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For several years, Devolver Digital has been an established player in the gaming industry. In the last three months, Devolver Digital also present at E3 by holding their conference. In these events, they did not …

For several years, Devolver Digital has been an established player in the gaming industry. In the last three months, Devolver Digital also present at E3 by holding their conference. In these events, they did not just announce games, however. They also attacked the whole gaming industry. For instance, last year, they drew attention through their cryptocurrency. In this year’s edition, Devolver Digital didn’t miss an opportunity to announce that they’d launched the Devolver Bootleg game collection along with several games, including a brand new arcade machine.

Devolver Bootleg What exactly is it?

At this year’s press conference at the time, the publisher unveiled Devolver Bootleg and then launched it at the same time. The satirical title is an assortment of Devolver Digital in-house titles and was created by the developers of Gato Roboto and drink soft . The best part is that the games are not a good rip-off of the originals. A total of 8 games, such as Hotline Miami or Absolver, were mocked or “pirated.” In the case of Bootleg, Devolver Digital Bootleg, Devolver Digital does not just take itself on an excursion but strives to make a memorable experience for its players despite the cost of a couple of euros even though it’s in the end, a bit sloppy. After the game has started, For instance, there’s the very first Achievement. It’s a lot of fun…

Step inside the Gun Dungeon

“Enter the Gun” Dungeon is the classic game Enter the Gungeonand The Binding of Isaac.Imagine the dungeon crawler, but with no melee combat and just firearms . Game done! From a top-down viewpoint, we, as players, can aim for random levels. What’s the problem? It’s only possible to shoot in the player’s direction. This creates some exciting gameplay, but they become thin very quickly.

Hotline Milwaukee

Miami one of the reasons -….was? “Milwaukee?” What’s the matter? That’s right. The game that is so popular Hotline Miami is given a new fresh look and has a new look. In terms of gameplay, the copy is more similar to the original than other games here, and yet it does not even have fun aspects. Like the spiritual predecessor, it is possible to collect weapons, throw them at the target and shoot them, or use melee weapons nearby. It’s not a problem very well in the absence of soft controls.

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Ape Out Jr.

While imitating the just launched video game Ape Out, the game’s creators went about it in a different route and replicated another game that was a massive success in the same way: Donkey Kong Jr.Being very much based on the original You also squeak through the microscopic levels to take on enemies or better, avoid them. To collect, there are typical for monkeys: bananas.


Vertical scrolling shooter Downwell was not exempt from the copying either, and one of my most loved games was a victim. Shootyboots utilizes the same concept; however, the player is placed in a shoe which he can move across the level. The game’s gameplay remains the same falling down, gaining points for killing monsters, and everything else that comes along with it. Nothing has changed in terms of design or gameplay, but I do miss the colors that were in the first game. With plagiarism, you don’t have to…

Super Absolver Mini Turbo Fighting Championship

Contrary to that of the initial Absolver, Super Absolver Mini: Turbo Fighting Championship does not retain the intricate combat system. The game is based on a basic 2D fighting game that can be played on a computer locally against a rival. Participants can also leap from the option to move horizontally across this same terrain. The combat system offers little tactical depth and is a bit stale, partly due to the very comparable capabilities that can be selected before gameplay. The standard combat system is limited to imitations of cheap fighting game spin-offs , such as Street Fighter.


Another hangover is making some noise! Like Gato Roboto In Catsylvania , you play as a kitten dressed in a metallic suit. However, you are transported to a different time. I recently played Ghosts’N’Ghoblins to play on NES, and I must confess it is a lot like Catsylvania is a good example of it. As a player, you can run along the screen horizontally and battle the incoming crowds of foes. In the game’s title, as mentioned above, it can become very challenging very fast due to shaky controls and the generally challenging nature of the game.

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PikuBiku Ball Stars

In the game PikuBiku Ball Stars, you play with an original character created by the opponent through a combination of soccer and basketball. Apart from the cute graphics primarily copied from the original, there are some well-known animations of Pikuniku. Unfortunately, the concept of imitation quickly gets boring and is also unstable in some areas due to poor physics calculations. But, the fun and sloppiness brought me a smile thanks to the single or even the other achievement.


Luftrousers is still the same as the original game. While, as with Hotline Milwaukee, many of the small details that make Luftrausers the first Luftrausers special are gone, you can tell that the copycats have made an effort. There’s still the same tension in the tense naval battles fought over water.


Devolver Bootleg doesn’t intend to be a great game, nor is it a great game collection. It’s a humorous take on the gaming industry and a parody game, but the description itself isn’t enough to describe the title. What’s the point not? The collection doesn’t even attempt to be anything but good. This is what makes it so enjoyable. However, is this “game” worth the current cost of just under 4 EUR? I am not able to offer to make a general or definitive conclusion, but I do believe that this project, and in particular the theme and the game industry’s negative image is worthy of all his attention regardless of whether it’s rubbish or just deliberately poorly crafted.

What exactly is Devolver Bootleg? Game collection comprising 8 Devolver Digital games, respectively their plagiarism.Link Official website

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