Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot in the test

Dragon Ball is back! After a long and long wait, the moment has finally arrived for those who love the popular anime. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is out, and it is the first fully-fledged role-playing …

Dragon Ball is back! After a long and long wait, the moment has finally arrived for those who love the popular anime. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is out, and it is the first fully-fledged role-playing video game for Dragon Ball Z, the Japanese animated series with a similar name. It’s a relief, as, in the past, the game environment within that Dragon Ball franchise looked very minimal. In addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ, There was not a single game that was well-received by both critics and players. For those not interested in classic fight games sat on their hands. Through Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot CyberConnect2 the creator of CyberConnect2 attempts to fill the need with a spin-off. Can they do it?

Nostalgia Levels are more than 9000

Like most Dragon Ball games, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarotis about an anime with an identical name. The main difference that is evident to those who are experienced with this subject and who have played a few games on it is that the latest method is more thorough with the plot Vorlage. In particular, characters are featured that you are familiar with in Dragon Ball Z to none at all be in the show, and instead play an insignificant part in the story or are based on the original series of 1986. The memorabilia included the footage of their Japanese animation series describing the origins of all characters and the relationship they share in greater detail. An exciting surprise for the fans since particular care was taken to showcase memorable scenes. Pure nostalgia. Furthermore, you fight your way through not only the infamous Freeza but also the Z-Warriors and all the antagonists the anime can provide. In the shortest form: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarottells the story of the Z-Warriors from start to end.

A typical aspect of Japanese animation is, of course, the slightly “own” comedy. The exaggerated, cheesy scenes are well-known to fans who have seen the first. I’d argue that nostalgia has a significant impact on the way you experience the story. Yes, epic is the story of the most powerful warriors of the 11th universe; by all means, however, nowadays, it is utilized to a more advanced level of storytelling. If you’re looking for an edgy story with enough depth, you’ll never discover what you’re seeking in the latest RPG in the Dragon Ball series.

Different dimensions, same quality

The cutscenes that are dubbed can be set to English or Japanese. In both instances, Bandai Namco Entertainment took the time to get the original voice actors to the project. In turn, this means that the voice acting is top-quality. Of course, it’s an inconvenience that German dubbing is absent. However, I believe that the sound quality is superior by using Japanese speakers. Furthermore, the side missions were left out since they are in voice-overs. The thing I liked was the sound. It’s nothing special; however, considering the reissued original tracks, It doesn’t do anything wrong.

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The pulsating atmosphere takes center stage, particularly during the scenes. One side of this could be because of the somewhat exaggerated plot. On the other hand, the scenes were taken in part precisely from the original anime. My personal favorite is to see my favorite heroes on the camera again with the new paint. The best part is that not just Son Goku is playable, but many of his rivals and friends can be played.

The way I see it, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarotconvinced me all the way. It’s a simple experience that seems bare and straightforward at first rapidly transforms into an artistic game that would capture the spirit of the series well. Initially, I was bummed, considering that the graphic quality is distinct from Dragon Ball FighterZ, but I soon got used to the simple design. The level of detail was impressive, given that it’s a stripped-down style in the end.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised by how good the animations were in the cutscenes. They often used exaggerated motion sequences that 2D animations are renowned for. Some scenes were enhanced visually quite a bit. Particularly, the faces were animated with great care.

A game that convinces?

If you’re not engrossed with cutscenes right now, most of your time is spent on the many planets that exist for the heroes to explore. It’s impossible to speak of an open universe, as I’d say the term “open zones” is more suitable. While you can move freely within the game but it’s split into several sections, separated by the traditional loading bar. The areas are much larger than I imagined that they’d be, and there’s plenty to explore. The problem is that the rooms aren’t as crowded with exciting characters, and this doesn’t just include the visuals and the contents. Most of the time, there aren’t many new characters with side tasks to discover, which aren’t fascinating. It’s good to see old faces from the past or even complete lessons from the series, but most other activities are restricted to the usual “get me this, and I’ll get you this” missions. However, our heroes aren’t spared from fighting!

In a duel, the combat system is similar to earlier 3D beat ”’em-up games from the Dragon Ball series in recent years. Based on the level of the player, they will find the battles extremely difficult. Those who enjoy trying to juggle attacks with the four special abilities available can have fun to the very final. I believe that the fights may have been less complicated; however, that doesn’t mean I didn’t get my worth. While the majority of enemies become predictable with time, I was always eagerly anticipating the next boss battle. The most notable difference from other games is that boss battles occur on several stages. They have their special attacks and patterns, as well as differ from the initial abilities. In most cases, you are involved in small bullet-hell scenarios that I thoroughly loved. I frequently found myself watching anime as I have done before.

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Chef as a sideline

To recover from devastating assaults, it is possible to use combat-related items. They are available in all kinds of forms, including healing or , sometimes, temporary status enhancements. To access them, players must fulfill side missions or make them themselves. The process is broken down into two phases cooking and gathering ingredients. The latter can be obtained by hunting or fishing after you’ve got the ingredients, head straight into the campfire, or, alternatively, in your kitchen. As opposed to gathering the ingredients, cooking is not a significant increase in the game; however, it should be stated that neither fishing nor the other alternatives are particularly interesting for players.

Furthermore, you may increase your status through soul badges, or souls, on the community boards. Based on the type of board, the results that impact the player differ. For instance, if you are looking for more bonuses to cook, you should use the appropriate soul badges with the highest value. The badges represent the characters you meet in the course of the story. Specific badges have to be obtained via additional missions or detours. For example, if you’d like to turn an old foe into an ally, You can make them a new partner by using the Dragon Balls and then include them in your roster. In all honesty, I had a lot of fun when I collected these soul badges as they gave me something to do after the 35 hours of play.


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is an enjoyable gaming experience that didn’t disappoint me until the end. The thrillingly staged fights, the gorgeous cutscenes, and most importantly, the exact depiction of the storyline will keep me hooked all the way through. However, I would suggest those who do not have anything to do with Dragon Ball take their time and enjoy the game with care. While the game provides an excellent summary of the tale of Z-warriors to players who haven’t been a part of the cult animation, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is targeted at nostalgics of the past and nostalgics of the present. Beyond that, the game’s features on their own are not enough to provide a solid recommendation from my side. Anyone who wants to play Dragon Ballplayfully without having to watch hundreds of series shows is also sure to have fun. However, they will not be the same as those who are die-hard supporters of the model.

What’s Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?A Dragon Ball Z open-world action role-playing game that follows the anime’s storyline. Link: Official website

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