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The peak of the mech hype might have been just a few years ago; however, that didn’t stop creator Marvelous First Studio from wanting to bring mechs back to the minds, hearts, and helms of …

The peak of the mech hype might have been just a few years ago; however, that didn’t stop creator Marvelous First Studio from wanting to bring mechs back to the minds, hearts, and helms of the gaming community. Daemon X Machina.We looked at the brand new robotic spectacle.

Final Fantasy VII meets Terminator

The storyline of Daemon The setting of Daemon Machina can be most accurately described by the Terminator Post Seventh FFMakes no sense? Okay, let’s get specific: following the time our planet was struck by a meteor-like fragment from its moon’s lunar surface, immortals arose as artificial intelligence, which humans consider their most formidable foe. They also corrupt other AIs to become part of their ranks. Our job in our capacity as Outer Reclaimers is to stop and eradicate these AIs. Does that sound easy enough? It is.

Its story Daemon X Machina is told mostly via the conversations of the many characters in the course of the missions, and that’s exactly where the most serious issues of the title begin; on the other hand, there’s a large number of characters, and particularly their appearances. Characters appear and go in the background, but rarely, if ever, introduced and left no lasting impressions – in all likelihood, not enough to create any emotional interest. The plot itself is complicated, and the narration in dialogues – in the field, when you’re trying to focus on fighting, and the rather dull scenes in hangars during missions – could have been more effective. Let’s not think about the plot and its characters and look at the main plot point. Daemon The X Machina really lies elsewhere completely …

Customization Fest

The primary gameplay of Daemon X Machina is the classic mech shooter. With your gigantic robot, known as Arsenal, it can begin different missions. You must eliminate enemy AIs, demolish structures or defend the buildings. This is the game’s true power: its depth of customization.

When the gameplay progresses through credits earned during missions, you’ll unlock new weapons, shields, and other items you can include in your arsenal at any time and experience distinct combat advantages. If you’re looking to focus on combat in melee or ranged quick attacks or the piercing of ordnance, offensive or defensive, it’s all feasible.

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In battle, you’re permitted to have six firearms at one time, and four of them are fully active and can be operated via the shoulder or by pressing other buttons. The other two weapons are kept on your pylons as substitutes for the functional weapons that can be changed anytime. The diverse effects of projectiles are apparent, and the process of experimenting with different equipment and fighting techniques is an enormous amount of fun.

Enemy galore

As great as your mech may be equipped with all the features. However, it’s nothing if you can’t compete with worthy opponents . And here DaemonX Machina offers a mix of opponents with its bosses: while the opponents who await you regularly mission may, for the most part, provide thrilling gameplay and require some strategy, most “normal” adversaries are nothing more than a bunch of cannons that aren’t resisting.

The majority of the time that hitting the enemy machine a handful of times can destroy them without a trace of resistance. Add to this the fact that even the most basic enemy’s design isn’t as diverse, and it will become evident that the bulk of them, however, surprisingly enough, the game’s fun is the equipment and use of your mech, not in the missions themselves.

Nice, melodious carnage

However, for all the flaws of the story and mission design, there’s another benefit for Daemon: X Machina apart from the excellent mech customization: the presentation. The graphics are based on the classic anime style and will undoubtedly inspire, particularly considering the limitations of the Switch’s pictures and the music and voice acting – both in English and Japanese is also impressive.

There are, however, minor issues when it comes to loading times: On one hand, they’re typically quite lengthy, but on the other side, it is possible that the transitions between action scenes and cutscenes can be pretty unattractive accomplished: Once an event triggers the possibility is that you’re left in the battle for a couple of seconds with no action options until that the load of the scene has complete and the cutscene begins. Again, this isn’t a big issue in terms of gameplay, but it’s not fast enough nowadays.

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As we were talking about the aspect of games: The most important thing to note is the controls. This is also the case. Daemon Machina receives a thumbs-up. The control of the camera and motion through sticks is smooth, and the buttons for weapons, and short-term energy boosts arere easy to locate and operate when you hold it in your hand after an hour of training.


From the beginning, Daemon X Machina isn’t a terrible game. However, it could have been improved with refinement. The most important benefit is the mechs, or arsenals as they are called with a variety of customization options that impact the game’s gameplay, they’ve done an excellent job as well as shooting and playing with new gear constantly is a lot of enjoyment. However, the plot is less successful: Although the gameplay is thrilling and certain characters can, they could have learned the adage “less can be more” and concentrated more on quality rather than mass. It’s the opposite in the case of the mission and enemy design. Here, a little more “mass” could be utilized to give more options. In short, you’ll probably be disappointed if you are looking for a narrative-driven game featuring mechs from Daemon Machina and Daemon X Machina. However, if you’re on the other side, you’re focused on fun shooting using numerous and extremely well-designed customizable options for your mech, then you are able to purchase it without hesitation.

What’s Daemon X Machina? A fun mech shooter that could have done with a bit of polish with regards to story or missions. URL: Official website

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