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The world is a disc, after all. At least for Polytopians, this is a definite fact. The civilization, which is divided into various peoples, flounders across space on this disk and is more concerned with …

The world is a disc, after all. At least for Polytopians, this is a definite fact. The civilization, which is divided into various peoples, flounders across space on this disk and is more concerned with the answer to who will rule the world. As the leader is chosen by one of these groups, the Swedish creators of Midjiwan should strive for supremacy in the Battle of Polytopia: Moonrise. We fight, study, and grow. Turn-based. Civilizations conveys its best wishes.

In reality, Polytopians Polytopians have been debating who is in charge since 2016. In the year that was, The Battle of Polytopiawas launched as a mobile game on IOS along with Android and was a massive hit in the region. Then, in the same year, the version to PC and, finally, the current DLC Moonrise came out. The Battle of Polytopia: Moonrise was released. the release of Battle of Polytopia: Moonrise particularly the multiplayer was updated with larger maps, more different options to customize the game (e.g., lakes, continents, and archipelagos) as well as a brand new world generator, and match-ups that mirror (multiple gamers or robots may pick the same races) were added.

In terms of design and game mechanics, the game was designed and developed in the same state as it was on its route to mobile and PC. The brightly colored graphics are paired with a user-friendly user interface through a touchscreen. It’s a matter of debate whether it’s essential to make a mobile game on the PC and who benefits most from this event is a different issue.

Let’s take over the Discworld! Discworld

The first step is to decide what game mode we’re planning to take on. Do we wish to dominate the world, wipe all of our 12 adversaries off the field, and achieve a record-breaking score in a short time? Or simply take a break and relax? It’s a minor difference, as each variant shares the fact that we’ll always encounter other players that are hostile towards us and will not shy away from engaging our units in a battle without further delay. Diplomacy? Have you ever heard of it?

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Every race has unique abilities that confer a distinct advantage over the competition. For instance, the Asian-inclined Xin-Xi excel at mountain climbing and can traverse mountains with steep slopes, and the fierce Vengir can send a skilled sworder into combat. With the aid of these items, the beginning at a minimum, and a plan of action can be established.

There are not a lot of strategies involved, but our global conquest follows the same pattern every time. We explore the world, expand our cities through mining and farming, and produce stars. They are then put into research or increase our forces.

All too easy

A lot more variety has been added to the Battle of Polytopia: Moonrise then ended up having nothing to provide. In addition to the three game modes and the ability to change framework parameters, like the size of the map and its characteristics and the number of players, the game runs similarly. The research tree, too, is identical for all races, meaning it comes down to making the most vital unit in the shortest time possible and taking down your opponents—the only method to build an empire.

The simplified civilizations concept brings up the issue of whether it is sensible to release a mobile game on different platforms. For mobile, The Battle of Polytopiamight be a great game while on long train rides; however, on PC, it feels odd. It costs 12 euros to play the main game, and then adding additional content in the form of paid DLCs doesn’t make for a more positive overall experience.



The colors are vibrant and large. It’s all reminiscent of Minecraft. Does this work? Are you satisfied? I’m able to make a small amount of it.


Every nation has a unique soundtrack that highlights its strengths. Are you awed by majestic hymns or mysterious and disturbing sounds? You’ll be able to tell right away what your fans are like.


Mouse-only control. We need to remind our units where they should go each time we turn. The process of defining the route and moving in a synchronized manner, like the large template, didn’t create the gameplay.

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Game Design

Civilizations is quite simple. There are many aspects in Sid Meier’s series of strategies unique can be found within the game Battle of Polytopia: Moonrisein vain. Modifiable framework conditions offer an element of replay value; however, generally, everything plays boringly. The online mode, where you compete against humans, is an opportunity to test your skills.


Limited. It is about building your army and capturing the enemies. As you advance, cities are made, and the land around them is cultivated. The process usually comes to a standoff between the strongest two or three nations, which is decided through lengthy fights. I opted for an unofficial draw more than once since there was no other thing left to do other than moving units and spawning them.


It’s odd that It’s like the Battle of Polytopia: Moonrisefeels unloved to me. The resources for gameplay are severely constrained because the popular Civilizations idea adhered to has been squeezing intensely. The races each have distinct character and are well constructed; however, aside from their visual differences, there are identical characteristics. They are potentially wasted. I’m not able to help but think it was “The Battle of Polytopia: Moonrisemainly to maximize profits was developed for the PC. After the record-breaking download numbers on mobile devices, no effort was expended to port it to a PC. The app that could be an enjoyable experience on mobile devices, especially for traveling, is way too simple for PC.

A guest post by Daniel Krondraf.

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