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Sunshine, sun, and summer are The indomitable bosses of each gamer. However, this cliché is no longer a thing of the past as today, thanks to mobile gameplay, this most beloved game can now enjoy …

Sunshine, sun, and summer are The indomitable bosses of each gamer. However, this cliché is no longer a thing of the past as today, thanks to mobile gameplay, this most beloved game can now enjoy the outdoors without any constraints. However, this usually requires the proper Internet connection. For those who aren’t willing to leave their yard and have a garden, the German manufacturer of network technology devolo is the ideal product to offer featuring its wireless LAN outdoor and provides the chance of smooth video and music streaming as well as Internet surfing with no restrictions. Our tests showed that the adapter was able to deliver on its promises.

Anyone who, like me, works in a dark, secluded office for 8-10 hours every day is pleased with each sunny day of summer and wants to make the time as long and enjoyable as possible. However, you aren’t always able to relax on the couch or in the pool because even at home, there’s still work to do , and you’ll spend more time on the computer. You finally make the time to unwind in your backyard, and you do it best by listening to streaming music, watching videos, or playing games. However, if walls and barriers surround your house’s Internet connection, the enjoyment value is significantly reduced. This is my personal experience: Internet routers and modem are in the room for equipment in the basement. The WLAN connection in the home is also accessible on the upper floors; however, once you leave the house, the connection stops after a short distance. It’s pretty unfortunate when the tiny but lovely garden shed isn’t in access to the Internet. Installing the cable from scratch was not feasible, so I needed to figure out an option to boost the signal.

In my search, I discovered the LAN WiFi outside, a weatherproof WLAN hotspot designed to provide Internet to my backyard through electricity. It makes use of PowerLine Communications technology or PLC for short. It utilizes the standard 230V power lines that run through an apartment or house to transmit data across networks by changing any electrical outlet into a “network outlet.” To share data, it is converted before being sent as signals over power lines. According to the company, with devolo’s developed Outdoor WiFi Powerline adapter, I can surf the Internet quickly, safely, and confidently even when outdoors . In other words, precisely what I’m looking for.

Technical details


Installation and Scope of Delivery

In the packaging of the cardboard box is the black outdoor WiFi adapter, which can be exposed to water, dust, and sunlight thanks to its robust housing made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic with IP 65 protection. So it’s not surprising that it weighs quite a lot, weighing 826 grams. Unfortunately, there isn’t an additional power source. However, a cable fixed at 5 meters allows you to join the adapter with the main power supply.

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Like all other products from devolo, the installation guides include a flyer that provides only the essential procedures for the commissioning. The simple installation , I would say it’s sufficient. However, I do recommend particularly newcomers to check out devolo’s site for the official devolo website.

Not included in the kit is a powerline adapter. If you don’t already have an existing PLC network, you’ll have to buy this separately or use the starter kit, which includes the Devolo duo dLAN 550+.

The installation will require an existing network equipped with WLAN devices. If there is no such network, then a powerline adapter (for instance, the Devolo DLAN 550+ Duo included in the kit that starts) is first connected to the socket and then connected to a port on the router by using the network cable. Following that, the subsequent steps to installation are required.

The installation process for anyone, not just laymen, can be completed with no effort and in very little time. However, I would recommend downloading the software, develop-cockpit (available for free through the official website). It not only shows the devices’ locations as part of the PLC network but also offers a wide range of additional options. If you do not want to install any program, just access the web interface on your browser using an adapter’s IP address. Other options like parental controls or guest access could then be activated. Security settings can be altered and adjusted there. Professional users must take close study these options.

Practical test

After a successful installation and connection configuration and connection setup wireless dLAN Outdoor, nothing is standing against wireless internet surfing within the backyard. Devolo, the manufacturer, specifies that it is using the IEEE 802.11n standard for the 2.4Ghz band in the product’s information sheet. This is a maximum data speed of 300 Mbps, at the very least theoretically. Based on my testing, however, I have never crossed 280 Mbit/s. As with other adapters for powerline performance, their performance is heavily dependent on the location of installation. It doesn’t matter if you choose to make the connection to your router or modem with the duo+ 550 Powerline adapter that comes with the starter kit or a or stronger one (for instance, example, a Powerline connection that can transmit 1000 Mbit/s); therefore it is the Internet connectivity at the point of termination isn’t any quicker. However, the results achieved in the test are enough for the expected applications, and the adapter for the powerline constantly delivers high data speeds virtually every day. I had a constant and speedy signal throughout streaming video and music. I did not experience any connectivity issues when playing mobile gaming, playing on the tablet and smartphone, as well as playing on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch console during an online game of Splatoon 2 in handheld mode.

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It’s not looking as impressive when considering the distance available for its WLAN signal. The 300-meter distance is likely more conceptual since my tests’ connectivity to an adapter was extremely weak after 30 meters. If obstacles are blocking the connection, for example, the tool shed or dense bushes, even the simplest Internet surfing can be an issue of luck. Because of the longer cable that is part of wireless dLAN, It can be set up within the backyard to cover the property since it is also weatherproof completely, so it does not require an area that is protected. However, the manufacturer offersr the following guidelines for operating temperatures: It is at a maximum of 40°, which means it shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight because of its black color. However, even without it this Powerline adapter gets hot fairly quickly. But, according to develop it is harmless due to the slim layout of this device. It is, however, odd, as this behavior cannot be identified using the indoor components.


Speedy loading without lengthy delays and interruptions. Check! My favorite films are streaming in the best HD quality. Check again! The garden office is in my backyard, And recheck it! Yes, this dLAN outdoor WiFi is precisely what I was searching for and has met my needs with excellent results. It’s also straightforward and has various additional beneficial features. But, I cannot offer it a 100% recommendation since the cost isn’t the most affordable. The robust fiberglass-reinforced plastic housing contains the tried-and-true, inexpensive technology of the older models. Therefore, if you don’t need an adapter to powerline for outdoor use, you could accomplish the same thing with less expensive components specifically made to be used indoors. This being said, this dLAN outdoor WiFi adapter is an excellent product that delivers precisely what it says it will do.

What’s dLAN(r) Outdoor WiFi? Powerline adapter that connects the Internet to your garden via the power line, thanks to an IP65-certified housing.

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