were changed in comparison to PEGI versions released within the European country:

It is important to note that purchasers of the German version only have access to the co-op mode in their region. Interaction with players from the International Uncut version is not feasible, but it is expected to be available in the future, according to Techland.

Combat that is monotonous and boring: Even in the restricted German version, the melee combat can feel big and bulky. The feedback on hits is satisfying: zombie’s heads roll, and a slow-motion effect is activated when the final blow is struck. You can also modify some useful weapons to either electrocute or even set fire to enemies. The system isn’t very sophisticated, and the effects aren’t enough, but they’re fun.

To avoid the blows, we avoid them with an extra step; we stop our adversaries and leap carefully over them, making them stumble using the proper timing. The crafted tools like Mollis, knives, and dynamite aid in fighting, and anyone who wants to, use a bow and an arrow. Everything works perfectly.

But, the system of combat must also deal with numerous issues:

We believe that, despite some issues with the game’s design and the lack of variety of gameplay, there’s an abundance of fun waiting to be discovered within Dying Light 2. It’s a shame that we came across several game mechanics like the parachute, which has been displayed in trailers that reveal huge potential.

Information about co-operative mode:

In Dying Light 2, you can choose to interact with the game with up to three other players*. But, this can only be achieved following a two-hour introduction. It is necessary to cut down on the pace of progress since the story’s progression is only in the hands of the host, as is the case with Far Cry. If you sign up as a guest, you’ll be able to maintain your character’s level and the items you’ve collected.

In the testing phase, it was not possible to use the co-op mode. According to Techland, the mode will be available after release. We will update our thoughts at this time in the next week.

A plausible zombie-world with (wayfinding) issues

According to Techland, you’ll drive in Villedor for over 500 hours if you want to discover every inch. As per our estimates, you’ll likely finish all the essential tasks approximately a fifth time. Four hundred hours or not, making all the various decisions is time-consuming but often worthwhile but what’s more important is if we’re provided with the best play area. As we approached the test, we were told that the world is changed dramatically through our choices. It’s already clear is the case at this point in the test: Let’s begin in the right direction.

Los follows the vital night and day system that is part of Dying Light 2. When the sun is shining, some of the affected ponderously walk the streets clogged with damaged cars and barricades or sleep amid buildings, posing more risk from gangs of enemies and gangs; things are different in the darkness of night. The streets are filled with stronger and more aggressive monsters that, after eye contact, will also pursue us on rooftops. In the early hours, armed with less powerful weapons, they create an impression of constant threat. In addition, due to Aiden’s mutations, we can be confined to the outside or dark areas for a brief period in the evening without the protection from UV light without sustaining damage. In games, time pressure is one factor that could cause some to be hesitant; however, for us, the hunt for safe zones was fun.

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The game continues to evolve; the threat at night is mitigated by the power of melee weaponry, a clock that grows with the level of the player, and consumable objects like inhalers. However, the game’s system is very successful.

The main reason the building unlocks: The map of Villedor distributed, we can have four power plants and three huge water towers. If we can solve tiny, fun switch puzzles inside the power stations and then climb up the towers in a Far Cry manner, we could assign the towers in one of two groups. The lucky ones are rewarded with parkour tools like jump pads placed on the streets and rope slides strewn over roofs or sandbags, which let us slither down from high altitudes without harm. If you’re on the other side, we leave the building to peacekeepers; bombs from cars, electric traps, and Gatling guns are positioned between the alleyways. Parkour is a form of. Urban combat.

The entire system is plagued by two main issues, however. First, while the parkour enhancements can be highly beneficial, helping us have a lot more fun navigating nimbly around cities, peacekeeper enhancements are, for the most portion, ineffective and require a lot of initiative before doing anything. For instance, a car bomb placed near the building’s entrance kills anyone in the area, but it also attracts new people due to the loudness. It’s also impossible to choose the different upgrades separately since the paths to upgrade are linear.

However, the entire system comes with a second unwelcome surprise. Building unlocks that create tiny settlements around the towers and factories, which increase over time, are the effects we make within the city. Although there’s an area of sunken land at the end of the game, which is only accessible with the backing of a particular faction, We don’t know which levers we’ll need to turn in the course of the story to gain access to the area. If you were hoping for significant changes to the game’s world, We’d be disappointed at this moment. The emergence of pumpkin patches and a few new structures around the unlocked areas are great ideas and contribute to the overall lively game without question; however, they’re not the most positive of opinions in this regard. Is in the game.

Are there any cool items within Villedor? In Dying Light, you can create everything from grenades and medicine to lock picks with the help of blueprints you obtain. The essential items and ingredients you can mop in the best Bethesda Kleptomaniac fashion in piles on the rooftops of buildings or. Although, as you can find the gadgets in chests, it is only to a certain extent.

Furthermore to this, the game world offers clothes, and obviously, weapons for Aiden as well as inhibitors, which can enhance the skills of melee and parkour that pilgrims have. Although we were always delighted to get the latter, we did eventually leave the caps, pants, coats as well as all other clothes to the side. On the other side, it didn’t matter at the average difficulty level if we were playing with +1.1 percentage or +2.1 percent more powerful attacks. On the other hand, the selection of clothing was limited, and the images were not attractive. The gorgeous outfit we chose was one that was in Fashion Souls style, fits well with the scho.

Apart from that, an entire world of different tasks is waiting for you In Dying Light 2, which does not cover the not-so-attractive map with icons as in other Ubisoft Viking games, for instance. It is our job to rescue an in need of help from the wrath of biters, free subway stations from rival gangs to gain speedy travel points, complete an obstacle course within an allotted time, and so on. Creativity is an entirely different concept; however, if you think of Villedor as a great place to play and you’re looking to make the most value for your money here.

At the very least, you’re not lost since, at this point, we must address another aspect that could be detrimental to you. The open world lacks the variety of its surroundings, but it’s also lacking distinct landmarks. Villedor certainly looks alive and unique due to its roof terraces that are green, along with the historic buildings and the windmills that are made up. There are, however, only a few landmarks and places that stayed in our minds following the credits started rolling. Because of the absence of highlights as well as the uniformity, there’s an absence of landmarks, particularly in the second region. The familiarity we had in the first area that was so well-designed has been largely lost.

There was no leg injury, but an aspect where a lot of potentials was lost. This is also the time to end the bridge that was at the start of the article. Dying Light 2 cannot be a bad game in spite of many points of criticism. It’s actually quite good. We’re sure that many of you will appreciate the parkour action and the vast combat system for quite a while, particularly in the well-functioning co-op mode. Furthermore, a lot of choices will be awe-inspiring, or, who knows, perhaps you’ll get more of the game than we art philistines. The sad part with Zombie Trip is and remains that it’s a masterpiece hidden in the midst of many imperfections. It could have made the Game of the Year list at the close of the calendar year. There’s there is enough subjunctive. Dying Light 2 will be a technically mostly clean, enjoyable game that has its flaws.

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