Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition in short test

A little over a year ago Dragon Quest XI is the latest version of the well-known JRPG series, debuting on PC and PS4. In the year ahead, Square Enix is now making the Switch version, …

A little over a year ago Dragon Quest XI is the latest version of the well-known JRPG series, debuting on PC and PS4. In the year ahead, Square Enix is now making the Switch version, which comes with many larger and smaller extras. We’ve viewed it to help you.

We are from Japan to us

People who were glued to the launch of the first version of Dragon Quest XI will be aware of a difference in Japan. There were not just versions available for PC and PS4 but also for 3DS. This handheld game was modeled off earlier installments of the series. It was presented in 2D and delivered not just retro graphics at their best but also other classic elements, like random encounters.

The same 2D version is now used for the Switch version and can be used as an alternative to the traditional 3D version. You don’t need to decide at the beginning of the game, and you can switch between them at any point in the narrative. Be aware that switching always resets you to the previous big story checkpoint, which means you’ll lose some progress periodically. It is important to remember that some aspects of the game are only accessible with one or the other graphic versions, such as the horse races are only able to be played in 3D.

The Bombastic Orchestra against. graphics smears

Another feature brought over to the Japanese version of Switch is the Japanese voice. Switch game is the full orchestral soundtrack. It is once more a bonus feature that gives the game extra Epic points in its presentation, and those as purists can now take advantage of the English and Japanese versions and the Japanese voice acting in the game.

However, not all glitters are gold; the Switch version has some disadvantages compared to the previous year’s performance. For instance, the first-person viewpoint is gone, and, at the very least, when you’re on the TV set, it’s apparent that Nintendo’s games do not appear as gorgeous as the other systems , even if they’re still very respectable and can easily compete with other attractive Switch games.

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At this time, it’s worth noting that many players have reported occasional crashes on the Switch version or minor graphic glitches, but I wouldn’t be able to notice one during my testing.

Character depth and depth-plus, and an even more retro vibe

Not only has Dragon Quests XI S Deluxe Edition been updated audiovisually, but the Switch Re-release also includes the story content, which Western players had been unable to access now.

You can go back to the earlier Dragon Quest worlds in the retro-themed village of Tickington by using specific passwords that residents of the town all over the world share with you so that you can restore them. The episodes do not contribute anything to the main storyline, especially those who have watched the show for a long time. Instead, the excursions are good Easter eggs that offer a few hours of extra gameplay.

In addition, The Ultimate Edition includes brand new character episodes: Throughout the process of the story, you’re able to slide into the shoes of your characters over and over again and discover more about them and their story in brief passages that add even more richness to the experience in a compelling manner.

Then there’s …

.. Some features that help make gaming easier generally. For instance, it’s now possible to skip cutscenes when you first go play (nice for those who have completed playing on PS4 and PC). A portable forge makes crafting much more enjoyable. There’s also an option on the Switch to take your horse closer to you without having to sound the bell, a quick command menu makes battles easier, and any things you buy are now directly placed in your inventory.

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Additionally, some additions to the enjoyment of playing A photo mode allows you to take stunning photos, with a brand-new feature that lets you customize your look without altering the equipment you use, and there are new wedding choices and mounting options, as well as options for Draconian quests, have been extended. These are all changes that, on their own, are not significant; however, combined significantly improve the playing experience.


Dragon Quest XI remains among the top RPGs in recent times. In addition, the Switch version is even better in certain aspects despite the uninspiring HD graphics of Nintendo’s semi-portable console. Other changes to the presentation, including the brand-new orchestral music and the new alternate 2D game mode, will be awe-inspiring, and the numerous improvements to the user experience alone will make this the best choice for people who haven’t had the chance to play the game to date. If you’re already , Dragon Quest XI is also likely to get an expansion of the story, which includes the latest characters’ quests, as well as the entertaining retro adventures of Bickington. If these are enough to justify the need to buy a new game, each has to decide for themselves – however, those who don’t yet own the game must buy it now and play Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition is actually the ultimate version of the game.

What’s Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition? Switch version of the well-known JRPG that includes some new features. URL: Official website

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