Destiny 2: The Witch Queen in the test – Is it worth the (re-)entry?

Special analysis, reports, and background for role-playing characters, hobby generals, and fans of single-player games expert opinion from those who know the games being played. Your benefits: Destiny 2 has gotten its major annual expansion, …

Special analysis, reports, and background for role-playing characters, hobby generals, and fans of single-player games expert opinion from those who know the games being played. Your benefits:

Destiny 2 has gotten its major annual expansion, featuring The Witch Queen. The story revolves around the witch queen Savathun who has been planning her sinister plots behind the scenes for quite some time. What to expect and whether a (re-)entry is worth the effort to consider will be revealed from the FAQ test.

In the simplest terms: Here’s what’s happening!

Before we get to the details, we will show you a trailer from Destiny 2’s expansion here: Destiny 2 expansion here:

What’s the story?

Within Witch Queen, everything revolves around the antagonist Savathun and her family. The issue is that Savathun, Destiny fan-favorite Goddess of Lies, has been able to steal the light, which is the energy that grants guardians* supernatural abilities. Sure of her subordinates thus use the same powers as we do – such as resurrection! This naturally is a danger that needs to be stopped.

Does Witch Queen something for single-player fanatics?

Like always, you can go at it alone or with a group of up to three people. The number of enemies and the difficulty can be altered. Also, there’s the legendary difficulty level for all missions that provides replay value. The idea of multiple playthroughs is in terms of gameplay since if you complete the entire task on Legendary, you will receive certain rewards that offer a great incentive.

Witch Queen is one the most enjoyable campaigns in the Destiny universe, even beating The Taken King from Destiny 1. This is because it feels like a well-integrated story based on classic missions. Bungie doesn’t take players on a raging spree to take out “100 enemies using weapons”X” this time. Instead, the story is well-paced and more like a regular single-player campaign than any game. Unfortunately, the report also proves to be significantly longer than Destiny gamers are used to, taking 8 hours on the normal difficulty.

The story is an enormous advantage.The plot is told thrillingly and, for players of the game, is enriched by the continuing storytelling of the previous Seasons and, in the end, several stories are successfully connected. Particularly towards the end, the stage is re-energized, and even a satisfying ending creates an engaging barrel that Destiny 2 can draw much shortly.

Destiny stays true to the game’s core for the content other than the campaign mission. If the game’s gameplay has put the player off as a solo gamer, it’s up to you to determine for yourself if you can afford a great campaign with at minimum 8 hours of gameplay and a repeat playthrough if it is required is worth the price of 40 euros. Another great innovation is that the crafting of weapons will only happen if you invest your time in the final game.

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I’m out completely – Do I need for me to (re)start?

One of Destiny 2’s biggest problems is its beginner-friendliness. New or returning players are initially overwhelmed by terms, tasks, and the quilt-like narrative. This can also be a problem with the Witch Queen because the base structure and the quest system remain the same.

But, Bungie is trying to be accommodating to newcomers.For example, the storyline is much clearer this time and helps newcomers*. The mentioned traditional structure with no grind-related excursions between individual missions is much clearer. Additionally, there are small improvements to the user interface. For instance, thanks to the new void abilities, crucial gameplay effects like “suppress” can now be clearly explained in a clear manner.

A basic understanding of the Destiny universe can be helpful. You could have difficulty understanding if you don’t understand who the Traveler is or how the Light is about. But, a deeper understanding of the lore than this isn’t required to understand the story.

The basic idea is that Witch Queen is a good start because the game is a pleasant way to learn the basics of gameplay and provides challenging, classic missions with similar story-based shooters. Crafting weapons, exciting quests, and grinding to earn loot are at a halt, and you can concentrate on the tasks.

What are the changes to the game?

The usual shooter gameplay is changed mostly due to the newly developed weapon class “Glee” and the revised empty classes. It’s not a complete overhaul of Destiny 2 but does offer greater options.

Gloves provide a blend of powerful melee attacks and a ranged weapon and shield. They’ll need to establish their position in the meta in the next few weeks and months; however, for the moment, they’re delightful and fresh when you enjoy looking your adversaries in the face nearby.

These new Void classes can no longer go using the old three routes with pre-determined perk combinations. Instead, the system implemented by Stasis in 2021 is utilized. As a result, it is possible to combine our super skills, talents, and personal characteristics more individually. Some abilities have also been altered or entirely new. This means even veteran Void players can play around with it. There is some occasional criticism from veteran players regarding the balance of the Hunter that still lacks powerful support abilities for the entire team, compared to Warlocks and Titans. However, you’ll barely notice it during regular PvE games, Gambit and PvP.

Grinding is something that bothers me. Do you think weapon crafting can aid?

Destiny 2 is primarily a grind; that long-winded search for the ideal weapon or armor is a part of the routine. It’s not much different when you play The Witch Queen. But the gameplay is less savage.

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Some of the newest weapons, including the Glefen, are blueprints during the game. When you’ve found one of these, it’s on to the relics of the “weapon-building weapon-building machine.” You can build an initial version of the weapon. First, you’ll be able to select a few advantages and features. Then, to unlock the full array of options, you’ll need to kill using the weapon and improve its effectiveness. This is why grinding is an issue in this game; however, with a particular objective and not based on luck alone. That’s motivating.

The entire thing isn’t perfectly balanced. One reason is that the number of resonance resources you require to create has a glaringly small maximum limit in the inventory. Another reason is that the enhanced perks meant to make the homemade tools stand out among sticks are not worth mentioning at this point.

The Relic can significantly aid those seeking the perfect “God roll.” However, particularly for the rarest weapons available, it may be very frustrating if, for instance, you play twilight strikes every time during a season, but your favorite palindrome revolver does not come with the features you’d like. The issue could be solved efficiently via patch or patch if Bungie would like to.

Beware to stay clear of the Vault!

By the end of 2020 at the end of 2020, at the end of 2020, the “Destiny Content Vault” was launched. The reason behind this vault is an announcement that Bungie is now removing certain content from the game and putting it in a hush for the moment. This is understandable since the moment: Destiny 2 was getting too large. This was not just affecting the storage space required but the sheer amount of content, making the game more complicated than it already was. Since Destiny 2 will be expanded with new content for the next several years, Bungie needs to clean out.

This year, however, is also affecting Wirrbucht and its marketing campaign that was a part of the pay Forsaken expansion in 2018. This means that content has been removed from the game, costing everyone money. When, if, and how Wirrbucht will return cannot be determined. It is conceivable that this will occur to Witch Queen’s content shortly. The Wirrbucht was within the game for nearly three years. It’s possible that Throne World could also have an expiration date similar to Wirrbucht – in the event that Bungie comes up with a different solution. But, it’s unsubstantiated speculation at the moment.

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